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August Safety Newsletter Focuses on Proper State of Mind


More accidents happen on Fridays or when jobs are behind schedule, reports the August edition of the CCWD Safety Newsletter, which hit the streets today.

Employees need to be in a proper state of mind and attitude, suggests the newsletter, if they are going to stay safe.

Complacency (perhaps the most dangerous state of mind to be in)

In addition, the newsletter has updates on training --only Water Resources is 100 percent compliant now -- and the latest safety statistics, including a rash of non-injury traffic accidents.

Safety Stars Awarded To Cheryl Berndt, Diana Salas, Sal de la Madrid, Jason Todd & Jan Polewaczyk


The District Safety Committee gave Safety Stars, CCWD's highest award, to Cheryl Berndt, Diana Salas, Sal de la Madrid, Jason Todd, and Jan Polewaczyk, it was announced yesterday.

"Each of these employees demonstrated safety leadership by not only identifying areas that required improvement, but taking the initiative to identify and implement the needed solutions," said Chair Ryan Freeborn.

Read about their good works here.

Back in 1918, We Were Saving Water To Win The War!
"A gallon of water saved just now will help Uncle Sam to win the war"

We enjoyed reading an article yesterday in the blog "This Day in Water History" (scroll down to Aug. 17) about water savings tips for the Northeastern United States during 1918.

Though World War I only had a few months to go, water agencies were asking their customers to save water, though not because of a water shortage. It was to save on the coal used to generate electricity to bring water to their homes.

If residents cut their water use, utilities would use less power to pump and filter water. That would save on coal, with the saved coal redirected for the war effort. "A gallon of water saved just now will help Uncle Sam to win the war" was the message from The Committee on Water Supply of the New York Conference of Mayors.

Interestingly, the water saving tips from 96 years ago sound very similar. Including:

Have all leaky pipes and fixtures repaired immediately, and keep them in good order.

Do not neglect leaking toilets and faucets. Large amounts of water are wasted through small leaks which you may think too insignificant to warrant attention. A leak 1/32 of an inch in diameter wastes 8 gallons an hour or over 5,000 gallons a month.

Don’t let water run to get it cold. Use ice, or draw some water off into a receptacle and put in a cool place.

Don’t leave faucets open on cold nights this winter to prevent freezing of water pipes. Start now to have your pipes properly protected.

To determine the presence of hidden leaks, consumers whose services are metered should occasionally close all outlets and observe the meter to see if it registers or not.

Don’t keep the faucet open while you are washing or bathing. Draw off as much as you need and then turn off the faucet.

New EAP Provider Has OnLine Resources

Employees should be receiving information in the mail about the District's new Employee Assistance Program provider: Health Management Systems of America.

HMSA has a number resources available for employees, including short-term counseling, referral services, work/life resources and legal financial resources.

HMSA can be reached anytime at(800)767-5320 or online.

Username: HMSA
Password: myresource

If you haven't received the program information, contact HR at Ext. 8002

CCWD Trucks, Equipment To Be Auctioned


The District will be auctioning some vehicles and equipment on Aug. 23 at First Capitol Auction, 50 Solano Ave, Vallejo CA 94590.

That equipment includes:
Vehicle #759 2000 Ford F-450 with Service Body
Vehicle #865 2004 Dingo with Attachments
Vehicle #660 1989 Mustang Vacuum Trailer
Vehicle #855 2004 F-550 Truck and Service Body

Miscellaneous shop equipment from East County

The auction begins at 9:00 A.M. and you should plan on arriving early to register. If you identify yourself as a CCWD employee, you can use a personal check for purchases.

If not, cash or cashier’s checks are required. All vehicles/equipment must be picked up no later than Monday, Aug. 25.

CCWD Retiree Bob Nuzum Passes Away
Services Planned For Friday


Services for CCWD Retiree Bob Nuzum will be held Friday, Aug. 22.

Bob worked at CCWD for more than 6.5 years as the Manager of Watershed and Lands. He died on Aug. 10.

Prior to joining CCWD, Bob spent much of his career managing natural resource projects and programs at EBMUD.

He will always be remembered for his huge contributions to implementing the recreation program at Los Vaqueros.

Bob also wrote a guide to fishing at Los Vaqueros with detailed information about the fish that live in the reservoir and how to catch them.

His knack for storytelling and hearty laugh are things we will remember fondly.

In retirement, Bob did a lot of interesting things, including writing and publishing a western novel -- Old Spanish Trail Treasure -- that featured his knowledge of the desert and Death Valley. He was hired as a contractor that studied and preserved the fishery at Los Vaqueros during the expansion, and also was in charge of groups of prisoners who cleared brush in sensitive wildlands.

In the photo, Bob is pictured with his LV fishing book.

Thumb Injury Resets Both Safety Clocks, Record Now Stands at 149 Days


An employee severely injured his thumb on Thursday, resetting both safety clocks and ending the record run of no "lost time" injuries at 149 days.

The employee's thumb was nearly severed in the accident involving a heavy tool bin drawer.

Only four days earlier, the District had broken its record for "lost time" injuries.

The recordable injury clock was at 43 days at the time of the injury.

Registration Open for 16th Annual Golf Classic


It's almost time to hit the links for the 16th annual Golf Classic. This year's event will be held September 14 at Boundary Oak. All are welcome to participate; so grab your spouse, children, parents and friends!

The cost is $70 per person and includes cart, green fee and prizes. Download the registration form for more information.

Questions? Call Dom at 925-813-1048.


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