2013 STAR Recognition

Conducted Welding Safety Training Courses
December 17, 2013
Butch Martinez conducted Welding Safety training at the Concord Maintenance and Antioch Service Center maintenance shops. Butch led employees through a hands-on demonstration of safe welding techniques and provided great safety tips. The training was well-received by all and is another successful example of the valuable training that can be performed by District staff.

Produced Canal Safety Video
December 17, 2013
Jim Freschi, Shane Pinto, Jill-Suitos Novak, Tracy Chilson, Diane Rybicki, Dino Angelosante and Oliver Symonds for their efforts in updating the District’s Canal Safety Video. The new video covers canal hazards and safety rules. Shane, Tracy, Jill and Diane appeared on-screen and also contributed to the script and story. Jim, Dino and Oliver provided assistance during various shoots as well as assistance with the script and story. The video also features 12-time Olympic medal swimming champion Natalie Coughlin. The new video will be a crucial element of the District’s school outreach. The last video was more than 12-years-old; this team identified that an update was needed to improve school outreach efforts and took the lead to make it happen.

Conducted Lockout/Tagout Awareness Training
October 18, 2103
Jan Polewaczyk and Matthew Novak recently conducted Lockout/Tagout Awareness training for District staff in Concord and Antioch. Employees prefer to be trained by their District peers and the Lockout/Tagout Awareness training was well received. The Safety Committee acknowledged the extra effort by Jan and Matthew to improve the safety training program.

Built Work Platform
October 18, 2103
Jake Wallin and Don Nickells planned extensively for safety after they learned they needed to work at an elevated location at the Seminary Pump Station. They realized that working from ladders on a sloped surface would be difficult and unsafe. So Jake and Don took the initiative for their safety and the safety of their co-workers, and built a temporary work platform so they could safely access their work. This is a terrific example of pre-task planning.

Pushed City to Make Turn Lanes Safer

September 5, 2013
Dan Jones noticed motorists turning from Bisso Lane onto Concord Avenue were sometimes turning in the wrong lane. Dan contacted the City and asked that they address the traffic safety at this location. The City added signs and striping but Dan noticed motorists were still turning in the wrong lane. Dan pushed the City to do more and stayed with this issue for 7 months until it was completely resolved. The City recently demolished part of the center island and moved it back several feet to make it safer for motorists to turn onto Concord Avenue. Dan Jones’s persistence has made this intersection safer for District employees; City, County, and school District employees; and members of the public who regularly use this intersection.

Put Together Specific Boater Safety Training

August 9, 2013
Yolanda Bartley did a great job putting together a boater safety training for the interns. She identified a safety program specific to the intern’s work at LV was required, and took the initiative to create one. Previously, interns took a generic on-line training that didn’t cover the LV-related specifics and the training course was longer than the water sampling trip. So she put together a training presentation that provides all the important safety details and was an effective use of time.

Played Important Role in Safety Training Compliance, Led Confined Space Training
July 16, 2013
Richard Broad has played an important role in improving CCWD’s safety training program by taking the lead in coordinating all safety training activities, including in-house trainers, online training, and outside vendors. His hard work has helped move our training compliance to an all-time high. Richard has also recently led Confined Space Awareness training for staff. The training was well-received.

Protected Woman on Park Trail
June 25, 2013
In the area of Markley Canyon, Earl Levingston noticed a man striking a woman on the park trail. Earl drove up to assist. When Earl arrived, she broke free and was screaming for help. Earl put her into his vehicle and drove her down the trail away from the assailant. Earl called 911 and kept her inside until emergency help arrived. During this time, the assailant walked up and was trying to speak to the woman inside the truck. When police arrived, they arrested the assailant. Earl’s intervention helped prevent further injury to the woman.

Taught Chemical Hygiene Plan & Lab Safety
June 25, 2013
Jean Zacher developed and conducted the Chemical Hygiene Plan and Lab Safety training classes. She identified and prepared class materials and presented them to District employees at Randall-Bold and Bollman. The training helped meet requirements for a number of employees in Operations and Maintenance. Jean’s efforts are consistent with District goals to promote in-house training that is focused and tailored to the specific needs of District staff.

Unique Canal Safety Training Perspective
May 9, 2013
Tracy Chilson led the recent Canal Safety Awareness training sessions. Tracy’s experience as a Canal Safety Guard offered a unique perspective on canal safety, which resulted in a very practical training session with applicable examples on how to address common hazards.

Training on Chipper Safety, Safety Leadership
May 9, 2013
Greg Dixon led a recent training session on Chipper Safety. Greg’s experience with the wood chipper made the training relevant to the crews. His safety training effort also helped with team building within the Canal/Grounds maintenance group. Greg’s participation on the District Safety Committee over the last 3 years, as well as the leadership he provided as the committee chair over the last 2 years, has greatly improved the safety program and culture District-wide.

Noticed Flooding, Took Swift Action
March 12, 2013
While working at the Bollman Water Treatment Plant, Jake Wallin noticed flooding in the East Tunnel location and quickly recognized a potentially hazardous situation involving energized electrical circuits and electrical shock. He took swift action, notifying supervision while standing by to safeguard the area. Jake then assisted others to set-up barricades to prevent unsafe entry.
Secured Potentially Hazardous Area
March 12, 2013
Bill Kough, Jason Todd, Fred Zaragoza, John Joseph, Rodney Johnson, Ken Swenson, and Don Nickells performed admirably with extraordinary effort in response to securing a potentially hazardous area. The Central County Maintenance team members identified and isolated electrical circuits submerged due to flooding at the Bollman WTP East Tunnel location. This action prevented potential injury by electrical shock. The group provided seamless support during work hours and after hours to restore electrical systems and equipment back to safe operation condition.
Tirelessly Worked to Improve Safety Training Database, Trained Employees on Workplace Violence Issues
January 14, 2013
Carlos Benitez initially suggested that the HRIS system could be used to not only track employee safety training records but use the system in a way to help supervisors manage their employee training. Carlos worked tirelessly to assist Engineering in modifying the database, and helped implement the system District-wide. Carlos also volunteered to become an in-house trainer. His class on Workplace Violence issues was well-received by staff.