2013 Providing Extra Effort in Recognizing Safety

  1. Jake Wallin
  2. Ed Nishikawa
  3. Jonathan Hackett
  4. Morgan Fire Support
  5. Ricardo Pastor
  6. Diane Tomkins
  7. Canal Incident
  8. Troy Ibbeson
  9. Dan Jones
  10. Peter Stabb
  11. Tim Kirby & Charlie Wise
Warned Tour Guides That Plant is Icy & Slippery
December 5, 2013
This morning, Jake Wallin notified one of our field trip tour guides/instructors that the plant is icy and slippery in some areas, due to the freezing weather. He also laid out traction material on the icy spots. He showed concern for the safety of the children and chaperones, as well as the instructors, and wanted to prevent someone from slipping and falling while touring the plant. Jake should be recognized for this and his commitment to safety.