Employees of the Quarter & Year + Team Awards

Every quarter, the District recognizes an employee for exemplary work. At the end of the year, one is named the Employee of the Year. These are the highest awards the District gives to its employees. 

Employees are nominated by their peers, and determination of each award is dependent on how their actions meet with the District's Three Pillars of Success

  1. Superior Customer Service (consider – performance, service, products, enhancing customer or community relations)
  2. Optimizing Staff and Infrastructure (consider – training, leadership roles, optimizing talent, benefits of investing in infrastructure exceed costs, employee creativity and skill to overcome problems)
  3. Maintain Financial Flexibility (consider – cost savings, efficiencies in the workplace, quality of District service through idea or invention that saves money or time)
Any employee can nominate someone for the award, Download the nomination form and send it to HR

Team Awards have been presented since 2014, and are awarded for teams of employees who performed exemplary work. 

Listed below are the last five years of employee awards, and team awards.  


Employee of the Year - John Parsons

John Parsons EOY

Team of the Year - Payroll Dept.

Team Award Small

Employee of First Quarter - David Cao

EOQ - David Cao

Employee of the Second Quarter - Ryan Lindsey


Employee of the Third Quarter - John Parsons

John Parson EOQ Mug

Employee of the Fourth Quarter - Jim Freschi



Employee of the Year - Reggie Harris

EOQ - Reggie Eoy

Team of the Year - Los Vaqueros Watershed

Holiday Group

Employee of First Quarter - Jake Wallin

EOQ - Jake

Employee of Second Quarter Reggie Harris

EOQ - Reggie

Employee of Third Quarter - Cindy Sweeney

EOQ - Cindy

Employee of Fourth Quarter - Thinh Le

EOQ - Thinh


Employee of the Year - Carol Ginochio

EOQ - Carol EOY

Team of the Year - Customer Service

2015 Team

Employee of First Quarter - Pam Gibson

EOQ - Pam

Employee of Second Quarter - Leo Mangante

EOQ - Leo

Employee of Third Quarter - Bill Kough

EOQ -Bill

Employee of Fourth Quarter - Carol Ginochio

EOQ - Carol EOY


Employee of the Year - David Cao

EOQ - David Cao EOY

Team of the Year - Randall-Bold Operators & Maintenance

2014 Team Randall Bold Operators Maintenance

Employee of First Quarter - David Cao

EOQ - David Cao 2014

Employee of Second Quarter - Jason Kranz

EOQ - Jason Kranz

Employee of Third Quarter - Dan Sadler

EOQ Dan Sadler

Employee of Fourth Quarter - Lucinda Shih

EOQ - Lucinda


Employee of the Year - James Larot

EOQ - James Larot

Employee of First Quarter - Shelly Mays

EOQ - Shelly Mays

Employee of Second Quarter - Earl Levingston

EOQ -Earl Levingston

Employee of Third Quarter - Cheryl Martinez

EOQ - Cheryl

Employee of Fourth Quarter - James Larot

EOQ - James Larot