Safety Committees

Safety Committee Members

Name Role/Department
Charlie Wise Chair/East County Canal
Jake Elsberry Co-Chair/Central County Maintenance
Mary Dunn Past Chair/Watershed
Christine Helton Public Affairs
Christine Schneider Planning
Colton Rogers Engineering-Safety
David Scharper East County Maintenance
John Parsons Water Operations
Linda Ljuba Finance
Manuel Goodall Distribution Services-Leak
Matt Kehoe Distribution Services-Valve
Sean Maurel Engineering
Vince Billingham  Water Operations
Rachel Murphy Management Advisor
Sarah Bogner Manager of Health & Safety
Maria Baritell Administrative Support
To review meeting notes from the Safety Committee Meetings, please visit the Safety Committees library on the Health & Safety site on Pipeline.

Safety Task Force Members

John Howard  
Lizz Cook  
Matt Underwood  
Pete Schoemann  
Rachel Murphy  
Rodney Johnson  
Sarah Bogner  
Shawn Kelly  
Sherri Ferronato  
Sonja Stanchina  
Steve Welch  

Site Safety Committee Chairs

Location Name
District Center & Bisso Administration Building Tom Cranmer
Central County Operations & Maintenance and Stores Matt Kehoe
East County Operations & Maintenance and Los Vaqueros Watershed Rodney Johnson