Employee Awards

The District recognizes employees who demonstrate exemplary performance within the workplace. Awards are based on the District’s values: safety, trust, responsibility, exceptional service, employee success, teamwork, continuous improvement, recognition, and communication.

2021 Employee Recognition

Employee of the Quarter 2021 Q1

Ivania Nand, Administrative Analyst I - Payroll, Finance 

Ivania exhibits great customer service skills and assists employees when they call with a supportive and caring attitude. Ivania frequently goes above and beyond to ensure payroll runs smoothly and on time. She also takes on additional tasks as requested and is very detail-oriented, which helps make the process seem effortless despite its complexity and the actual effort required. Congratulations, Ivania!

Ivania Nand - Employee of the Quarter - 2021 Q1

Employee and Team of the Year Awards 2020

In case you missed the live announcements at the Employee Appreciation Event…Congratulations to Greg Buncab, who was named Employee of the Year! AND congratulations to our CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Team, Jason Todd, Rachmar Senduk, Dave Huey, Patrick Worsham, and Jill Mosley, for being awarded Team of the Year!

2020 Employee Recognition


Employee of the Quarter 2020 Q1

Greg Buncab, Acting Health and Safety Manager
(at time of award)

Greg, who is typically in the role of Environmental Compliance Officer, has been instrumental in the District’s COVID-19 response. Thank you Greg for your hard work protecting our health and providing the guidance and resources that ensure we can safely provide this essential service!


Employee of the Quarter 2020 Q2

Dominic DeBellis, Customer Service Supervisor

Dominic is the epitome of ‘exceptional service.’ He started at the District over 26 years ago and worked his way up from the mail room. Dominic truly cares about the customer experience and motivates his team with care, consideration, willingness, and dedication (CCWD). Thank you, Dom!


Employee of the Quarter 2020 Q3

Dan Salder, Instrumentation Technician, Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant

Dan is the only instrument technician covering two water treatment plants. He keeps detailed and accurate technical records and maintains the plants’ instrumentation and control systems in excellent condition. Dan’s persistence, problem-solving and technical skills saved the District money and helped put the Brentwood WTP in service ahead of schedule during an unseasonably high-demand February. Congratulations Dan!


Employee of the Quarter 2020 Q4

Justin Fivella, Public Information Specialist

Justin works on numerous projects and activities as part of the Public Affairs Department. One of his main points of focus is managing the District's award-winning Water Education Program which reaches more than 25,000 students each year. This year, Justin has fully adapted the Water Education Program to the virtual world - he did this quickly, thoughtfully and completely. Justin has developed content that shows the District is as reliable in its ability to deliver educational resources as it is in its water service. Congratulations, Justin!

Employee of the Year 2020 - Greg Buncab

Employee of the Quarter - Greg Buncab

Team of the Year 2020

Congratulations to our CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Team, Jason Todd, Rachmar Senduk, Dave Huey, Patrick Worsham, David Cao, and Jill Mosley, for being awarded Team of the Year!

2019 Employee Recognition

Employee of the Quarter for 2019 Q1Employee of the Quarter - Jill Chamberlain

Jill Mosley, Senior Engineer - Facilities Planning

Jill was instrumental in creating a technically advanced pipeline replacement selection tool. The District has never had such a sophisticated tool. Her analytical abilities and leadership skills were instrumental in bringing together an immense amount of data then synthesizing it down to understandable and actionable outputs. This takes technical acumen combined with common sense, understanding of field operations, and sound judgement. Jill demonstrated all of these attributes. She has put systems in place to continue acquiring important data so as time passes the output of the tool will be more accurate, which is critical to the financial success of our business.

Employee of the Quarter for 2019 Q2

Chuck Gehrke, Senior Customer Service Representative - Customer Service

Chuck’s overall knowledge of the District is fantastic, his meter knowledge and water operation information is off the charts when it comes to depth and range. He gets numerous “thanks” and “appreciation” from customers and co-workers for his help, information, and effort. Chuck is a long tenured employee (1989) who will be celebrating 30+ years of service in August. His enthusiasm and dedication for the District and its customers hasn’t wavered.

2019-Q2-Chuck Gehrke

Employee of the Quarter for 2019 Q3

Robert Stalf, Construction Inspector

Robert is our representative in the field making sure capital projects are being built to spec and safely. From the DC Seismic Project, Canal Replacement, to main replacements like Johnson and Peach, Margie, and Terra, Robert has demonstrated his ability to be details-driven and thoughtful.  He’s persistent yet accessible. He communicates with colleagues and customers alike. Robert truly cares about the quality and success of each project for the District. And he always puts safety and the customer first. In that, he exemplifies the best qualities of District employees.

2019-Q3-Robert Stalf

Employee of the Quarter for 2019 Q4

Matt Kehoe and Chris Cohoon, Valve Crew Utility Workers, Operations and Maintenance

Matt and Chris responded professionally and promptly to a severe medical emergency. Their training and quick actions saved a life.

2019-Q4-Chris Cohoon Matt Kehoe

2019 Employee of the Year - Jill Mosley


2019 Team of the Year - Engineering Design Technician Team


2018 Employee Recognition

Employee of the Quarter for 2018 Q1

Sarah Neighbor, Admin Analyst I in Customer Service

Sarah provides great customer service toward vendors and water customers. She has held several positions at the District and has consistently trained people and taken the lead to help others. In a past role, she built tools to make regular tasks easier and quicker. Sarah is now bringing these attributes to her new position in Customer Service. Congratulations, Sarah!

Jerry Brown and Sarah Neighbor

Employee of the Quarter 2018 Q1

Employee of the Quarter for 2018 Q2

Maria Baritell, Administrative Secretary in Engineering/Safety

Maria has the unusual challenge of providing support for two managers (Engineering Manager and Manager of Health and Safety) and two very different programs, and is able to juggle these responsibilities capably and gracefully. She provides superior customer service both to our internal clients (employees) and external clients (training vendors). She is helpful, goes out of her way to provide satisfactory answers, and always maintains a positive attitude focused on problem solving and meeting overall goals.

Jerry Brown and Maria Baritell


Employee of the Quarter for 2018 Q3

Christina Cullins, Operations & Maintenance Administrative Analyst

Christina has processes in place to streamline annual budgeting, helps facilitate business cases for purchases, and knows where the department stands year-to-date, all while responding to everyone in a timely manner. She is also respectful and professional in internal customer service interactions.

Jerry Brown and Christina Cullins


Employee of the Quarter for 2018 Q4

Deion Gonsalves, Facilities Maintenance Mechanic

Deion exhibits superior customer service in performance (how he does his job, noting that he has many internal customers), in service (providing support) and in enhancing customer service (by working to improve morale) and in enhancing community relations (researching and then returning a lost set of keys to a Rossmoor resident.)

Deion Gonsalves and Jerry Brown

2018 Holiday Luncheon (26)

Employee of the Year - Maria Baritell

2018 Holiday Luncheon (27)

Team of the Year - LVE Prop 1 Funding

2018 Holiday Luncheon (25)