CCWD Emergency Response

Current CCWD Emergency Declaration Status

10/13/17 Update

Red Flag conditions and unhealthful air quality is continuing in CCWD’s service area.   While fire conditions in the north bay have improved and the crews are finally getting some containment, new fires are occurring and our service area is not immune from the dangers.  Keep an active eye out, limit strenuous outdoor activities and be safe. 

The District is actively participating in mutual aid/assistance needs through CalWARN and the California Utilities Emergency Association who are actively managing utility activities at the State Emergency Operations Center.

Our thoughts continue to be with the north bay residents who have lost so much.  Also with the fire fighters, other first responders and the utility agencies in the area who continue to manage the incident.  Reminder, the District is actively collecting items for donation to the fire victims until October 20. 

Please continue to use the appropriate particulate respirator if needed for your outdoor activities.  This is also a time to look at your personal preparedness.  If you had less than one hour to evacuate your home, what would you take?  Prepare that list now while you have time to think about it.

While there are no declared District emergencies at this time, due to the fires in the Bay Area, there are air quality issues that could have an effect on sensitive groups.

A "Spare the Air" alert has been issued and employees are encourage to check for air quality updates.  

Supervisors should review their current staff activities to reduce prolonged outdoor exertion.

HEALTH ADVISORY, SPARE THE AIR ALERT From Bay Area Quality Management District.

Particulate Respirators Available in Stores 


“Particulate Respirators, rated N95, are available in Stores to provide additional protection from the Wildfire smoke in the area”

More information on respirators: 

CCWD Employee Emergency Communications Plan

After ensuring the safety of their families, all District employees are expected to report to work following an emergency event.  A major disaster in the Bay Area, like an earthquake, may disrupt the District's typical communication infrastructure (e.g., phone, radios, e-mail) making it difficult for employees to know where to report or if their reporting location needs to change.

In recognition of expected post-disaster communication difficulties, the district has developed anEmployee Emergency Communication Plan to ensure all employees can obtain information of how they should respond to an emergency.  

All Employees are required to signup with their emergency contact information
To improve CCWD’s overall emergency response and after hours communications, the District joined the Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS). It is a cloud-based system designed to let individuals and organizations manage their information securely and does not require access to your contact lists or other confidential information on your computer, phone or tablet. Agency or personal information is never sold and agency information is only available to authorized users. All employees are required to register with the system.  Contact HR if you are unsure if you have signed up.

The system has the ability to deliver information and District staff reporting instructions by voice mail, email, text message, fax, and/or pager.

Update Your RANS need to to it once every six months.
Memo on employee participation in RANS.

All CCWD Employees Are Disaster Service Workers

By state law, all District employees are declared to be “Disaster Service Workers.” 

As a Disaster Service Worker, you will be called upon to support the activities of the District during an emergency situation. Your District identification card, which has Disaster Service Worker information on the back, will ensure authorities grant you access to designated areas that may be off limits to others.

Additional Emergency Information

To listen to current alerts on the radio, tune into KCBS radio, 740 AM or visit the CBS San Francisco Bay Area website to listen live.

Additional Websites

Social Media

Phone Numbers

  • Community Warning System: 925-313-9622
  • General information: 211
  • Health Emergency Information Line: 888-959-9911