Safety Recognition Program Acknowledges Employee Safety Leadership

The purpose of the recognition program is to foster a culture that values safety by recognizing employees who demonstrate exceptional dedication and leadership to improve District workplace safety.  
CCWD has three levels of safety recognition, designed to acknowledge acts of safety. 

Safety Leadership

Recognizing employees' safety leadership in 3 ways:
  • Providing Extra Effort in Recognizing Safety (PEERS)
  • SPOT Recognition
  • STAR Recognition
Here are the steps to nominate someone for the awards.

Anyone can nominate any other employee for a Providing Extra Effort in Recognizing Safety (PEERS) award.

PEERS Recognition is intended to recognize actions that, while expected as part of normal job responsibilities, demonstrate a commitment to safety in the workplace. Nominate someone by sending an email to the PEERS email group. Describe the person's action or fill out a form available in various District lunch rooms.

SPOT Recognition
Nominate someone by telling that person's supervisor, the Safety Officer, any member of the District Safety Committee or Site Safety Committee, what happened. Only an employee's supervisor, the Safety Officer, or committee members can award the Spot Recognition and needs to fill out the Safety Spot Recognition Form (PDF).

SPOT Recognition is not intended to recognize actions that are expected as part of normal job responsibilities, but are generally characterized as contributing toward the District's goals of achieving a 'world class' safety culture through self-initiated actions.

STAR Recognition
The highest safety award, the District Safety Committee awards STARs based on their review of PEERS and SPOT awards. It recognizes actions that show superior commitment to safety through exemplary actions.

First to Receive STAR Award
The District Safety Committee awarded the team of Chuck Gehrke, Jason Kranz, John Elliot, Shawn Kelly and Jim Freschi the District’s first STAR Recognition on Feb. 9, 2012. Chuck, Jason and John demonstrated safety leadership and initiative by developing an instructional video, "Safe Meter Box Removal and Installation".  The idea was formed after another employee was injured removing a meter box.  The crew took this opportunity to video the correct meter box handling procedure for future safety orientations.  Shawn Kelly narrated the video.  Jim Freschi assisted in editing and producing the video, and posting it on the CCWD Employee website.

First to Receive SPOT Award

Bollman Water Treatment Plant Operator Mike Wickham, earned the first Spot Award, presented in March of 2010. He was among those who created the new program, and was recognized for his enthusiasm for the Safety Program.

First to Receive PEERS AwardThe first PEERS Award was presented to Earl Levingston on January, 2012   During a safety meeting with his co-workers, Earl described a safe way to deal with dangerous foggy conditions when exiting the Middle River and Old River Intake driveways.

Recognition Program
Read the Administrative Procedure on the Recognition Program (PDF)