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CCWD News Clips for April 17 - "CCWD News Services" 4/17/2014
Court Reinstates Challenge To Delta Water Deals - "San Francisco Chronicle" 4/17/2014
Portland Plans Reservoir Flush After Teen Cited - "San Francisco Chronicle" 4/17/2014
CCWD News Clips for April 16 - "CCWD News Services" 4/16/2014
88 Percent of Californians Say There is a Serious Water Shortage - "Contra Costa Times" 4/16/2014
Livermore Mandates Water Reductions - "Contra Costa Times" 4/16/2014
CCWD News Clips for April 15 - "CCWD News Services" 4/15/2014
CCWD News Clips for April 14 - "CCWD News Services" 4/14/2014
Despite Drought: Some Wildflowers Peeking Through Green Grass at LV


Despite the drought, there are pockets of wildflowers peeking through the green grass at Los Vaqueros.

Yesterday, we found wildflowers on the south side of the watershed. On trails near the Marina, there are some poppies, Wally baskets and purple vetch. But the bigger patches are found along the Los Vaqueros trail heading north past the Marina.

So far, there have been better years for wildflowers, but unless there is more rain soon, this may be the best weekend to go out to the watershed.

In the photo above, golden lupin and purple vetch.See more photos.

Employees Keep Home Outside Service Area From Flooding, Earn Safety Spot Award


David Perez, Jim Meilandt, Dan Mello, Larry Spishock, Fred Zaragoza, and Dino Novero noticed a broken hydrant gushing water in a nearby residential neighborhood outside of the District’s treated water service territory. They took quick action and turned off the hydrant valve to prevent flooding of a home.

A number of employees have won safety awards recently, take a look.

Spring 'On Tap' Explains Drought Program, Canal Safety


Beginning today, CCWD's 'On Tap' newsletter -- featuring the District's Drought Program -- is being mailed to customers.

The latest edition of the newsletter explains the 15 percent voluntary drought reduction program prohibitions to water uses, such as no landscaped watering between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and no washing down pavement.

The edition also has a guide to canal safety and suggests customers watch the new canal safety video.

Read the On Tap.

Contra Costa Canal Cleaning To Begin In East County Today


Cleaning of the Contra Costa Canal in East County begins today in Antioch.

Portions of Delta DeAnza Trail will be closed during canal-cleaning project.

The Contra Costa Water District's spring cleaning of the Contra Costa Canal from Antioch to Clyde will continue for about a week.

The canal will be cleaned with a huge floating sled that pushes debris down the canal. Debris is removed from the canal with a large crane.

More info and a map.

Four Children Cited For Swimming in Contra Costa Canal
'Nobody was hurt or injured, but these kids are lucky to be alive'


Four children, ages 12-15, were found swimming in the Contra Costa Canal near Antioch and were cited and released to their parents Tuesday evening.

Canal Patrol Officer Shane Pinto was on patrol Tuesday afternoon when a pedestrian flagged him down near Gentrytown Drive and told him children were swimming in the canal.

The children told Pinto they climbed over the fence to get into the canal.

“Nobody was hurt or injured, but these kids are lucky to be alive,” said General Manager Jerry Brown. “A 12-year old boy from Alameda drowned in the canal in Antioch last year on Memorial Day weekend. The canal is very deceptive. The water appears to be moving slowly, but there is a fast current under the surface. Even a very good swimmer could drown in the canal.”

Read the complete story.

Save The Date -- CCWD's Annual Family Event
Returns to the A's Aug. 22


CCWD's Annual Family Event returns to the Oakland As on Friday, Aug. 22.

Your A's will be taking on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

In 2011, when the A's played the Angels, your Athletics won 5-3. Last year the A's beat Texas 4-2.

Save the date, here are some details.

Here's a video from last year's game.

Yeehaw! Vaquero Day Returns To LV


After a three-year hiatus, Vaquero Day returned to LV, beating scary weather on Friday with a special education day, and enjoying glorious blue skies for the public on Saturday.

More than 200 students came out to LV and took part in an education program that combined the agricultural history of the area, native americans, the web of the ecosystem, life as a cowboy or vaquero at LV, background of the local cattle industry and a nature hike.

Though there were sprinkles on Friday, moments after the buses and the kids drove away, the skies opened with a massive hail storm.

The photos above were all taken on Friday.

Online Employee Resource Now Available on BDCP


The District has put together an online resource for employees designed to keep them up-to-date on one of the biggest issues facing California, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, otherwise known as the BDCP.

The issue is bigger than the well-known tunnels that are being debated, but involves the preservation of fish species and the health of the Delta. Check back on the BDCP Page from time-to-time to see the latest news. The link is permanently listed on the bottom of this page.

At a forum last month hosted by the East Bay Leadership Council, it was interesting to see how different water districts look at the Delta and the plans for the BDCP:

Tina Swanson, the director of the Natural Resources Defense Council Science Center, observed that the fish in the Delta are in dramatic decline. While the BDCP is intended to put the six native species on a trajectory for recovery, Swanson said that the likely result will be negligible, and restoring habitat is highly uncertain, with some scientists saying it will not work at all. She added that reducing the Delta outflow is a key cause for the decline of fish populations.

Alex Coate, general manager of the East Bay Municipal Utility District, expressed support for the exporters' efforts to secure a reliable water supply, but also pointed out the district's concerns for levee improvements, the effect on operations of the Freeport water facility, water rights, Delta flow requirements and the Mokelumne fishery.

Melinda Terry, executive director of the California Central Valley Flood Control Association, noted the premise for the plan was a co-equal recipe of improved statewide water supply reliability, and protection and restoration of a vibrant and healthy Delta ecosystem. But she criticized what she called uncertain funding for conservation measures, no in-Delta representation on a 50-year governance plan, few changes to drafts from suggestions offered, and little analysis of environmental impacts.

Perhaps the strongest proponent of the plan was Beau Goldie, CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, who said the BDCP supports the co-equal goals. He noted a concern with cost controls and how the final draft would affect his district financially. "If we cannot come to a solution, it is a recipe for failure. It is the only proposal on the table," said Goldie.

Jerry Brown, general manager of the Contra Costa Water District, said his district's major concerns are water quality, how water supply would be determined, and salinity. He noted that BDCP operations have not been well defined, and he called for proponents to identify a comprehensive and holistic solution that is permittable, and supported by a strong business case and public consensus.

Walt Wadlow, general manager of the Alameda County Water District, said his district sees potential benefits with water supply, reduced risk, potential integration with existing and/or future regional water management operations. "Our primary issue is making the business case," he said.

Jill Deurig, general manager of Zone 7 Water Agency in Alameda County, said that all of Zone 7 water is supplied through the Delta system. Having recently adopted a 2014 drought emergency response plan, Deurig said the district is desperate to get a Delta fix in place, and the BDCP provides the greatest reliability and lowest cost.

See GM Jerry Brown's presentation at the Water Forum.

Read a complete story on the Water Forum.


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April 19
Birds of the Spring
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Family Fishing Day at Los Vaqueros
April 25
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8 p.m to 10, Kellogg Creek Picnic Area

April 26
Edible Plants of Los Vaqueros
10 a.m. at the John Muir Interpretive Center


LV Wildflower Run
It's a 10K on LV's rolling hills. Starts at the Marina.

May 26
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August 22
CCWD Annual Family Event
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