Students Learn About Delta/Water During Summer School

Calvin Liu shows students what to look for.


Ken Shoemaker takes students on a tour of Bollman.

6/26 Local juniors and seniors spent a lot of time with CCWD employees last week as part of the Contra Costa Economic Partnership's Environmental Science Summer Camp. The District is a sponsor of the camp, open to about 40 students a year.

Students learned about careers in the water industry, the science that is applied every day to treating water, and how the Delta functions and different agencies use the water. Though the District has sponsored this camp for many years, this summer the students could receive one year of college credit from Diablo Valley College.

The District, along with Central Contra Costa Sanitary District and the East Bay Regional Park District, worked closely to support the events various tours, presentations and guest speakers.

CCWD's Lucinda Shih started with the students Monday with an overview of the Delta. On Tuesday, they camp toured Central Sanitation District facilities and Bollman Water Treatment Plant. At Bollman, Calvin Liu and Ken Shoemaker showed them how we treat water and analyze it.

On Thursday, Karie Holtermann and Calvin worked with the students at Big Break Regional Shoreline, discussing ways to take accuarate water samples and analyze them. 

The camp finished on Friday, with students writing Public Service Announcements on protecting the Delta and their water resources with help from Justin Fivella.  

Karie Holtermann discusses water sampling techniques at Big Break.


On the camp's first day, Lucinda Shih explains the plumbing of the Delta.


Deep inside Bollman.


Students enjoyed a very complete tour of Bollman.