2017 SPOT Recognition

Chris Hentz Receives Safety SPOT For Ensuring Contractor Used Ladder Safely

11/28 Chris Hentz received a Safety SPOT for enforcing ladder safety. On October 24, a contractor was using a ladder inappropriately in the Bisso Administration Building to access a ceiling panel with obstructions below; he had a conventional ladder leaning against the wall at an unsafe angle. Chris was observed discussing the safety concerns with the vendor and explaining that type of ladder is not intended for that use, and is unsafe. As a result, the vendor appeared more committed to safety during the rest of his inspections/testing. Other employees observed Chris' response to this incident and expressed appreciation for his willingness to discuss safe practices to avoid potential accident.

Henry Park Finds Tree Limb Across Canal Trail, Makes It Safe, Earns Safety SPOT

11/28 Henry Park received a SPOT Award after recognizing a public hazard that he came across while working in the field. Henry was driving the Water Tender route along the Canal trail upstream of Oak Park Blvd. in Pleasant Hill. As he stopped to clean a screen at the Murderer's Creek Siphon, he noticed a large limb that had broken off from an oak tree above the trail. Henry took it upon himself to park his District vehicle in front of the limb, blocking anyone on the trail from traveling underneath the limb. He then notified his crew leader, who assisted Henry in barricading the trail to eliminate any possibility of a person from the public coming near the broken limb. Henry contacted his supervisor to inform him of the hazard. Although the tree was later discovered not to be the District's responsibility, Henry and his crew leader continued to make the scene safe. Henry removed the limb allowing the trail to be re-opened.

Christine Helton, Lorraine Clifford and Ralph Peterson Earn SPOTS for Saving Dog 

10/17 Christine Helton, Lorraine Clifford and Ralph Peterson received Spot awards for going above and beyond to keep a customer’s dog safe. A public bus tour participant left their dog in their car parked at District Center during the all-day tour. Upon notification of the situation, Christine, with the help of Lorraine and Ralph, got the dog out of the car and found a safe, cool place for the dog to stay for the day. With the sun shining directly on the car and the temperatures in the high 80s that day, it’s safe to say they helped save the dog’s life.

Reggie Borders Earns Safety SPOT for Identifying Issue With Former Employees' Clothes

10/5 Reggie Borders received a Spot award for bringing up a safety issue involving disposal of attire with the District logo. When an employee departs from the District, they are obligated to turn in anything with a District logo, but there is no procedure for disposing of old attire. At times, old shirts are thrown away in the garbage can, which poses the threat of someone getting hold of it and impersonating a District employee. This is also a challenge with temporary staff. When they leave, they don’t always turn in their items with District logos. It was suggested that it be mandatory that staff remove the CCWD logo before an item is thrown away. With temps, it was suggested not to issue them District shirts, only vests and hard hats which would be required to stay on the premises.

Cooper Reaves Earns Safety SPOT for Reminding Co-Worker To Be Safe 

8/30 Cooper Reaves was given a SPOT Award after he and Vicki Anderson conducted a landscape water audit at a large residence.  As part of the audit, they are required to turn on each irrigation station and walk around to inspect the sprinklers. Vicki was starting to walk quickly up to a part of the yard that was on a steep slope.  Cooper simply slowed her down and suggested that she take her time and to be careful not to slip.  She did so, and was safe.   Later in the day Vicki visited Chris Dundon’s office to tell him what happened. She said that having Cooper simply remind her to be careful made an impact on her.  She did slow down and she was more conscious of safety, and she really appreciated that he cared for her safety.  Chris noted that although not a major safety event, to him Cooper’s actions exemplified the improved safety culture at CCWD. 

Matthew Novak's Direct & Proactive Actions To Ensure Consistent Training Earns Him Safety Spot

8/30 After a safety concern was raised by the crews on consistency of OCS training, Matthew Novak reviewed the training matrix for all O&M Supervisors and updated it to ensure that all Supervisors were getting consistent training required for being an OCS, and was given a Spot Award.  He also compared against the existing matrix and identified clearly the additional trainings required and presented it at the last O&M staff meeting.  His direct and proactive actions will help to long term ensure that OCS have the necessary training to not only do their job during the day but afterhours and weekends.  This additional training helps the health and safety of not only the OCS but the crews they oversee.  

After Class, Margaret Ramirez Notices Deficiencies In District Emergency Supplies

8/30 Margaret Ramirez received a SPOT Award as a result of her actions after participating in Bloodborne Pathogens safety training, Margaret inspected the safety supply cabinets and noticed only one pair of gloves were inside.  She immediately contacted the acting Manager of Health & Safety and asked if we could provide gloves at each building's safety supply cabinets. Holders were purchased and installed, and contain two boxes of gloves in different sizes for use in emergency or response situations

Ryan Lindsey and Ronnie McCoy Recognized With SPOTS For Assisting Motorist

7/29 A District employee was driving to work and noticed a CCWD truck pulled to the side. As she got closer, she noticed that Ryan Lindsey and Ronnie McCoy had stopped to assist a senior citizen who was having car trouble. She could tell the woman was worried, as her car was smoking.  Ryan and Ronnie were skillfully assisting her, earning SPOT Awards. There are only the 15th and 16th SPOT awards presented this year.

