2015 STAR Recognition


Clayton Funk and Colton Rogers 
The District Safety Committee is proud to award safety Star Recognition to Clayton Funk and Colton Rogers  for their work to design and retrofit kestrel nesting boxes at Los Vaqueros with an added safety feature. The previous design required a person to lift the tall and very heavy post out of a sleeve set into the ground. The person would then lower the post and box to clean out the box and remove old nesting material. The post would then be lifted back into place. This was a very difficult task due to the weight and height of the post.

Clay and Colton identified the potential hazard and implemented a fix before someone got hurt. The new design includes a hinged post (see picture), allowing employees to lower the nesting boxes without removing the entire post. This has reduced the risk of injury, and will have a positive safety impact on work at LV for years to come. This is a great example of safety leadership, proactive identification of hazards, and excellent follow-though. Well done!

Reggie Harris 

The District Safety Committee is proud to announce that Reggie Harris is receiving safety “Star Recognition” for showing superior commitment to safety through exemplary actions.

Reggie received a Spot Recognition award from his supervisor that included the following description of his efforts: “Reggie went above and beyond his duties to have PG&E called for a suspicious gas odor down the street from his work site. Reggie and the Service Crew were working on the Oakmont Senior Living Center (project # 315023) in Concord at the corner of Franquette and Enea Cir. They were setting up traffic control at the corner when a very strong smell of gas was noticed. Reggie had notified the contractor of the job site and made him aware of the situation along with having him call PG&E just to be sure, and when PG&E  arrived on the scene they confirmed that there was definitely a gas leak and immediately called for a crew to start making repairs. This was great work on Reggie’s behalf not to ignore a safety concern, even when it was not his job.”

"Safety effort like this makes the committee proud to recognize Reggie’s performance, and exhibits the commitment to our safety culture," said Safety Committee Chair John Parsons.  "Knowing our team members not only look out for their co-workers, but the public as well, highlights the fact that safety takes the lead above all else in our daily duties!"

"Nice job Reggie," said John. "Well deserved!"

Jason Schneider and Rick Johnson
The District Safety Committee is proud to award safety Star recognition to Jason Schneider and Rick Johnson for their actions in attending to a victim of a bike crash on the Delta-De Anza Trail adjacent to the Antioch Service Center. Jason rushed to aid the victim who had crashed into a wall on a turn at approximately 30 mph. The biker suffered shoulder and head injuries requiring emergency transportation to the hospital. Rick assisted Jason by coordinating a 911 call and escorting the ambulance and emergency responders from the entrance of ASC, through gates on the right-of-way to the trail. Jason and Rick are both CPR/First-Aid certified and were able to put their training skills into action, which reinforces the importance of all employees being trained to lend assistance when unexpected events or accidents such as this may arise!

"Immediate response efforts such as this highlight what a professional and safety conscious staff we have at CCWD," said Safety Committee Chair John
Parsons. "The District Safety Committee is very proud of these types of efforts, nice job gentlemen!"

Ed Mena, Frank Jaramillio, John Riccabona and Dustin Hinks
The crew, led by Ed Mena was excavating for a service relocation. There was a 10” PG&E gas main that was marked eight feet away from, but parallel to our crews excavation. At three feet the crew noticed soil changes and started probing and hand digging. They soon discovered a 10” steel pipe and called PG&E, who sent a locator out. The locator confirmed the gas main was incorrectly marked, and that the 10” was their high pressure gas main. The crews awareness prevented a potentially catastrophic event.

"This type of safety awareness and leadership is what we strive for in our daily tasks," said Safety Committee Chair John Parsons. "This is an example of a crews (or individuals) ability to stop work due to unknown or unsafe conditions. Great work gentlemen!"

Diane Rybicki, Amelia Berumen, Kirsten Harrington

On the morning of June 24, an employee started feeling chest pains as she arrived to work at the DC Annex building. Diane Rybicki and Amelia Berumen helped the employee to lay down on the floor and Kirsten Harrington called 911.  Amelia then retrieved the AED, while Diane continued to assess her condition.  Kirstin conveyed questions and answers between the 911 dispatcher and Diane.  Amelia and Diane attached the AED to the employee, which monitored the heart, but no shocks were necessary.  The three of them kept the situation calm, and remained with the employee, until paramedics arrived. Everyone’s quick response helped save the employee’s life.  The employee is improving and expected to fully recover.

Ramon Gasca
While working along the canal, Ramon Gasca heard an accident on the park trail and turned around to see that a cyclist had been seriously injured.  The cyclist had fallen off her bike, struck her head and was lying unconscious.  The impact was so severe that her helmet was cracked. Ramon kept his cool and made sure that 9-1-1 was called.  Ramon cleared the area and made sure the injured person was not moved.  He gently laid some towels underneath the victim as it was a 100-degree day and the asphalt was hot.  Ramon stayed on the scene until paramedics arrived.  Ramon's quick action helped save the cyclist’s life.

Jim Carey
During an arc flash assessment, Jim Carey discovered an electrical safety issue in the main feed 480 volt cabinet at Bailey Pump Station’s MCC.  The lugs were about ¼” from the cabinet door when it is in the closed position.  The condition created a potential for an arc flash.  If an employee was to lean against the door,  the contact between the steel door and the lugs could have created a dangerous arc and shock hazard.  To make it safe in the short term, Jim installed a piece of non-conductive plastic between the door and the lugs.  Central County Maintenance will make permanent repairs ASAP.

Brian Sweeney
While working in an area near a contractor who was performing work on private property, Brian Sweeney recognized that this contractor was working in an unsafe excavation and had exposed the soil bearing side of a concrete thrust block associated with the District’s 8-inch fire service line. Brian exhibited exemplary safety leadership and initiative by informing the contractor of the potential danger of the trench collapsing near the exposed thrust block and directing the contractor to exit the trench until the safety issues were corrected.

Jason Schneider
Jason Schneider was recognized for exemplary safety leadership for the initiative he took after noticing that tall grass was impeding view of traffic while exiting the driveway at Antioch Service Center driveway at Neroly Road. Not only did Jason identify the hazard, but he took the initiative to remove this obstruction and improve safety for his fellow coworkers. This initiative is the type of behavior the SC seeks to encourage in all employees, not just identifying safety issues for others to correct, but actually being part of the solution.

Mike Bartzi
The District Safety Committee awarded a Star Recognition to Mike Bartzi during its March 12 meeting. Mike developed and led in-house crane operator certification training which has resulted in the District being on track to reach the July 2015 compliance deadline for the new safety regulations. The effectiveness of Mike’s training is highlighted by most operators passing the certification test on the 1st attempt. Mike demonstrated exemplary safety leadership by identifying an opportunity to meet the new safety regulations in an innovative way and leading the safety training class efforts, which has resulted in the District reaching its compliance goals.