2014 STAR Recognition

Researched & Installed Automated Lifting Device To Eliminate Risk of Back Injury
December 30, 2014
Jeff Chavez, Chris Geer, Nick Noble, and Shawn Lewis took the initiative to research and install an automated lifting device on the District’s canal cleaning trailer ramp to eliminate the risk of back injury associated with the current manual method.   Please join the Safety Committee in acknowledging this team’s safety leadership by taking steps to eliminate a safety hazard.

Provided Emergency Response to Car Fire
November 19, 2014
Ed Mena and James Maniatis noticed a woman’s vehicle on fire and provided emergency response to address this urgent public safety concern. Ed provided key traffic control in order to provide a safe area around the vehicle while James worked to control the fire until the fire department arrived.  It is important to note that at all times Ed and James ensured their own safety while mitigating this public safety concern and demonstrated safety leadership until fire department officials could arrive on-site.  
Clutter's Gone, Water Treatment Hazard Signage Now All In One Place
August 14, 2014
Cheryl Berndt and Diana Salas were given the task of organizing the scattered placement of hazard signs at the District's water treatment plants. The signs for different buildings and storage areas were all over the place, on different doors and various walls. Cheryl and Diana responded brilliantly to the challenge of organizing this hodgepodge, and designed large location-based signs that have room for all the necessary warnings and signage. With one glance, employees and emergency workers will be able to easily find the information they need when they enter each building. The first of the new signs was delivered to the Bollman Ozone Generating Room and more will be coming. Cheryl and Diana took the challenge and came up with a creative solution that keeps CCWD safe. 
Offered Welding Expertise
August 14, 2014
Sal de la Madrid assisted in the recent Welding and Compressed Gases safety training class held at Antioch Service Center. Sal offered his expertise and experience in the hands-on portion of the class. The training was well-received.

Working Hard on Lockout/Tagout Program's Progress
August 14, 2014
Jason Todd and Jan Polewaczyk have been actively participating in improving the Lockout/Tagout Program. They have been working with our contracted safety consultants, the Safety Officer and the Lockout/Tagout User Group to help create new procedures to ensure that maintenance work is performed safely and in compliance with Cal OSHA regulations. Their active participation has been key to developing the new Energy Control Procedure (ECP) template.

Volunteered to Investigate LVRC Safety Issues
July 10, 2014
As a District Safety Committee member, Ron Zaragoza volunteered to investigate safety and security concerns raised by LVRC staff. Ron documented his findings of short term/long term recommendations in a comprehensive memo. Ron’s recommendations were very well received and WS&L is currently working on implementing many of his recommendations.

Taught Wildlands Fire Suppression Training
July 10, 2014
Bill Barham and Clayton Funk  recently conducted hands-on Wildlands Fire Suppression training. Their experience and knowledge on this training topic made the class more effective and a great deal of knowledge was transferred to the less experienced students. The training was well-received and timed to ensure WS&L and the District met its 100% safety training compliance goal.

Provided Little Giant Assembly and Disassembly Training
June 12, 2014
Steve Arnold, Alfredo Ibarra and Joaquin Leal provided Little Giant Crane Assembly and Disassembly training to East County Canal Maintenance staff.The hands-on training included a review of the Little Giant Crane Operator’s Manual and helped the District comply with Cal-OSHA regulatory requirements. The training was well-received and helped the District meet its 100% safety training compliance goal.

Provided In House Chemical Safety Training
May 19, 2014
Calvin Liu provided in-house Chemical Hygiene Plan/Lab Safety training to District staff which enabled them to meet the District’s safety training requirements. He developed and conducted the training, and worked with Water Treatment Operators to find opportunities to present the training material. Calvin’s efforts as a District safety trainer contributed towards the District 100% safety training compliance goal and improved safety by providing knowledge and training on critical laboratory safety issues.

Provided Safety Training Classes
March 13, 2014
On his own initiative, John Parsons provided safety training classes to Operations Management plant staff covering Hazard Communication, Process Safety Management/Process Hazard Analysis, and Chlorine Safety. John is also planning to provide training presentations on Respiratory Protection. His actions have elevated employee awareness of hazards common to the treatment plants and enhanced safety for all employees assigned to these facilities.