John Parsons Named Employee of Year at Holiday Luncheon

John Parsons EOY
Team Award Small

Congratulations to CCWD's John Parsons, named Employee of the Year at the District's Holiday Luncheon He normally works as the water treatment supervisor at the Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant. But when Safety Manager Sarah Bogner went out on maternity leave, John stepped up and did an admirable job in her absence.

 In the photo, General Manager Jerry Brown (left) presents a plaque to John Parsons.

Congratulations to members of the CCWD Accounting Team who stepped up and made sure checks were cut and bills were paid on time and accurately when several employees unexpectedly became ill. They are CCWD's Team of the Year for 2017. From left to right:  Sarah Neighbor, Jennifer Santos, Kathy Ringot, Lizz Cook, Nicole Snegosky and General Manager Jerry Brown.

More than $4,800 Raised at Holiday Fundraisers

District employees raised $4,819 at the luncheon through various raffles, sales and the silent auction at the Holiday Luncheon.

The money will be divided between the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties and Water For People.  

Scenes From the Holiday Luncheon