2011 SPOT Safety Recognition

Reggie Harris & Jason Schneider, Utility Workers
December 22, 2011
Reggie and Jason smelled a gas leak at a job site on Landini Court. They immediately called PG&E. The gas leak was repaired by PG&E.

Jim Rolle, Grounds Maintenance Assistant
December 22, 2011
Jim started leading regular safety meetings for the Central County Canal Maintenance section. Jim is a member of the Central County Site Safety Committee.

Gina Oltman, Public Information Specialist

December 9, 2011
Gina took the lead in establishing the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) Safety Suggestion program. Gina developed the safety suggestion tracking system that is posted on the Safety website. Gina is ensuring a response for each suggestion is sent out.

Harvey Nieto, Utility Worker

December 2, 2011
Harvey noticed a motorcyclist that crashed on Concord Avenue in front of a dealership. Harvey drove his truck around to help get his motorcycle off the ground and asked employees at the dealership to help in getting medical assistance.

Kim Nies, Treatment Plant Operator
November 15, 2011
Kim told her supervisor that a recently-delivered bin for recyclable materials had a lid that was heavy for some personnel at Bollman Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Kim made arrangements to replace the bin’s lid with a lighter plastic lid.

Tim Kirby, Crew Leader
November 14, 2011
On his way back from a hit hydrant at Sun Valley Mall, Tim noticed a road plate at the corner of Golf Club Road and Contra Costa Boulevard had slid enough so the trench was exposed and the potential of an accident or injury may have occurred. Tim called Control and had them notify PHPD. Tim also coned the 2 slow lanes off to traffic and waited until PHPD arrived.

Tim Kirby, Crew Leader
October 24, 2011
While investigating a leak reported by the City of Concord, Tim noticed contract employees for the City working in an unshored trench that was 7 to 8 feet deep. CCWD had a leaking line less than 5 feet from this trench. Recognizing the severity of the hazard, Tim contacted his supervisor and asked him to come out to the site to help in addressing the situation.

Don Nickells, Maintenance Mechanic
October 24, 2011
A contractor was performing painting work under high ambient temperatures at the Pine Hollow PS. He was wearing several layers of PPE. Don was also working at the station and noticed that the painter had stopped work midstream and was missing. Don located the painter, finding him disoriented and suffering from heat exhaustion. Don took immediate action by relocating the painter to a cooler ventilated location, assisting in removal of heat-trapping PPE and providing water. Don’s quick and decisive actions averted a potential serious medical incident.

Nate Porto, Crew Leader
November 2, 2011
Just prior to the operation of a jackhammer, Nate had observed that the pneumatic coupling had become loose. Nate immediately told the operator and remedied the situation, preventing a potential injury accident.

Ed Nishikawa, Microbiologist
November 1, 2011
Ed noticed at the Low Lift Pump Area that there was a chain meant to keep vehicles off its deck. The existing chain creates a fall/trip hazard as it is unmarked. Per Ed’s suggestion, luminescent safety ribbons were purchased and will be attached to the chain to provide greater visibility.

Frank Dias, Utility Worker
October 31, 2011
When Frank noticed a woman’s car on fire, he got his fire extinguisher to help put it out. When the Fire Department arrived, Frank flagged traffic for the Fire Department to ensure traffic safety for all.

Carlos Butler, MSEO, & Robert Wolverton, Utility Worker
October 21, 2011
Carlos and Robert were sent to SF Water to pick up a large hose reel that was to be used for the fault crossing exercise. During the walk around inspection, they noticed the holding pin for the reel was coming out of its bearings. If this problem had not been caught, it could have caused a catastrophic accident on the freeway.

Tim Kirby, Crew Leader
October 18, 2011
Tim found cone barricades and brought it to his supervisor's attention. This new type of warning device is a valuable tool to use for pedestrian safety for deep excavations and traffic control.

Jon Adams, MSEO
October 14, 2011
Jon noticed a construction company working on Concord Avenue using a jackhammer with the air hose stretched out across lanes of traffic. Jon explained to the workers how dangerous it was to have unprotected hoses in active traffic lanes. The construction crew listened and took additional precautionary measures.

