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Mary Dunn is First Woman Chair of Safety Committee 

6/23 Mary Dunn was elected as chair of the District Safety Committee at their meeting on June 15, in addition new members were selected. She is the first woman elected  chair. The Committee meets again on July 13 at the Antioch Service Center.  

Below are some of the topics discussed at the June meeting:  

Silica Exposure Control Plan: This is a new regulation on silica containing dust that will take effect on September 23, 2017.  This control plan is being implemented to minimize exposure to harmful dust.  This new regulation will change how business is conducted as the permissible exposure limit is being lowered from 250 micrograms/cubic meter of air to 50 micrograms/cubic meter of air spread over an eight-hour period.  Dry sweeping will no longer be allowed during construction activities.  The District is working on updating the procedures to comply with this new regulation and identifying the type of equipment that needs to be purchased.  Construction equipment companies will be launching new products such as jackhammers and concrete saws with water features starting in July.  Staff will conduct an exercise with air monitors next week to test the exposure of tasks that are known threats. Contractors will also need to comply with these new regulations and the Contractors Safe Practices Handbook will need to be revised to reflect this change.

Stopping Work for Safety Concerns: This was discussed at the O&M all hands meeting in Central County.  The discussion was about whether every employee felt empowered to stop work if they saw a safety concern, or whether an employee would do something unsafely if asked. Crew leaders and work group leads, as well as supervisors need to repeatedly reiterate this message to their staff to empower them to make the call if necessary.  This applies to work that is being performed by contractors also.  Maggie Dutton suggested cards that reiterate this message as a reminder to all employees.  Public Affairs offered to create the cards and distribute to all if agreed upon.

Tank Cleaning Incident: There was an incident during the last tank inspection at Bollman WTP where a coating inspector was in one of the alum tanks conducting an inspection.  He bent down to get a closer look at a puddle on the ground, when he began to feel dizzy and lightheaded.  He quickly exited the tank for fresh air.  Air monitors were being used during the inspection, but not for the specific chemicals that may have been found in the tank.  The tank had been rinsed out and ventilated the day before the inspection, and the ventilation blower was still running during the inspection.  There was no District staff onsite at the time of the incident - the construction inspector was in route to the site, and no District staff were notified until the following day via email.  To prevent this from happening again, the District may need to hire a consultant who specializes in working with toxic chemicals to do a more thorough cleaning prior to the inspections.  This is a good reminder for all staff and for contractors to report safety incidents right away and broadly communicate out as quickly as possible.

Health and Wellness Fairs: This year’s fairs will take place on September 26 in East County and September 28 in Central County.  This year HR requested that Safety Committee members help with the set-up before the fairs and clean-up afterward.  Committee members may also help with passing out freebie bags and with the key audit as well.  If anyone would like to do a presentation or game at the fairs, please contact the Manager of Health and Safety.

District Safety Committee Membership: Several positions were up for re-election this year.  The Committee elected its two new officers - Mary Dunn as Chair, Charlie Wise as Vice-Chair.  The following new members will begin their two-year terms in July: Gerry Morris (Construction), Sarah Laybourne (Engineering), Matt Kehoe (C.C. Distribution), Jake Elsberry (C.C. Maintenance), Sal De la Madrid (E.C. Maintenance), Colton Rogers (Los Vaqueros) and Vince Billingham (Operations).

John Parsons Temporarily Replaces Sarah Bogner as Manager of Health & Safety

5/22 Manager of Healthy & Safety Sarah Bogner, has gone out on maternity leave,and will be returning in mid-October. During her time off the same level of safety support will continue, just with some different faces.

John Parsons, regularly the Water Treatment Supervisor at Randall-Bold, is the Acting Manager of Health and Safety. He is the point of contact for all safety-related items (anything that you would normally call or email Sarah about). John can be reached at

He will be sitting in Sarah’s office most of the time and can be reached at the same numbers. Cell: (925) 525-2632, Office: (925) 688-8185.

Additionally, we will have a safety consultant, Richard DeBusk, from Du-All Safety, available to provide any needed technical safety support. All requests or questions for Richard should still go through John.

Heat-related Illness Resets 'Recordable' and 'Lost Time' Injury Clock

6/20 The recordable injury (no lost time) was reset Saturday after an employee suffered a heat-related injury. The clock had ticked up to 115 days - only 13 days short of a record - without an injury. It is also the ninth recordable injury of the year.

