2018 Wellness Program

The CCWD Wellness Program is bringing you exciting wellness events in 2018. For general wellness program information, please contact Donna Cortes.

Employee Wellness Benefits - Take advantage of these amazing discounts!

Big C Athletic Club

The Big C Athletic Club, located near District Center at 1381 Galaxy Way, offers discounts for employees and retirees, as well as spouses and family members. Employees or retirees must be a member of Big C for this family discount to apply. 

Starting April 1, 2018, membership dues will increase from $59 per month to $65 per month. Accordingly, for employees who are current Big C members, because the District pays 50%, beginning with the April 13, 2018 pay check, you will see an additional $1.50 per pay date increase (Note: there are no gym dues deductions on any third pay date in one month).


In-Shape has several convenient locations for CCWD employees, and membership extends to all health clubs.*

The first month is FREE, and the District covers a portion of the membership. 

For a Single Member: $39 (District $19.50; Employee deduction of $9.75 from the first paycheck of each month)

For a Couple: $30** (One additional person; Does not have to be a spouse)

For a Family: $50** (Two or more additional family members)  

*Employee must select a home health club.

**Employee is responsible for paying In-Shape directly.

Contact Lauren Curiel for an application.