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Maintain Don't Gain Program Underway 

11/20 The CCWD Wellness Program is pleased to bring you the Maintain Don’t Gain program that can help you stay focused on eating healthy and fitting in exercise.

Most Americans gain an average of about 1 pound during the holidays.* While this may not seem like a lot, they usually do not lose it.  And over time, it adds up.

To help you beat the odds this year, we have teamed up with Kaiser Permanente to bring you Maintain Don’t Gain.  It is an 8 week awareness program that offers you weekly emails withchallenges, tips, and resources to help you keep off the extra pounds.

Program Kickoff:  Friday, November 20, 2015!

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Cortes at extension 8037 or dcortes@ccwater.com.

Take Time to Play!
Have you wondered what happened to pickup games, bike rides, and playing catch in the back yard? What about tag, or throwing a ball over the roof to a waiting friend (there’s a name for this game that I’ve forgotten), or building a fort in the woods? Have we filled all of our time and our children’s time with structured activities that leave little space for spontaneity? The Wellness Committee is recommending that you Take Time to Play This Summer (PDF).

Big C Athletic Club
Now your wallet won't get out of shape while your family is getting into shape. The Big C Athletic Club, located near District Center at 1381 Galaxy Way, is now offering attractive discounts for Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) employees and retirees.

Family Discounts
Big C has been offering discounts for employees and retirees for many years, but now the less-expensive rates are being offered to spouses and family members. Employees or retirees must be a member of Big C for this family discount to apply. Now, your wallet won't get out of shape while your whole family is getting into shape.

Contact Us
For questions please contact Tracie Keith, CCWD at 925-688-8146 or Gina Longmire, BIG C Representative at 925-671-2110.