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California Farmers Agree to Cuts in Water - "New York Times" 5/22/2015
Clayton's Haydon Assumes New Post on Habitat Conservancy - "Contra Costa Times" 5/22/2015
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500-Gallon Water Tanker Stolen From Construction Site - "Contra Costa Times" 5/22/2015
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California Farmers With Oldest Water Rights Face Cuts - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/22/2015
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California Farmers Propose Voluntary Water Cuts - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/20/2015
Silicon Valley Faces Sweeping Water Cuts - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/20/2015
Dublin Water District Reduces Rates As A Reward for Saving - "Contra Costa Times" 5/20/2015
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People Support Water Conservation, At Least in Theory - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/19/2015
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County Reaches $6.5 Million Settlement (includes CCWD) - "San Mateo Daily Journal" 5/19/2015
Town Fights Turning On long-Installed Water Meters - "San Jose Mercury News" 5/18/2015
Golf Courses Tee-Up on Water Saving Measures - "San Jose Mercury News" 5/18/2015
For California Salmon, Summer of Truck Rides - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/18/2015
Orange County District Moves Toward Buying Desalinated Water - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/18/2015
California Water Restrictions -- Here's What You Need To Know - "Pleasant Hill Times " 5/18/2015
Why Dump 40 Million Gallons of Resuable Water Into The Bay? - "Contra Costa Times" 5/18/2015
New Funding For Drought Relief, Water Projects in Jerry Brown's New Budget - "Contra Costa Times" 5/15/2015
OTHER WATER NEWS CLIP SOURCES - Brown and Caldwell Water News - "-" 12/22/2014
OTHER WATER NEWS CLIP SOURCES - AquaFornia (Water Education Foundation) - "-" 12/22/2014
OTHER WATER NEWS CLIP SOURCES - Maven's Notebook - "-" 12/22/2014
Carpal Tunnel Injury Resets One Safety Clock

A carpal tunnel syndrome injury on Monday, May 18 sent the "recordable" injury clock back after 21 safe days.

An employee was injured while raking aquatic vegetation from screens in the canal and while performing other weed abatement tests.

It was the fifth injury of the year, but was not a lost time injury, so that clock continues to climb.

Retirement Workshops Help You Understand Your Retirement Plan


A series of three retirement workshops are being held over the next three weeks to help employees understand their benefits and assist with planning.

All employees, their spouses and State of California registered domestic partners are welcome to attend the sessions.

Wednesday, May 20 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Antioch Service Center

Wednesday, May 27 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Delta Conference Room

Monday, June 1 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Delta Conference Room

No need to RSVP, but if you have questions call HR at Ext. 8002.

Updated Retirement Calculator Now Available Online


Have you started thinking (or dreaming) about retiring? You can use the retirement calculator to estimate what your monthly pension payment will be in six months, 12 months, or more! To get started, you will need to know your start date as a full-time employee, your monthly salary, and your spouse’s birthdate, if applicable. 

Also, to assist with your retirement planning, please review the frequently asked retirement questions and answers sheet.

If you require any assistance, please feel free to call Donnella Smigiel-Amdahl at Ext. 8131.

District Safety Committee Preparing New Safety Perception Survey


As we approach the District’s biennial Safety Perception Survey, our Safety Committee is editing questions—and adding some new ones—to ensure it receives data that will guide its future efforts to improve our safety culture.

The Safety Perception Survey, conducted every two years during the summer, is a short questionnaire that measures employee attitudes and identifies areas and projects to be improved. A notice will be sent to all employees when the 2015 survey is available.

While the 2013 survey showed continued improvement in the District’s safety program and culture, some responses were less than ideal. Of particular interest to the District’s Safety Committee, 45% of respondents were neutral when it came to addressing issues that were brought before the Safety Committee.

Members of the Safety Committee recognized not all issues can be resolved, but all are reviewed and usually addressed. A hurdle for the Committee has been successfully communicating an issue’s resolution.

Committee members are evaluating best methods to inform all employees of corrective actions, which may include lists posted on bulletin boards, a new section in the Safety Newsletter and presentations at tailgate meetings.

Committee member Vic Smith continues to make progress on his efforts to obtain addresses and proper signage for all District facilities. Several months ago, Vic noticed without addresses and noticeable signs, some remote locations would be difficult to navigate for emergency personnel. Enlisting help from Real Property Specialist Ron Zaragoza, Vic was able to obtain addresses for facilities in unincorporated sites from the County’s Department of Conservation and Development. He is now working with Tracie Keith to develop and install signs.

A pilot traveling screen is expected to be installed near Clyde the week of May 18 to improve safety and reduce the number of back strains related to clearing the trash rack near Milepost 25.02. The labor-intensive task of cleaning the trash rack—sometimes up to two times per day—has resulted in at least four back strains. The one-year pilot of an automated screen system is also expected to be more effective at removing aquatic plants from the water.

Board Presents $300 Award to Science Fair Winner & $100 to Teacher

Board President Joseph Campbell presents checks to student (center) Juliana Tate and her teacher Robin Swann. Also pictured to the left are Director Connstance Holdaway (front) and Vice President Lisa Borba. To the right are Directors John Burgh and Bette Boatmun.


A student researching how lawns react to different watering schedules was awarded a $300 check from the Board of Directors last night.

Juliana Tate, a seventh grade student at Northcreek Academy in Walnut Creek, earned a Junior Division Runner-Up Award for her project called "The Grass is Greener on the Other Side" entered in the "Excellence in Water Research " award category at the Contra Costa County Science and Engineering Fair.

For her project, she focused on maximizing water use while experimenting with watering three different lawns on three different schedules to find the most efficient way to keep a lawn healthy.

The water research award is sponsored by CCWD and 10 other water and waste water agencies in Contra Costa County. CCWD's Rachel Murphy and Jim Morton were among the judges.

In addition to the award and certificate for Juliana, her teacher, Robin Swann, was also awarded $100.

The board met for the first time in the Delta Conference Room last night because of the seismic construction project at District Center.

Nominate Someone You Work With For Quarterly Employee Appreciation Award


It’s time again to recognize an outstanding colleague for their contribution to the District. If you work with someone who deserves to be recognized, nominate him/her for the Employee Quarterly Appreciation Award!

Nominations should be based on the “Three Pillars For Future Success” which are:

• Superior Customer Service and being the provider of choice
• Optimizing Staff and Infrastructure, making the business case
• Sound Finances today means flexibility for future investments

The General Manager’s call to action for all employees is to get behind and support this direction.

All nomination forms must be submitted to Human Resources (or you can email them directly to Michelle Hulsey by 5:00 PM, Friday, May 29, 2015.

The Employee Quarterly Appreciation Award will be presented at the Town Hall Meeting.


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May 25
Memorial Day
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May 27
Retirement Workshop
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May 29
Employee of the Quarter Nominations Due
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May 30
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