Jonathon Hackett, Utility Worker
October 14, 2011
Jonathon found a new type of LED light that can clip on to a hard hat that enables to work hands-free. The new device will be offered in Stores.

Tony Lindberg, Treatment Plant Operator
October 4, 2011
Tony’s attentiveness and troubleshooting led him to find an ammonia leak. He secured the system to prevent further leakage that could have resulted in an uncontrolled release of toxic gas. The spill was contained, cleaned up and the line repaired without further incident.

Ramon Gasca, Water Systems Technician
September 30, 2011
Ramon noticed 2 areas along the canal where rebar was sticking up, an impalement hazard. Ramon placed rebar caps at those locations and reported the hazards to his supervisor.

Matt Dunn, MSEO
September 30, 2011
Matt asked a contractor to fill up an unshored 5 feet 7 inch deep excavation to make it 4 feet 6 inch deep (a safe depth) before having his crew get in the excavation.

Kris Leffle, MSEO
September 16, 2011
Kris observed a large pipe on a truck that was inadequately strapped down. Kris spoke up and let the driver know that an additional strap was needed to transport the pipe safely.

Matt Kehoe, Utility Worker
September 16, 2011
Matt noticed a large hole on the park trail. Upon investigation he found that the park trail pavement was undermined. Matt called a co-worker to bring warning devices, and attended the hole until it was coned and barricaded. Matt then called his supervisor and EB Regional Parks to communicate the hazard.

Tracie Keith, Administrative Analyst
September 16, 2011
Tracie arranged for a speaker to conduct safety meeting on home safety. Concord Maintenance groups attended. The meeting was well-received.

Allyn Moise, Crew Leader
September 9, 2011
While working at the Rock Slough Fish Screen during a high hazard crane lift, Allyn escorted a USBR representative out of the work area because the representative had not been part of the tailgate safety meeting.

Dustin Hinks, Utility Worker
September 2, 2011
Dustin recommended the use of rigging to secure a trash rack to safely install a new cable for the trash rack winch.

Matt Fowler, MSEO
September 2, 2011
Matt noticed a crew underneath a boom attachment of a tractor that was not secured. Matt spoke up to let them know that it was not safe.

Matthew Novak, Maintenance Manager
September 2, 2011
Matthew helped arrange for last month’s welding/cutting safety training for Operations Management and Watershed groups. Matthew was about to schedule a vendor to do the training but later decided to encourage his staff to do the training in-house. The in-house training was well-received.

Jacob Lesov, Instrumentation Engineer
August 30, 2011
Jacob identified an electrical hazard inside RTU cabinets. The hazard could result in an electrical shock to a technician working in the cabinets. Jacob discussed solutions with Central County Maintenance staff and has included a fix in the current SCADA project

Dan Relei, Crew Leader

August 26, 2011
Dan Relei assisted his supervisor, Butch Martinez, in training 38 maintenance employees on oxy-acetylene welding and cutting safety during the week of August 22 through August 26. The training was well-received and appreciated by all.

Don Nickells, Maintenance Mechanic
August 25, 2011
Don observed smoke coming from an area with pine trees near Pine Hollow/Discovery Road, Concord. He turned around and discovered a small fire beginning to burn. He called Control and requested they call the Fire Department. He then took action…..Don used his vehicle fire extinguisher and a spare he had in his truck for the job he was doing, and put out the fire. When the Fire Department arrived, the fire was out. He advised them of the facts and they took over.

Corrie Warner, Crew Leader & John Joseph, Maintenance Mechanic
August 25, 2011
Corrie and John have worked diligently to ensure that Central County Maintenance's Confined Space Rescue trailer is well-equipped for any confined space emergency.

Matt Fowler, MSEO
August 25, 2011
The Heavy Crew smelled gas while they worked along Consuelo Road. Matt investigated and determined the leak to be likely coming from the nearby gas main, several feet away from their work-site. PG&E was called and asked the Heavy Crew to cease work.

Reggie Borders, Assistant Storekeeper
August 24, 2011
Reggie noticed while he was at the Bisso Building that location of the heart defibrillator (AED) was not well-marked. Reggie recommended that an AED sign be placed in the lobby showing its location at Maria Collazos’ cube.

