2016 Providing Extra Effort in Recognizing Safety

Pat McConnell Repairs Carpet, Earns PEER Award

Pat McConnell was given a PEER Award by a coworker. An employee was walking into the task room at Antioch Service Center and they almost tripped on the ripped carpet. Pat saw it happen and promptly put down duct tape as a temporary fix until the carpet could be replaced. Small actions like this can make a big difference in preventing injuries. Great work Pat!

Kathy Hildenbrand Notices Tripping Hazard

Kathy Hildenbrand provided a helpful safety tip to a coworker, and so the coworker has given her a PEER Award. Kathy noticed that the mouse cables at her coworker’s work station were very long and could potentially be a tripping hazard. After she pointed it out, the employee shorted the cables to ensure they were out of the way. Thanks for the safety tip Kathy!

Jeff Siemens Makes Sure Employees Have Proper Safety Vest

Jeff Siemens was recognized by a peer for a great safety action he took onsite to protect his coworkers. While working on a 45+ mph street, Jeff reminded his coworker that the short-sleeve reflective shirt was not sufficient and that he need to also wear a reflective vest while working in the street. Great work by Jeff to keep his coworkers safe!
Sara Bogner

Steven Anderson's Looking Out For Others Keeps EOC Safe For Customers

I would like to share an action that took place seconds ago by one of our employees Steven Anderson.  In the process of doing the afternoon mail run Steven came into the EOC building to deliver mail as usual, and while approaching the reception area to check for mail Steven noticed that the small throw carpet inside the EOC entrance was buckled and immediately went over to lay it flat.  What could have been a dangerous safety hazard to so many that enter the building to pay their bills or do business with the cashier.  Great job Steven, safety first!

Michelle Evans

Alan Kalaw's Attention To Detail Prevents Water Main Break 

Bill Bakker would like to recognize Alan Kalaw for recognizing and clarifying a potential utility locating problem on a contractor job. After District locators had marked the location of our underground utilities in the area, the contractor began to pothole the utility locations. At one location the size and type of pipe found at one of the pothole locations was not the type that was indicated on the plans. The contractor checked with Alan to determine if the plans or the locating was incorrect. Alan got in touch with our locators who were able to repeat locating at the site and correct the marks. It appears the locating signal jumped to an abandoned main during the first locate. Because of this checking and follow-through by both the contractor and Alan, damage to our water main, and potential property damage that could result from that break were avoided. Alan utilized great interdepartmental teamwork to find and correct a small event, stopping the potential for it to become a bigger one. Both Alan and the contractor deserve safety recognition for their work. Great job!
Bill Bakker

Allyn Moise & John Gonzalves' Extra Effort Keeps Canal Cleaning Crew Safer

I would like to give Allyn Moise and John Gonsalves for making the extra effort in repairing the canal bottom at numerous locations. The repairs they have made will allow the Canal Cleaning Crew a safer path of cleaning with equipment.
John Joseph