Bill Cambra Earns SPOT For Noticing Missing Insulation

The Operators at Randall Bold Water Treatment Plant were performing a routine chlorine container change out which requires the use of an overhead crane.  When the job was completed and the crane was put back to its stand-by position, Bill Cambra noticed that approximately six inches of insulation was missing from the electrical cord.  He immediately notified maintenance and the plant supervisor of the issue and the crane was repaired. He earned a SPOT Award. "Great initiative by Bill to inspect equipment used in our daily work to prevent potential electrical shock and great work by the supervisors to recognize him," said acting Health & Safety Manager John Parsons.

Randy Anduza Recognized with Second SPOT Award For Identifying Road Plate Hazards

Randy Anduza was recorgnized with his second SPOT Award of the year for his swift action identifying structural hazards with steel road plates. Randy took the initiative to test the treads on the plates and found that five plates were out of specification and could have resulted in a safety hazard or an accident. Randy reported this to his supervisor and the plated were sent out for repair. "Great initiative by Randy to inspect equipment used in our daily work and great work by the supervisors to recognize him," said Acting Manager of Health & Safety John Parsons.  

Chemical Reorganization Work Leads To SPOT Awards For 26 Employees

6/1 The following 25 employees were recognized for their collective efforts to maintain a safe environment with District chemical tanks: Matt Holt, Jan Polewaczyk, Kevin Vanisko, Jerry Novero, Steve Winniford, Kevin Severson, Ken Shoemaker, Robert Stalf, Kalle Vaananen, Peter Stabb, Dan Gill, John Parsons, Russ Wessman, Sean Hartman, Joaquin Leal, Jim Clark, Alan Kalaw, Mike Lehman, Jason Todd, Lance Hartung, Ron Gardner, Deion Gonsalves, Jacob Elsberry, Alex Rojas, Troy Ibbeson.

 In 2015 the steel chemical tanks at the District's water treatment plants became a safety focus following episodic failures before their expected end of life. In many instances, failure of these tanks can have environmental and worker safety exposure risks. This issue was raised through the Site Safety Committees through the District Safety Committee. The District responded creating a funded program in the CIP to address inspection of these tanks on an accelerated schedule. These inspections were critical to kick off the program. District staff coordinated well and used safety as a guiding principle over the last two months. The engineering team procured and managed the work, the operators managed operations to ensure chemical tanks were emptied and ready, and the maintenance team prepped the tanks for inspections, including cleaning them.

The program involved development of new processes and procedures in a collective effort that was successful in its goal of safety and structural improvements. — Jonathon Hackett was recognized for taking the lead in re-organizing the chemistry lab test stations to improve upon workflows; with safety as the number one priority. As a result of Jonathon's reorganization efforts the work area is now: 1. designed to be in compliance with designated splash free zone areas. 2. leverages better ergonomics; Taking advantage of knee spaces and bench heights for different applications. 3. lessens movement of testing materials to further minimize accidental spills. 4. strengthens Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan.

IC Pond Railing 2

Clayton Funk Designs & Builds Effective Barriers To Keep Visitors Safe At Los Vaqueros


On February 24, a child fell into the Interpretive Center Pond  at Los Vaqueros during a school field trip. Apparently the child did not realize there was water below and walked straight through a gap in the railing into the pond.

The child was quickly pulled from the water by their teacher, soaking wet but unharmed. The gaps were identified as a safety hazard. A temporary repair was put in place immediately.

Clayton Funk w
as then tasked with completing a permanent modification. He completed the project in an efficient, cost effective manner. His modification created an effective barrier, improved overall stability of the pier, and it looks very nice.! Clay went up and beyond the call of duty by not only solving the immediate problem but also improving the visitor experience, and he earned a SPOT Award. 

Employees Safely Respond To Slide on Dam Face, Earn Safety SPOTS

3/12 East County crews were asked to respond and repair the large slide on the face of LV Dam. The slide was approx. 75 ft. wide and 180 ft. long on a very steep slope and covered the dam’s v-ditch half way up. 

Employees from East County Canal, East County Maintenance, and Central County Canal came together to conduct this work. This team was recognized for working together and completing a very large slide safely and effectively. It was great to see members from different departments developing a safe work plan, communicating together and doing a fantastic job. 

They had to walk up and down the face of this dam for three days with 50 lb. sand bags, stakes and rolls of plastic. Their work plan resulted in no injuries.

 Matt Fowler and Troy Railsback did a great job working together to get the mini excavator down the face of the dam from the v-ditch that had to be cleaned out. When the job was completed, two different employees reported to the supervisor that Matt Fowler did a great job organizing this task. 

It’s great to be able to depend on District staff from any section at a moment’s notice to offer to help and work together safely. Here are the crew members: Matt Fowler, Troy Railsback, Rick Johnson, Jared Voelker, Dan Dickson, Pat McConnell, Vic Smith, Dave Perez, Daniel Sinosky, and John Gonsalves. 

Jeff Siemens Earns Safety SPOT For Lending Contractor Dust Mask 

3/12  Jeff Siemens earned the second SPOT award of the year when he noticed a lot of dust while a contractor was cutting a clay pipe with a grinder in a properly shored excavation. He loaned him a mask, and the contractor was very grateful

Randy Notices Blocked Hydrant, Possible Hazard

2/8 Randy Anduza n
oticed that a power pole guide wire on Clayton Way was installed directly on the nozzle connection on our fire hydrant. Randy reported it immediately to his supervisor, who was able to notify AT&T (the wire owner) of the problem. If a fire had started in the area, this fire hydrant would have been unusable. By finding and reporting the problem, Randy ensured that the neighborhood was protected in the event of a fire. Great work Randy!

Blocked Hydrant Found By Randy Anduza