Mary Miller, Senior Distribution Operator
August 24, 2011
Mary saw that a tree at the egress of the Bollman WTP was damaged and could possibly fall on either personal or CCWD vehicles or on personnel working or walking in the area of the tree. Mary called the Safety Officer, who then had maintenance come out immediately and cut the tree down removing the safety hazard.

Jesse Thoresen, Treatment Plant Operator
August 3, 2011
During a quarterly inspection, Jesse noticed several missing, broken and faded fire extinguisher signs. Jesse ordered new signs through the Senior Clerk and is working with maintenance to get them all replaced.

Tim Kirby, Crew Leader & Jason Schneider, Utility Worker

July 27, 2011
Tim and Jason were installing a check valve when they noticed 2 small children (approx 2-years-old) playing across the street, then turning and entering the roadway. Without hesitating, they approached the boy and girl to safely guide them out of harm's way onto the sidewalk. They took the initiative to go door to door in the neighborhood until the children were safely returned home to their mom. Their actions help us all be more alert to the merits of little acts of heroism and an appreciation that noble deeds take many forms.

Don Nickells, Maintenance Mechanic
August 5, 2011
Don noticed a crew from another local agency performing a drilling operation without a USA locate. Don approached the crew and coached them on the hazards of drilling without notifying USA North. He also reported the incident to his supervisor and the Safety Officer. This act shows that safety is a strong value for Don.

Nicholle Fratus, Water Conservation Specialist
August 2, 2011
Nicholle developed a fantastic Power Point presentation on safety for Conservation staff. The presentation described all of Conservation's safety procedures.

Jean Zacher, Laboratory Supervisor
August 1, 2011
Jean noticed that contractors at Bollman WTP were working on the floor without knee protection and requested that CCWD staff loan them knee protection. This helped the contractor to safely complete that portion of the project, contributed to a safe work area, enhanced the safety of others, demonstrated safety leadership and possibly prevented an injury.

Mark Seedall, Principal Engineer
August 1, 2011
Mark has worked diligently to enhance the safety for District staff and consultants that conduct fish monitoring at the District’s intakes. Mark has collaborated with staff in Engineering, Construction and O&M to improve fish monitoring procedures and tools to help prevent injuries. Mark always shares his safety-related experiences with other office staff to increase their safety knowledge.

Jeanie Linden, Associate Engineer
July 27, 2011
Jeanie is the chair of the Bisso/DC Safety Committee. Under her leadership, the committee is ensuring fire extinguishers and AEDs are checked monthly. Jeanie is also an active member of the Safety Task Force.

Darin Regli, Construction Inspector
July 26, 2011
Because of traffic control concerns at the San Miguel Solar Project, Darin took the initiative to obtain cones from Operations Management and flag traffic to protect the work zone on Treat Boulevard for the unloading of trucks. When the contractor dropped some materials onto the roadway, Darin’s proactive measures as well as his immediate assistance with traffic control were important to ensure public safety. This is Darin's 3rd safety award.

Dave Omoto, Environmental Compliance Officer

July 26, 2011
Dave obtained a copy of the Randall-Bold Plant Safety videotape and made DVD copies so that contractors can view the video before coming to the plant.

Don Spahn, MSEO
July 23, 2011
Don suggested that the MSDSs for each chemical be immediately available at the treatment plant process areas. Don is also an active participant in the Central County Site Safety Committee.

Jim Freschi, Public Information Specialist
July 12, 2011
Jim designed and maintains the Safety website for the District. He has done an exceptional job keeping the website updated to communicate important safety news to employees. He has also researched and developed tools like the safety clocks that help keep safety information current and at the forefront.

Joe Selig, Utility Worker
June 28, 2011
Joe always wears his PPE, even when it is hot. He is not in a hurry, especially on the back roads of LV, which can be hazardous if you are not paying attention. He always puts safety first.

Jake Wallin, Maintenance Mechanic
June 24, 2011
Jake researched and found a fence ladder device for the canal cleaning crew. Operations Management has purchased the device and has been safely using it during canal cleaning.

