2015 SPOT Recognition

Made Sure Contractor Wore Hard Hat
December 23, 2015

Robert Stalf called out a contractor not wearing his hard hat in the District Center construction zone immediately when he entered the area and without hesitation. This showed Robert holds contractors to the same high standards for safety and wearing PPE as is required for District employees. This award was nominated by General Manager Jerry Brown.

Led Impressive Mixer Pull Demo
December 23, 2015

Jake Wallin earned a spot award for performing in an exemplary manner while leading a mixer pull
demo at Shell Ridge Reservoir. His attention to safety detail was impressive under stressful conditions,
including a difficult mixer alignment and several supervisors watching the work.

Warned PG&E Driver About Dangerous Loader
December 12, 2015

Louis Gonsalves earned a spot award for actions he took to flag down a PG&E dump truck driver to
inform him that the loader he was towing had the bucket in the up position and it was moving as he
drove. The loader would have hit overhead power lines if it wasn’t for Louis alerting the driver. The driver
had only been on the job for a few months, and didn’t complete a walk‐around prior to driving the
vehicle. Louis went beyond the call for safety and surely preventing an accident.

Made Winning Peer-to-Peer Award Suggestion

December 1, 2015

Gayle Ross was given a spot award for her suggestion to update the peer‐to‐peer safety recognition
program, with a name of “We’re on Top of it!” Her suggestion resulted in the formation of the safety
recognition sub‐committee, which is currently addressing this program and making improvements. Gayle
wrote a memo to communicate her ideas and it is this type of safety awareness and response that we
hope everyone has as they complete their daily tasks.

Called PG&E When He Smelled Gas
December 1, 2015

Reggie Harris
 earned a Spot Award for going above and beyond his duties to have PG&E called for a suspicious gas odor down the street from his work site. Reggie and the Service Crew are working on the Oakmont Senior Living Center (project # 315023) in Concord at the corner of Franquette and Enea Circle. They were setting up traffic control at the corner when a very strong smell of gas was noticed. Reggie had notified the contractor of the job site and made him aware of the situation along with having him call PG&E just to be sure and when PG&E had arrived on the scene they had confirmed that there was definitely a gas leak and they immediately called for a crew to start making repairs. This was great work on Reggie’s behalf not to ignore a safety concern even when it was not his job.  

Used Caution in Digging Near AT&T Lines
October 14, 2015

Duane Rowe was on a job at 4141 Storey Lane in Concord. The USA ticket was good, however, Duane noticed a couple of AT&T boxes around the area where they were going to be digging and there were no markings on the ground for AT&T.   Duane was not comfortable digging without having AT&T come out and check the area.  He immediately called AT&T and had them come out.  It turns out that AT&T has lines going right through where they were going to be digging.  If Duane had not called AT&T, the digging could have caused damage to the ATT facilities.

Noticed Exposed 2300 Volt Power Lines
October 5, 2015
On a recent inspection at Pumping Plant #3, Matthew Novak noticed energized and exposed 2300 volt lines.  He made recommendations to put in guarding and signs to keep people away.

Fabricated Tool For Hoisting Screens
September 11, 2015

Jim Meilandt fabricated a new tool to help guide hoisted pumping plant screens into place for installation.  Earlier in the year, an employee received a strain injury trying to guide a screen into place.  This new tool will make the activity less awkward and help reduce the risk of ergonomic hazard.

First Responders To LV Bike Accident
September 4, 2015

Shawn Lewis and Joshua Just did an excellent job as first responders to a bicycle accident that occurred at LV.  A cyclist had crashed on Walnut Blvd and apparently was unconscious for short period of time and had a loss of memory. Shawn and Josh quickly notified Watershed Staff who also responded and got emergency assistance to respond. The cyclist was taken to the hospital.

Helped Victim at Crime Scene
September 2, 2015

While on his water tending route, Earl Levingston called 911 to help a woman who was beaten by a male on the Delta De Anza trail near Ambrose Park.

The officers took the male suspect into custody.  Earl gave the authorities his statement before completing his route.

Provided Much-Needed Safety Assistance At Accident Scene 
August 27, 2015

Ryan Lindsey, Louis Gonsalves, Kris Leffle and Matt Kehoe took action for safety at the scene of a head-on accident on Marsh Creek Rd last week.  They stopped and cleared debris from the roadway and provided much needed traffic control to keep traffic moving while emergency crews attended to the accident.  Not only does this reflect highly upon their safety attitude but demonstrates exceptional teamwork under stressful situations.

