Safety Recognition Program

The purpose of the Employee Safety Recognition Program is to foster a culture that values safety by recognizing employees who demonstrate exceptional dedication and leadership to improve District workplace safety and by enabling employees to recognize each other for their safe actions.

There are three types of safety recognition awards, Spot, Public Safety, and Star. Read about the Safety Recognition Program (PDF) for complete details. All awards should be given in a timely manner via the Safety Event Report Form, should include an explanation of the safety‐related act, and be given in front of co‐workers.

Safety Recognition Program

2018 Star Awards

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Star Awards for 2018 Q1

Daniel Sinosky and Manuel Goodall

Daniel and Manuel designed and built a tool to open the blow-off in a permit confined space so that they would not have to enter the space. By using this tool, a valve key extension, they were able to safely operate the valve and fully open and close the valve without having to enter the vault. Creating this tool has eliminated the need to expose employees to a confined space during this task.

Both Daniel and Manuel identified a safety problem that had been in existence for years and made the effort to implement a solution. The tool will benefit future crew members, providing a long term positive effect to the safety program.

Great job, Daniel and Manuel!


Dustin Hinks

A contractor was working at a District excavation site to install rebar and pour a large concrete restrain block around a newly installed valve. The contractor was under the assumption that they could enter a partially shored excavation to form the rebar. The excavation was ten-feet deep. Dustin stopped the contractor and contacted his supervisor, Matt Underwood who then contacted engineering for clearance on a different approach to building and installing the rebar cage.

Dustin ensured that not only were our employees working under safe conditions, but the contractors were as well. This was a large project so it is commendable that Dustin made this effort. Our crews are under tremendous pressure to insure service is returned as soon as possible. The fact that Dustin kept safety as his top priority exemplifies the attitude and attentiveness we hope our employees exhibit. Sometimes doing the right thing is not an easy thing to do but Dustin bringing this to his supervisor’s attention kept all those involved safe. Recognizing efforts like this will hopefully make it easier for other employees to do in future similar situations.

Great job, Dustin!


Deion Gonsalves

The District has a natural gas fueled truck. Recently the District received a letter from PG&E regarding a fuel tank inspection for the vehicle. The vehicle was subsequently red-tagged until resolution was made on the inspection. The area supervisor contacted a vendor and set up to have the tank inspected. The need for inspection was discussed in passing between the Maintenance Manager and Deion. Deion, being familiar with these types of vehicles form his prior employer, took it upon himself to proactively go out and look at the vehicle. He noted that the tank life had expired. Deion then researched the issue, contacting people he knew that worked on these types of vehicles, and researched it through the internet to verify that indeed the tank was at the end of its life and the only option was replacement.

Deion was proactive in going outside of his area to look at a potential issue, getting involved and investigating something that could have been an issue. His leadership skills and initiative demonstrates excellent safety management. His continued efforts to go out of his way to ensure the safety of employees is applauded and recognized. Thank you, Deion, for your continued efforts and example of what the District strives for when it comes to safety.

Ryan Lindsey

In the course of exposing a water main leak, an excavation had reached more than 14 feet deep. Shoring had been installed in the excavation but became unsafe after leaking water undermined the stability of the shoring. Ryan stopped the job, ensured no employee entered the excavation, and notified his supervisor of the safety issue. Ryan’s critical evaluation of the excavation and willingness to speak up to stop the job kept employees safe and helped to communicate the crew’s safety concerns to supervisors and managers.

Using your stop work authority is not always an easy thing to do, and recognizing Ryan for using his authority sends a clear message to other employees that they will be supported. Shutting down a job is not an easy thing to do but Ryan recognized that the situation was unsafe. He made safety a priority for his crew.

Ryan’s actions are a clear example of what the District strives for to ensure the safety of its employees. Great job, Ryan!