Liane Fountain, Gayle Ross & Dan Relei
June 21, 2011
Water Quality obtained a new oven for the lab. Liane pointed out the potential for an unsecured oven to move during an earthquake. Gayle and Dan then worked together to come up with a simple, yet effective fix (rubber pad beneath the oven).

Gayle Ross, Chemist
June 15, 2011
Gayle noticed an electrical outlet box with exposed wiring. Gayle recognized the hazard and arranged to have the outlet box replaced.

Stuart Engle, Corrosion Control Technician
June 10, 2011
Stu developed and fabricated a removable roller device to a support the retrieval system for a non-routine confined space entry into the 2 stilling wells at Contra Loma Dam last month. Because of the angle of egress from the stilling wells, standard confined space retrieval system could not support the entry without possible damage to the retrieval system.

Gil Moore, Utility Worker
June 10, 2011
On 2 recent occasions, Gil improved housekeeping in 2 areas (fuel pump area and Maintenance Bay 1) to prevent potential slip and falls.

Nick Noble, MSEO
June 8, 2011
Nick was key to securing a van in imminent danger of rolling/slipping into the canal near Check 23. Nick was proactive in securing the vehicle with cables and come-a-longs. In addition, as a precaution, he directed his crew to deploy oil absorbent booms in case of a worst case scenario.

John Arnold, Utility Worker
June 8, 2011
While rescuing a vehicle from sliding down a steep slope, John showed leadership by proactively participating in the rigging process and advised co-workers to not position themselves between the tow cable and the canal in the event of vehicle movement down slope.

Mike Wickham, Treatment Plant Operator

June 6, 2011
Mike demonstrated safety leadership by moving a 5 gallon container of a highly flammable cleaning solvent from the ozone generator building to a flammable storage locker. His initiative prevented a potential accident from occurring

Shane Pinto, Canal Safety Guard
June 1, 2011
Over the years, Shane has reported various safety-related issues along the canal and on various CCWD properties. Recently, Shane took it upon himself to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on Canal Safety for elementary school children.

Lars Sandberg, Project Controls Manager
May 25, 2011
Lars observed tree trimming work by District contractor forces and noticed some potential PPE issues. He brought the concern to the attention of the AGM and Safety Officer. His attention to work outside his direct responsibility resulted in additional review of the work which identified mostly good practices but there were concerns related to eye protection.

Carlos Benitez, Human Resources Analyst
May 25, 2011
Carlos has provided direct support to the safety program through both his leadership on the safety committee as well as efforts to provide a tracking mechanism using the HRIS system. He has demonstrated his clear commitment to raising safety awareness and improving safety in the workplace.

Helena Fuentes, Senior Clerk
May 18, 2011
Helena reported that the height of her cubicle walls and the narrow path outside her cubicle make it difficult to see staff walking by, creating a hazard of collision with others. Helena's supervisor will work towards eliminating the hazard.

Roger Nakagawa, Acting Operations Management Supervisor
May 13, 2011
Roger responded quickly to a damaged plank on a canal trail bridge in Concord and had the surface repaired on the next business day. This could have been out in a queue but was acted upon immediately to protect the public and to enhance public perception of the District.

Jesse Thoresen, Treatment Plant Operator
May 11, 2011
While contractors were working at Randall-Bold WTP, Jesse noticed some without hard hats on. He reminded them of District policy and that they were performing hazardous work. They thanked him and also mentioned it to his supervisor and the maintenance staff that they appreciated someone looking out for their safety.

Terry Chapman, Treatment Plant Operator
May 11, 2011
Terry suggested non-slip tape be placed on the floor around the non-ionic system to prevent slips, trips and falls. It gets slippery when wet and has a potential for injury.

Chris Dundon, Water Conservation Supervisor
May 10, 2011
Chris recently provided his staff with long-handled equipment to assist in safely removing meter box lids. Previously, staff pried off meter box lids with screwdrivers and other short handled tools, increasing the risk of an ergonomic injury to the hands, knees or back as well as the risk of insect or snake bites.

