Safety Recognition Program

Safety Recognition Program

The purpose of the Employee Safety Recognition Program is to foster a culture that values safety by recognizing employees who demonstrate exceptional dedication and leadership to improve District workplace safety, and by enabling employees to recognize each other for their safe actions.

There are three levels of safety recognition awards, Peer, Spot, and Star. All awards should be giving in a timely manner, should include an explanation of the safety-related act, and be given in front of peers and co-workers. Award recipients will be posted on the District’s Employee Website, included in the monthly newsletter, and acknowledged during Town Hall meetings.


The Peer Award may be submitted by any employee, and is intended to enable all staff to recognize their peers for safety actions, large and small. Employees at all levels are encouraged to identify and recognized their peers, supervisors, or subordinate for all types of safety achievements. This award is intended to recognize action that, while expected as part of normal job responsibilities, demonstrate a commitment to safety in the workplace. 

To submit a Peer Award, complete a Safety Event Report form. 

Peer Award examples include:

  • Took the initiative to clean up a spill or remove a tripping hazard.
  • Did an exceptional job at putting together a complex lockout tagout or traffic control plan.
  • Reminds and encourages employees to wear appropriate PPE.


A Spot Award may be submitted by any supervisor, and is intended to recognize actions that contribute towards the District’s goals of achieving a “world class” safety culture, and fostering a safe workplace through self-initiated actions that exceed expectations and our outside of typical job duties. To submit a Spot Award, complete the safety event report form. Recipients will receive a safety medal and hard hat sticker. For an employee’s second Spot Award (or more), they will additional get to choose a prize from the Spot Award Catalog. 

Guidelines for Spot Awards include:

  • Increases employee, workgroup, or contractor knowledge and awareness of safety.
  • Directly influence the safe completion of a job or project outside of their stated role, workgroup, or division.
  • Contribute to safety in the work area.
  • Enhance the safety of others.
  • Demonstrate safety leadership.
  • Prevent and accident or injury.


A Star Award is awarded by the Safety Committee to recognize actions that show superior commitment to safety through exemplary actions. The Safety Committee reviews all Peer and Spot Awards to determine if any should be elevated to Star Awards. Recipients of Star Awards will get to choose a prize from the Star Award Catalog. This award is designed to recognize employees that have completed actions have greater reaching effects on the safety program, beyond the immediate jobsite. 

Star Award examples include:

  • Volunteered to be a training of employee’s aspiring to be MSEO’s as part of the MSEO training program; efforts enhanced the safety operation of heavy equipment for many years to come.
  • Designed and fabricated a tool that reduces or eliminated as safety hazard.
  • Developed a new safety-focused procedure that has influenced employee’s approach to work and the safety of workers and/or the public.