Bobcat Visits Watershed Office

A very adventurous bobcat put on quite a show at Los Vaqueros Monday afternoon, plopping down next to the front door of the Watershed Office and proceeding to take a bath, scout for rabbits and twitch its tiny tail to the delight of the staff inside.

Watching through the glass door while taking photos and videos, the staff kept a close eye on the average-sized bobcat who seemed absolutely oblivious to the entertainment it was providing.

The bobcat stayed outside the front door for about 15 minutes, then casually walked by Watershed Superintendent Cary Richardson's office, where the staff could clearly see it take stock of the many rabbits and ground squirrels in a nearby field.  

After a few minutes, the bobcat walked away and was soon lost in the nearly 20,000 protected acres at Los Vaqueros.

While the estimated 26-pound bobcat was startling to see, they pose very little danger to humans.