2015 Providing Extra Effort in Recognizing Safety

Ryan Lindsey Steps Up To Slow Traffic 

On Dec. 1, Ryan Lindsey and I  were doing valve can inspection on a freshly paved road in  Walnut Creek in a 25 mph zone on a blind corner. The valve can was over layed  and we had to bust it out with a digging bar. We had our truck setup right and our cones out, but the cars were simply not respecting the buffer zone we had created. Instead of continuing the job we still had to finish. Ryan took the initiative and re-accessed the situation and grabbed the stop/slow sign to control traffic to suit our needs for superior safety.

Louis Gonsalves

Jason Schneider and Rick Johnson on Their Assistance With an Injured Bike Rider on the Delta DeAnza Trail
Today, October 16, about 10am Jason Schneider was cleaning the area around the grit basin at ASC, he heard someone yelling for help.

Jason noticed the rider standing at first then he noticed the rider hit the ground. Jason drove from the grit basin to the train system, in crossing to the trail Jason met Rick Johnson to discuss what they needed to do.
When on site they assessed the bikers' need and had Nicole call 911 for medical assistance.

Jason stayed with the rider and Rick went to Neroly to guide the ambulance to the site.

The rider had head and shoulder injuries and was carted off by ambulance to a medical facility.

Steve Arnold