2012 STAR Recognition

Teaching MSEO Skills Class
November 8, 2012
Matt Fowler volunteered to teach the MSEO Skills training class last September, training 2 new equipment operators over a period of several days. The participants had positive feedback for this in-house training. This type of training helps ensure safe equipment operations in highly hazardous situations.

Taught Hazard Communication Classes
November 8, 2012
Mike Wickham volunteered to teach Hazard Communication classes. Mike offered his unique perspective as a treatment plant operator to train his peers on the hazards of chemicals.

Conducted Forklift Training Classes, Put Out Motorcycle Fire

October 11, 2012
Jon Adams volunteered to receive forklift and backhoe loader train-the-trainer training. Jon conducted forklift training and assisted Matt Fowler in conducting MSEO Skills training in Concord. The training classes were well-received and Jon is anxious to conduct more classes. Recently, Jon also saw a motorcyclist exit off the 680 freeway riding on a motorcycle that was on fire. Thinking quickly, Jon got the fire extinguisher off his vehicle and put the fire out.

Led Excavation Awareness Sessions

October 11, 2012
Shawn Kelly led the recent Excavation Awareness training sessions. Shawn’s experience in this area offered a “real” perspective of what we do at the District and how to perform these actions safely. Shawn is also encouraging others to volunteer as safety trainers for the “peer based” safety training program. Shawn is also helping the Central County Site Committee with documenting their agenda and action items.

Noticed Unsuitable Chain, Investigated Accidents
October 11, 2012
After a serious vehicle incident that resulted in a jack knifed truck and double trailer carrying an 80,000 pound load, John Howard noticed contractor employees trying to pull and straighten out the truck/trailer with tow chain rated for only 7,000 pounds John brought this to the contractor’s attention and they immediately got a proper tow chain, possibly preventing an even more serious incident. After another serious vehicle incident the following day, John encouraged an injured driver of a truck/trailer tip-over to seek medical attention. John investigated the causes of both incidents and wrote up a thorough report. This is another example of the exemplary actions John takes that show his superior commitment to safety.

Presented Personal Safety Classes, Developed Training Materials
August 13, 2012
Shane Pinto helped in the development of training materials for the Personal Safety course. He also graciously agreed to present 3 Personal Safety classes that were all well-received. Shane offered his unique perspective drawing from his law enforcement training, and his experience as a security officer and Canal Safety Guard. Shane also helped with the development of wallet cards that contained important emergency contact information.

Showed Leadership, Made Safety a Priority at Traffic Accident
June 12, 2012
Shane Pinto was recognized after he responded to a fire and vehicle incident on Vasco Road near Los Vaqueros on Saturday, June 9. Shane was the 1st to call Cary Richardson-Merkle, kept her fully informed, and was an excellent liaison between all the county, state and local agencies. He made safety a priority and made sure that the vehicle fire victims and their many animals were safe from the fire and Vasco Road traffic. Shane, with support from LVRC, also made sure everyone had water and other necessities. He showed real leadership. We are all proud that he is a part of their team.

Safe Chainsaw Training for Employees
April 26, 2012
John Howard was recognized for taking the initiative to locate, arrange and attend chainsaw train-the-trainer training, and then provide training services to Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) staff.

We identified through our recent training assessment that staff believe they get the best training from in house staff, yet rarely do in house staff volunteer to do training. John showed strong safety leadership by putting this training together and conducting it.

Video Ensures Meter Box Removal Safety, Earns First Star Recognition
February 9, 2012
The District Safety Committee awarded the team of Chuck Gehrke, Jason Kranz, John Elliot, Shawn Kelly and Jim Freschi the District’s 1st Star Recognition. A Star Recognition is awarded by the Safety Committee to recognize the actions of employees who show superior commitment to safety.

Chuck, Jason and John demonstrated safety leadership and initiative by developing an instructional video, "Safe Meter Box Removal and Installation". The idea was formed after another employee was injured removing a meter box. The crew took this opportunity to video the correct meter box handling procedure for future safety orientations. Shawn Kelly narrated the video. Jim Freschi assisted in editing and producing the video, and posting it on the CCWD Employee website.

Chuck, Jason, John, Shawn and Jim made the extra effort in the interest of safety and their video will help ensure meter box removals are handled safely in the future.