Discovered Potential Electrical Hazard in Cabinet 
July 14, 2015

During an arc flash assessment, Jim Carey discovered an electrical safety issue in the main feed 480 V cabinet at Bailey Pump Station’s MCC.  The lugs were about ¼” from the cabinet door when it is in the closed position.  The condition created a potential for an arc flash.  If an employee was to lean against the door,  the contact between the steel door and the lugs could have created a dangerous arc and shock hazard.  To make it safe in the short term, Jim installed a piece of non-conductive plastic between the door and the lugs.  Central County Maintenance will permanent repairs ASAP.  In addition, Central County Maintenance will check all MCC cabinets in their area to ensure there are no other electrical safety issues.

Saw Smoke Near Contra Loma, Assisted Emergency Personnel 
July 9, 2015

While Pat McConnell was on his way home, he noticed smoke coming from the area of Contra Loma.  Pat went in to investigate, and noticed a fire had started near the pool area and was spreading.  Pat called Control to notify them of the fire.  Pat stayed onsite to open gates to let the responding emergency personnel access the dam and other parts of Contra Loma.  He stayed onsite until the fire was contained and Canal Patrol secured the area.

Helped Injured Cyclist 
June 30, 2015

While working along the canal, Ramon Gasca heard an accident on the park trail and turned around to see that a cyclist had been seriously injured.  The cyclist had fallen off her bike, struck her head and was laying unconscious.  The impact was so severe that her helmet was cracked.  The cyclist’s two friends were crying and panicking.  Ramon kept his cool and made sure that 9-1-1 was called.  Ramon cleared the area and made sure the injured person was not moved.  He gently laid some towels underneath the victim as it was a 100-degree day and the asphalt was hot.  Ramon stayed on the scene until paramedics arrived.  Ramon's quick action helped save the cyclist’s life.

Helped Employee With Chest Pains
June 29, 2015

On the morning of June 24, an employee started feeling chest pains as she arrived to work at the DC Annex building.  Instead of panicking, Annex building staff took action.  Diane Rybicki and Amelia Berumen helped the employee to lay down on the floor and Kirsten Harrington called 911.  Amelia then retrieved the AED, while Diane continued to assess her condition.  Kirstin conveyed questions and answers between the 911 dispatcher and Diane.  Amelia and Diane attached the AED to the employee, which monitored the heart, but no shocks were necessary.  The three of them kept the situation calm, and remained with the employee, until paramedics arrived.  A number of other employees on the Finance team helped direct the paramedics from the driveway and through the building.  Everyone’s quick response helped save the employee’s life.  The employee is improving and expected to fully recover.

Found New Type of Hard Hat
June 25, 2015

Jason Schneider identified a protective helmet that could be used instead of a hard hat when working along the canal.  The helmet has the advantage of a chin strap, helping keep the head protection on the head instead of falling into the canal.  Jason worked with his supervisor and the Safety Officer to specify a helmet with the same protective rating as a hard hat.  This is an example of great innovative thinking to improve safety.

Followed Up To Have Trees Removed 
June18, 2015

Trees adjacent to the 2411 Bisso Building were identified as looking dead and possibly at risk to fall onto the building.  Dino Angelosante wrote a letter to the County to have the trees removed.  He later followed up more than once and in person with the County maintenance crew leader.  The County removed the trees. Dino’s efforts and follow-through on this issue eliminated the safety concern.

Tool for Hoisting Screens

Made Accident Scene Safe, Used Good Judgment
May 29, 2015

A vehicle struck a hydrant on Monument Boulevard causing water to gush up into power lines and flood a power cabinet, making for an unsafe condition. The nearby utility pole was also at risk of collapse. Chris Overton and Neil Herrick responded by setting up traffic control and keeping pedestrians out of the incident area. They contacted their supervisors and PG&E for support. Both Chris and Neil used good judgment in identifying the risks and keeping people out of harm’s way until the site was made safe by PG&E for Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) to be able to shut down the hydrant. Let’s thank them for their efforts!
Eliminated Tripping Hazard at Bollman
May 12, 2015

Shawn Lewis eliminated a tripping hazard at Bollman Water Treatment Plant by resurfacing the pavement. The hazard caused a minor injury last month. Good job, Shawn!
Eliminated Tripping Hazard
Cut the Grass Causing Visibility Problems
April 10, 2015

Jason Schneider noticed that the entrance the Antioch Service Center driveway at Neroly Road was obstructed by tall grass, making it hazardous for employees to exit the driveway onto Neroly Road. Jason took initiative and cut down the vegetation around the driveway entrance to increase visibility and make it safer for all staff.

