LV Pipeline Back in Service

Drawing of Brentwood Cap Project

Cap Drawing

Concrete being poured on March 16

Cap B2

3/17 After being dewatered and inspected earlier this month, the Los Vaqueros Pipeline is now back in service!

Work is also continuing at a rapid pace on the massive 600-foot long concrete cap structure that will protect a portion of the 90-inch LV Pipeline in Brentwood. This concrete cap will protect the LV Pipeline while Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s (CCTA’s) interchange project is constructed above it over the next year.

CCTA’s contractor has started pouring concrete for the footings.  This will eventually be followed by forming up and pouring the walls of the concrete cap.  This work will continue over the next few months until the entire concrete cap is completed and back filled.

Rebar in Place for the Sidewalls of the Cap

Cap B1

A Portion of the LV Pipeline is Exposed For First Time in 20 Years


3/9  For the first time since it was built 20 years ago, the District is getting a closer, inside look at a critical section of the large 90-inch Los Vaqueros Pipeline.  As part of the huge highway interchange project along State Route 4 and Balfour Road in Brentwood, Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s (CCTA’s) contractors are building a massive 600-foot long protective concrete cap over the pipeline, removing two blow-off valves, and relocating an air relief valve.

This concrete cap structure will protect the pipeline while the interchange project is constructed above it over the next year. 

The highway interchange work gives the District the opportunity to inspect inside this long-buried pipeline that delivers water from Old River and Middle River pump stations and Los Vaqueros Reservoir to the Contra Costa Canal.

CCWD has stopped using the pipeline for two weeks to accommodate inspection and construction activities. To meet customer needs, the District is now pumping water from the Rock Slough Intake and Mallard Slough pump station.  Because of the record rain and snowfall in the state this year, the water at Rock Slough and Mallard Slough is of high quality.

District employees have inspected the interior and exterior of the pipeline. We’ll publish more photos and video as soon as they are available.

The Footing For The Cap Is Dug