1. State of California invests millions to help eradicate nutria

    “Nutria pose a unique threat here in this state,” said Peter Tira, CDFW public information officer. “They dig these destructive burrows into levees and dams and canals, which has the potential to weaken the state’s entire water structure.” Additional Info...
  2. East Bay park district to stop use of glyphosate in picnic, developed areas

    Glyphosate is being banned immediately in picnic areas in the East Bay Regional Park District, district officials said Wednesday. The resolution also calls for the complete elimination of glyphosate from all developed park areas by the end of 2020. Additional Info...
  3. EBMUD warns customers they’ll need to cut water use during fire-prevention power outages

    If PG&E has to shut off power in the East Bay to prevent wildfires from igniting and burning homes, residents will be strongly urged to severely reduce their water use during the emergency. Additional Info...
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  1. Forklift Driver
    2019 Employee Safe Practices Handbook
    Check out the 2019 Employee Safe Practices Handbook's simplified reporting procedures, so you can focus on safety instead of paperwork. 

    Let's continue working together to stay safe because... Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.