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Six Employees Earn Safety STARS For Inventing Stuff, Helping People

12/6 After a three-month drought, the District Safety Committee presented STAR Awards - the District's highest safety award - to six employees. 

Shane Tolosko, Mike Gargalikis and James Delao earned STAR awards for developing a portable system to keep employees cool while working in excavations when temperatures soar.

 Randy Anduzza & Deion Gonsalves worked on finding a safer, more ergonomic solution in opening stubborn valves lids. This is the second Safety STAR for Deion this year. He earned an award earlier this year for insisting on red tagging a vehicle with brake problems. 

Canal Safety Officer Shane Pinto was awarded a STAR Award for assisting and injured woman along the Contra Costa Canal.

In 2017, 15 STARS have been presented to employees.  

Updated 2018 Safe Practices Handbook Available Online 

11/29 The updated 2018 Safe Practices Handbook is now available online.

 Within its 47 pages are everything from Safety Committee member names and important phone lists, to guidance on operating equipment and working safely in the office.  Take a look!

Enforcing Ladder Safety Earns Chris Hentz a Safety SPOT

11/28 Chris Hentz received a Safety SPOT for enforcing ladder safety. On October 24, a contractor was using a ladder inappropriately in the Bisso Administration Building to access a ceiling panel with obstructions below; he had a conventional ladder leaning against the wall at an unsafe angle. Chris was observed discussing the safety concerns with the vendor and explaining that type of ladder is not intended for that use, and is unsafe. As a result, the vendor appeared more committed to safety during the rest of his inspections/testing. Other employees observed Chris' response to this incident and expressed appreciation for his willingness to discuss safe practices to avoid potential accident. 

SPOT Award to Henry Park for Recognizing Public Hazard Along Canal

11/28  Henry Park received a Spot Award after recognizing a public hazard that he came across while working in the field. Henry was driving the Water Tender route along the Canal trail upstream of Oak Park Blvd in Pleasant Hill. As he stopped to clean a screen at the Murderer's Creek Siphon, he noticed a large limb that had broken off from an oak tree above the trail. Henry took it upon himself to park his District vehicle in front of the limb, blocking anyone on the trail from traveling underneath the limb. He then notified his crew leader, who assisted Henry in barricading the trail to eliminate any possibility of a person from the public coming near the broken limb. Henry contacted his supervisor to inform him of the hazard. Although the tree was later discovered not to be the District's responsibility, Henry and his crew leader continued to make the scene safe. Henry removed the limb allowing the trail to be re-opened.

Christine Helton, Lorraine Clifford and Ralph Peterson Earn SPOTS for Saving Dog

10/17 Christine Helton, Lorraine Clifford and Ralph Peterson received Spot awards for going above and beyond to keep a customer’s dog safe. A public bus tour participant left their dog in their car parked at District Center during the all-day tour. Upon notification of the situation, Christine, with the help of Lorraine and Ralph, got the dog out of the car and found a safe, cool place for the dog to stay for the day. With the sun shining directly on the car and the temperatures in the high 80s that day, it’s safe to say they helped save the dog’s life.

Updated 'Contractors' Safe Practices Handbook' Available Now Online

3/30 If you work with contractors, they and their employees need to be familiar with the updated "Contractor/Consultant Safe Practices Handbook". It's now available online. Click on the link below, or find it in this website's Safety Library.

Read the Handbook

Contracators Safe Practices Handbook-1
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The record without a "lost time" injury is 263 days, set in June 2017 

The record without a "recordable" injury is 128 days, set in May 2016.