Mike Wickham, Treatment Plant Operator
May 9, 2011
During a routine visit to Pine Hollow PS, Mike noticed a snake lying in the road. He returned to Bollman WTP and informed others to be alert when working around the area.

Mitch Hinks, Construction Liaison
May 9, 2011
Last month, Mitch noticed the orientation of the stop sign at the Randall-Bold WTP entrance was turned facing Neroly Rd instead of facing the entrance. Mitch brought this to O&M's attention. Mitch also noted that there wasn't enough clearance in front of the fixed ladder on the rake machine at Middle River PS. O&M is looking into making modifications.

Paul Lau, Associate Engineer
May 5, 2011
Paul paid careful attention to detail and worked closely with Operations Management to develop designs for safety features at several canal check structures. One of the key features was an innovative slide gate design that replaces the old stop logs that required maintenance staff to lean out over the water to remove. The safety features Paul designed are in use and have been well-received by Operations Management staff.

Dan Gonsalves, Watershed Resources Specialist
May 4, 2011
After an incident where a rock was ejected from a tractor mower and put a hole in a metal livestock trough, Dan researched safety requirements for the tractor mower and passed along the recommendation that bystanders should keep clear of operating tractor mowers a distance of 300 feet.

Glenn Nelson, Operations Management Supervisor & Charlie Wise, Crew Leader
May 1, 2011
Glenn and Charlie ensure that all employees and contractors as well as city inspectors are wearing all their PPE at their job sites. They both have shown much persistence in enforcing the PPE requirements even when a particular city inspector frequently chooses not to wear a hard hat and traffic vest.

Doug Billings, Distribution Operator
April 26, 2011
Doug recognized a vehicle parking and/or tripping hazard in the loading dock area at Bollman WTP and immediately took independent action to clear the area and remove the hazard (fire extinguishers lying where they could be driven over).

Pat Panus, Water Treatment Superintendent
April 22, 2011
While developing work approaches for investigation of issues with an ozone generator at Bollman WTP, Pat took extra steps to make teams from Operations Management as well as Engineering and Construction aware of potential issues with contaminants in an oxygen-rich environment. This action prompted the team to step back and re-evaluate plans to ensure a safe approach to the work was developed and implemented to maintain a high level of safety. As a result of this action, operation of the ozone system was suspended until outside support was brought in to evaluate system conditions allowing for safe resumption of operations.

Richard Morton, Mitch Hinks & Larry Hurd, Construction Staff
April 22, 2011
Richard, Mitch and Larry worked closely with Operations Management field staff to ensure that canal safety improvement work at the check structures took the ergonomic needs of Operations Management field staff into account.

Jason Todd, Instrument Technician
April 15, 2011
Jason learned that the industry standard for the exposure limit of hydrogen sulfide is being lowered to half of the current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) limit. Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas that can arise from canal sludge. Jason brought it to the attention of the Safety Officer. Gas monitors are being adjusted to alarm at the new lower limit level.

Ramon Gasca, Water Systems Technician

April 15, 2011
Ramon took the time to ensure safety when installing check boards back into the canal. Ramon used a ladder, wore all his PPE and tied himself off.

Jon Adams, MSEO
April 11, 2011
Jon suggested the use of "finger guards" to be installed on our hydraulic shoring jacks. Finger guards add safety to workers by eliminating the pinch points on the jacks.

Frank Diaz, Utility Worker

April 8, 2011
Frank continuously demonstrates that he values safety not only for himself, but for his co-workers. He routinely reminds others of the dangers on the job, and his genuine concern keeps everyone focused and safe. Frank’s attitude exemplifies the safety culture that we are striving to achieve at CCWD.

Harvey Nieto, Utility Worker
April 1, 2011
On his own initiative, Harvey cleaned up the trash and organized the tools on the standby truck. Harvey is a great example of a safety leader.

Steve Arnold, O&M Supervisor
March 21, 2011
Steve provided enhanced equipment safety training for the East County Canal Maintenance group. It included tractor and equipment training on non-level terrain.

