C.A.S.T Day for Kids at Los Vaqueros

Mild weather, still waters and great fishing at the Los Vaqueros Marina recently welcomed 19 students with special needs and their families to the District’s annual Catch a Special Thrill Fishing Day (C.A.S.T) for a day of fishing and friendship on October 5.

In total, more than 60 people enjoyed the wonderful event that was sponsored by Workday and its internal fishing club, CCWD, and others. The Workday folks were not only the main sponsor and the largest body of help with over 10 volunteers, but they also provided lunch for all attendees. Speaking of lending a helping hand, this year, over 30 volunteers, predominantly fishing experts and families in the District’s service area came out and showed support for the participants and their families.

But C.A.S.T is more than just good food and generous volunteers, it’s about camaraderie and casting a line.

“I absolutely love this event and I’ve been coming for over 10 years now; we get to spend time with awesome kids and just enjoy the sport of fishing,” Sylvan Amdahl said.

Each student and their family members were accompanied by an experienced angler who took them boat- or shore-fishing, and this year, many students had the excitement of reeling one in, as LVRC planted thousands of pounds of fish near the marina several days prior—one student managed to catch over a 6-pound catfish.

Along with the Workday folks, additional experienced fisherman from the Bay Area Sport Fishers Club and other anglers volunteered for the day, as did several District employees, including Donella Smigiel-Amdahl, Sonja Stanchina, Jennifer Allen, Christine Helton and Mary Dunn. We’d also like to thank Donella, Workday and the Tri Valley Quarter Midgets Association, a local auto racing club for their generous donations to next year’s C.A.S.T event.

If you’re interested in volunteering at next year’s event, please email WaterEducation@ccwater.com.

C.A.S.T Day 2019

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