2012 Providing Extra Effort in Recognizing Safety

  1. Bob Eagle
  2. Jennifer Moore
  3. Jim Kuryla
  4. Shawn Kelly
  5. Mike Bartzi
  6. Fred Simon
  7. Rich Madrigal & Rick Johnson
  8. Hank Scheer
  9. Shane Pinto
  10. Shane Pinto
  11. Chris Hentz
  12. Rachel Martin & Darin Regli
  13. Sal De la Madrid
  14. Greg Dixon
  15. Tracy Woodard
  16. Cheryl Martinez
  17. Rick Fisher
  18. Ron Zaragoza
  19. Dan Relei
  20. Ramon Gasca
  21. Carlos Benitez
  22. Spiro Zapantis
  23. Jerry Brown
  24. Reggie Borders
  25. Meter Box Safety Video
  26. Earl Levingston
Reported Loose Light Cover
November 29, 2012
I would like to recognize Bob Eagle for noticing and reporting a loose light cover in a ceiling at District Center. Bob noticed that the light cover had come loose and was at risk of falling. He reported the hazard, which was subsequently repaired. Bob’s observation of his surroundings and timely action prevented a possible injury.

Nicholle Fratus