Nicholle Fratus, Water Conservation Specialists
March 15, 2011
Nicholle called in to Bob Eagle to report a gas odor. Bob contacted Control to have maintenance investigate. Nicholle also realized the need for eye protection when using the car wash. She purchased eye-wear and put them into the conservation vehicles. In addition, Nicholle reported a hole (tripping hazard) in the DC garden pathway to maintenance.

Bob Eagle & Ray Cardwell, Water Conservation Specialists

March 14, 2011
Bob and Ray reported the March 9 gas odor at District Center to Control and maintenance. Bob and Ray took the time to assist maintenance to help troubleshoot the problem.

Andrew Lee, Engineering Support Supervisor
March 9, 2011
On March 9, 5:30 p.m., there was a noticeable gas odor in the Bisso Building after most employees were gone for the day. Andrew attempted to troubleshoot the source, contacted Control, and remained at the office until maintenance staff arrived to investigate. Although this required Andrew to stay well beyond his work hours, he placed the safety of his co-workers above personal considerations.

Nick Noble, MSEO
March 4, 2011
When a co-worker opened a truck bin, Nick noticed a heavy pump on a partly collapsed shelf. Nick took immediate action to warn his co-worker, preventing a severe foot injury.

Bill Bakker, Complaint Inspector

March 4, 2011
Last year, Bill noticed PG&E crews using the jack hammer assist tool and presented the idea to the Concord Safety Committee and the Safety Officer. Bill has also contributed several safety video clips used at safety meetings. In addition, when Bill notices a safety concern, he always takes the time to discuss the concern with his co-workers. Bill is a great example of a safety leader.

Jim Clark, Distribution Operator
March 2, 2011
During a recent after hours Bollman power outage, the control room lost power to the master radios. At the time, Jim was the only operations employee on site and recognized the loss of communications. Jim immediately notified field units and Watershed staff of the communication interruption and implemented land line and cell communication to maintain safety checks for all employees.

Doug Billings
March 2, 2011
Doug recognized a tripping hazard in the Control Room at Bollman WTP and immediately took independent action, in the off-hours, to clear the area and remove the hazard. One of the Distribution Operator's milestones is to maintain the Control Room in a safe manner. Doug actions meet this goal.

Kevin Vanisko, Operations Management Supervisor
March 2, 2011
During a recent extended plant shut down at Bollman, Kevin provided excellent safety leadership ensuring operator safety while operators performed several non-routine tasks including:
  • Operating large diesel pumps provided by the project contractor during de-watering and de-chlorination of the plant 96" pipeline to clear well.
  • Supervising a permit-required confined space entry into the settled water channel with outside contractors.
  • Managing mitigation and discharge of all contaminated rainwater accumulated in chemical secondary containment, eliminating need for costly off haul of material as hazardous waste from these sources.
Pat Panus, Water Treatment Superintendent
March 2, 2011
Pat recognized that no hearing protection dispensing stations were in place at the Bollman WTP and immediately procured and will ensure installation of dispensing stations to meet the goal of improving safety awareness and to provide employees the tools they need to work safely and have PPE available to them.

Glenn Nelson, O&M Supervisor
February 18, 2011
Glenn suggested applying bright yellow non-skid paint coating to our sidewalk traffic plates. This improves public safety and should lessen our liability at work-sites.

Luis Orozco & Brian Sweeney, Maintenance Mechanics
February 18, 2011
Last month, Luis discovered a gas leak at the Concord wash rack. Someone likely inadvertently bumped open the valve of an old gas line. The gas line was not capped. Luis turned the gas off, removed the valve handle and reported the problem. Brian checked with his supervisor and manager and the Safety Officer to determine how to safely correct the problem. The gas was shut off and Brian used a gas monitor to make repairs and cap the old gas line.

Richard Reshaw, Water Quality Inspector
February 17, 2011
During Ratch’s stint at Cross Connection, he discovered a new safety product called the ErgoKneel TM, a rubber pad that is now being widely used at the District and saving workers from sore knees.

Ed Nishikawa, Microbiologist & Liane Fountain, Senior Clerk
February 16, 2011
Liane and Ed pointed out the severely uneven concrete walkways in front of Bollman WTP that present trip and fall hazards.