Told Contractor to Stand Down in Improper Trench Work
March 25, 2015

A contractor removed the bearing area around an 8 inch fire service that was fully charged. Brian Sweeney told the equipment operator to stand down because of the danger. Brian then notified his supervisor. The device was removed to eliminate the danger of a trench collapse that could have possibly injured other workers.

Saw Downed Power Lines, Secured Area, Notified Officials
March 12, 2015

Shawn Lewis, Henry Park and Chris Geer discovered down power lines on Navy Base. They secured the site with caution tape and cones, and notified Navy Base personnel of the hazardous condition.

Provided In-House Crane Training to Meet Deadline
March 12, 2015

Mike Bartzi has been providing in-house crane training to prep equipment operators for their exam to be certified crane operators. So far, nearly all operators have passed the exam on the 1st try. The training has been well-received. Mike has also been working with the manufacturer of our smaller “Auto Cranes” to get them modified so that other employees can operate them without being certified operators. Mike has been a great help to the District meeting its July 2015 deadline of getting all equipment operators certified and helping us reach compliance with safety regulations.

Helped With Stalled Car
March 12, 2015

A little before 6:30 a.m., Nick Overstreet noticed a woman’s car stalled in the turn lane on Concord Avenue. The car had no lights on. He saw that there was a problem and went out to help her. He stayed with her until a tow truck arrived. Nick is a great example of care, consideration, willingness and dedication.

Noticed Sink Hole, Reported It
March 10, 2015

Vince Billingham noticed a sinkhole next to an electrical vault at Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant. He coned off the area and immediately notified his supervisor. This started communication with maintenance that will lead to a repair. The hole is large enough to cause injury to anyone walking in the area.

Kept Motorist Safe in Bay Point
February 27, 2015

Allyn Moise and Pat McConnell were on their way to the Antioch Service Center on Highway 4 when they noticed a woman’s car with a blown radiator hose. The elderly woman was in her 80s and needed assistance. She was able to drive to the next exit and stop at a gas station in Bay Point. Pat and Allyn followed her to see if she needed help. Allyn and Pat noticed she looked frightened when a couple of shady characters were coming over to her car. Pat and Allyn offered to stay with her and help her contact emergency roadside service as she did not have a cell phone. Allyn and Pat prevented others from possibly taking advantage of her in this vulnerable situation.

Led Effort to Expand PA System at Bollman
February 26, 2015

Matthew Novak led an effort to expand the Bollman public address system into the sediment basin tunnels, correcting a long-standing action item brought up by the safety committee in 1968! Though installing the PA system is not a maintenance function, Matthew took responsibility for the problem and worked with many different District departments to make it happen. The improved PA system can be used to effectively conduct an emergency evacuation of the entire plant.
Pushed Stalled Car To Safety
February 26, 2015

When a motorist stalled her car at the intersection of Denkinger and Wilson (blocking traffic in several directions), Jon Adams and Matt Underwood quickly got out of their truck and assisted the motorist by helping her to push her car safely out of the way. Good job!
Pushed Stalled Car to Safety
Noticed Lock Out & Tag Out Procedures Were Not Followed
February 25, 2015

Ben Camilon noticed that proper lockout/tagout procedures were not being followed at the “Modular” building associated with staff moves out of District Center. Ben brought the concern to his supervisor and the construction administrator. Through Ben’s actions, the construction team will take contractors’ and staff’s safety seriously as we work to prepare the building for occupancy.

Solid Door was Knocking People
February 25, 2015

The front door to the new “Customer Center” at the EOC building does not have a window, and customers are opening it into people arriving at the door. Ralph Peterson recognized the problem and brought it to the attention of the Customer Service Supervisor.

Informed Safety Officer When Contractor Was Not Wearing Hard Hat
January 30, 2015

Diane Rybicki noticed a District contractor using a concrete saw without a hard hat. She notified the Safety Officer who then spoke to the contractor and the contract administrator regarding the need to wear hard hats while using powered tools and equipment.

Noticed Unsafe Wire Near Pedestrians & Cyclists
January 29, 2015

In an area of new construction, Randy Anduza noticed a bare wire rope cable that was supporting a utility pole was in the middle of a city sidewalk path. Randy took caution tape and wrapped the cable so that pedestrians and cyclists could see it and safely avoid it.

Brought Safety Glasses to Contractor
January 29, 2015

Bill Bakker noticed a District contractor not wearing safety glasses while using a power saw. Bill brought the contractor a pair of safety glasses to wear.