In addition, the injury reset the 'Lost Time' clock after a record-shattering 263 days. That beat CCWD's old lost time record by 98 days.  There had not been a lost-time injury at CCWD since Sept. 27, 2016.

Robert Wolverton and Brandon Chalk Earn Safety Stars For Assisting at Early Morning Car Accident 

6/8 Robert Wolverton and Brandon Chalk earned Safety Stars for their work in assisting at a three-car accident in front of District Center on May 31. Both were among the first people at the scene of the early morning crash and assisted a seriously-wounded crash victim and also worked to control traffic to make the intersection safe.  Both used their safety training at the accident scene.  "It's actions like these that were demonstrated by these gentlemen that remind us what concern and safety is all about," said District Safety Committee Acting Chair Mary Dunn. 

Bill Cambra Earns SPOT For Noticing Missing Insulation

The Operators at Randall Bold Water Treatment Plant were performing a routine chlorine container change out which requires the use of an overhead crane.  When the job was completed and the crane was put back to its stand-by position, Bill Cambra noticed that approximately six inches of insulation was missing from the electrical cord.  He immediately notified maintenance and the plant supervisor of the issue and the crane was repaired. He earned a SPOT Award. "Great initiative by Bill to inspect equipment used in our daily work to prevent potential electrical shock and great work by the supervisors to recognize him," said acting Health & Safety Manager John Parsons.

Randy Anduza Recognized with SPOT Award Identifying Road Plate Hazards

 Randy Anduza was recorgnized with a SPOT Award for his swift action identifying structural hazards with steel road plates. Randy took the initiative to test the treads on the plates and found that five plates were out of specification and could have resulted in a safety hazard or an accident. Randy reported this to his supervisor and the plated were sent out for repair. "Great initiative by Randy to inspect equipment used in our daily work and great work by the supervisors to recognize him," said Acting Manager of Health & Safety John Parsons.  

Tracy Chilson Earns Safety Star For Showing Compassion, Using Skills as First Responder To Vasco Road Accident 

5/15 Tracy Chilson earned a Safety Star Award for actions that show superior commitment to safety. Tracy utilized not only his safety training, but provided first responder care and showed extreme compassion for the victim until paramedics arrived. "This type of safety commitment, and personal behavior, is what sets District employee’s apart from others," said District Safety Committee Chair John Parsons.  "Great job Tracy, well deserved!!" 

Tracy was leaving the Transfer Facility about to turn on Vasco Road, when a female pulled up in the driveway and told him there was a car accident with injuries on Vasco Road. As Tracy pulled out to go North on Vasco Road, Tracy could see the accident on the road and no emergency vehicle were on scene yet. Tracy pulled up to the accident and turned his overhead lights on and positioned his vehicle to block North bound traffic on Vasco Road. Tracy approached the scene and confirmed that 911 had been called. 

Tracy saw a van with the driver slumped over the steering wheel. The driver side door was damaged and Tracy was unable to open the door. Tracy entered the vehicle through the passenger side door and found the person bleeding from the head and unconscious. Tracy checked the vital signs and found the person breathing with a pulse. The subject was left where he was at due to possible head and neck injuries. Tracy held the subject hand and had him squeeze his hand if he could hear him. Tracy attempted to keep the subject conscious until paramedics arrived on scene. The subject was eventually extracted from the vehicle and transported to the hospital by helicopter from the scene. Tracy remained on scene until the subject was transported and the vehicles were removed”

First PEERS Award of 2017 Goes to John Riccabona

5/9 John Riccabona was recognized by his peers for a great safety catch. John noticed that the new dump trailer did not have a pin to lock the hitch onto the truck, which verifies the hitch is fully connected. John found an appropriate pin and installed it to ensure that the hitch connection could be secured. Great work John. His is the first PEERS Award of the year. 

Updated 'Contractors' Safe Practices Handbook' Available Now Online

3/30 If you work with contractors, they and their employees need to be familiar with the updated "Contractor/Consultant Safe Practices Handbook". It's now available online. Click on the link below, or find it in this website's Safety Library.

Read the Handbook

Contracators Safe Practices Handbook-1

2016-2017 Safe Practices Handbook Available Online

10/7 The updated 2016-201 Safe Practices Handbook is now available online.

Within its 47 pages are everything from Safety Committee member names and important phone lists, to guidance on operating equipment and working safely in the office.   Take a look! 
Year Number of Lost Time injuries Number of Recordable Injuries (lost time and non-lost time
The record without a "lost time" injury is 263 days, set in June 2017 

The record without a "recordable" injury is 128 days, set in May 2016.