Ken Swenson, Electrical Technician
February 16, 2011
Ken was dispatched to investigate a power outage at Port Costa tank. (A few hours earlier, PG&E had stated to the On-Call Supervisor, Butch, that there were no power issues). Ken noticed live wires with tree branches smoldering in the area. Ken called PG&E and Crockett Fire Department. He also locked out our breaker to prevent cross/backfeed to PG&E from the 2,000W generator he set up to keep SCADA batteries charged. Ken acted quickly to ensure safety.

Chris Anderson, Treatment Plant Operator
February 9, 2011
While doing his plant rounds and safety checks, Chris noticed a fire extinguisher that was not charged and another that hadn’t been inspected for several years. These were both in critical work areas. Both extinguishers were inspected and recharged.

Shawn Kelly, O&M Supervisor
February 1, 2011
Shawn displayed safety leadership by taking the initiative in addressing an ergonomic issue that will help reduce injuries from using the jack hammer. Shawn has also recently developed a number of safety procedures related to animal rescue from the canal, back flow devices, and USA locating.

Derek Padilla, Utility Worker
February 1, 2011
At a job site, Derek noticed that an elderly man was having trouble carrying in groceries that were dropped off at his driveway. Derek offered to help the elderly the man. Derek is also a team player that always offers to help his fellow co-workers making heavy lifts.

Amelia Berumen, Senior Clerk
February 1, 2011
Amelia identified a potential obstruction in a walkway caused by the orientation of the new Engineering copy machine and proactively marked the obstruction with caution tape to alert other staff to pay attention. So often we are focused on reading while walking and are not aware of new obstructions in walkways that are normally clear.

John Parsons, Operations Management Supervisor; Steve Bow, Crew Leader; Jim Kuryla, Maintenance Mechanic & Jerry Novero, Maintenance Mechanic
January 31, 2011
The crew developed a design for a safer type of piping system to prevent chemical pipes leaking down onto operators when receiving chemical loads.

Peter Stabb, Associate Engineer

January 26, 2011
Peter, along with Nate Porto, helped develop and refine the new foot-powered valve can lid lifting tool, and finalized its design. Peter is also a member of the District Safety Committee and has proactively included safety in a number of design projects.

Butch Martinez, O&M Supervisor
January 25, 2011
Butch Martinez took initiative and offered the services of Central County Maintenance to coordinate all confined space entry and rescue work involving Operations staff at Bollman WTP.This is his 3rd safety award.

Rick Johnson, Crew Leader; Troy Railsback, MSEO
January 24, 2011
Troy made the suggestion of welding a secondary latch on the dump truck to minimize any possibility of premature air loss or opening of the dump trucks’ tailgate. Rick welded the secondary latches to the tailgates of 3 CCWD dump trucks.

Reggie Harris, Utility Worker
January 21, 2011
Reggie noted that contractor employees were not properly preparing for a confined space entry into the canal siphon. Reggie discussed the matter with his supervisor and the Safety Officer, and made good suggestions to make the job safer.

Nate Porto, Crew Leader
January 21, 2011
Nate conceptualized, developed and refined a new type of foot-powered valve can lid lifting tool. The tool can be used as an alternative to the hand-held lifting tool to reduce ergonomic stress to the upper body.

Pete Schoemann, Director, O&M
January 17, 2011
CCWD employees identified a number of public locations where slip hazards existed such as metal vault lids at busy sidewalks. Pete took initiative by researching and procuring a product that he thought would resolve the problem. Pete instructed Meter Shop employees to install the product and report back if the product worked as advertised. After installation, Pete visited the site and inspected the application and effectiveness of the new product and concurred with meter shop employees. Pete could have simply delegated this responsibility, but instead took the time to help find a solution to a problem. Through his actions, he is setting an example to all employees to be involved in our safety regardless of your position at CCWD.

Corrie Warner, Crew Leader; John Joseph, Maintenance Mechanic
January 4, 2011
Bollman Treatment employees were receiving training on the new electric pallet jack. The employees were having trouble operating the pallet jack safely. John and Corrie made adjustments to the equipment to slow it down.