1. Reclamation ends decades of financial uncertainty for water and power users of the CVP

    “This CVP Final Cost Allocation Study marks a huge accomplishment, many years in the making, bringing financial certainty to water and power pricing,” said Reclamation Commissioner Burman. The Cost Allocation Study will be reflected in rates for 2021. Additional Info...
  2. Water Education Foundation: Aquafornia

    Aquafornia is a news aggregator that covers California water news from both traditional and non-traditional news sources, presenting the many sides and views of the water picture, with the goal of fostering an understanding of various positions. Additional Info...
  3. Brown and Caldwell: Water News

    BC Water News combs the nation’s newspapers, magazines, research publications, and more to bring you the most timely, informative, and relevant information about the water industry. Additional Info...
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  1. Forklift Driver
    2019 Employee Safe Practices Handbook
    Check out the 2019 Employee Safe Practices Handbook's simplified reporting procedures, so you can focus on safety instead of paperwork. 

    Let's continue working together to stay safe because... Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.