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The FY2015-16 Budget Now Available OnLine


CCWD's 2015-16 Fiscal Year Budget is now available online.

All the information in the 232-page report is as close as this computer!

CCWD Retiree Everett Phinney Passes Away at Age 91


We are saddened to report CCWD retiree Everett Phinney, 91, passed away on Aug. 7.

Mr. Phinney worked at CCWD from 1962 through 1985. During his nearly 23 years at the District, he held the positions of Utility Worker, Helper Valve Maintenance, Construction Inspector I and II, and retired as Senior Construction Inspector.

He was living in Chula Vista at the time of his death.

Mr. Phinney was born in Wilton, Maine, on Oct. 23, 1922, the son of Guy and Ruth (North) Phinney. He married the former Pauline E. Hall. He served his country in the U.S. Navy, making it his career for 20 years before joining the District.

Services were held in mid-August in Maine.

For more information, contact Dan & Scott's Cremation & Funeral Service, 488 Farmington Falls Road, Farmington, ME 04938.

CCWD Completes Transfer of 5,000 Acre-Feet of Water To ACWD


CCWD has completed the transfer of 5,000 acre-feet of water from Los Vaqueros Reservoir to the Alameda County Water District, it was announced today.

CCWD Board President Joseph L. Campbell said the agreement between the water districts demonstrates how local agencies can work cooperatively to meet the region’s water needs during extended drought conditions.

“CCWD is pleased to see efforts aimed at testing Los Vaqueros for regional benefits,” Campbell said. “Successful water-storage and cost-sharing agreements such as this one can provide benefits to CCWD customers and water customers throughout the region in reduced costs and increased water-supply reliability.”

Under the agreement, 5,000 acre-feet of water has been delivered to ACWD this summer through transfer agreements approved by state and federal agencies. This represents approximately 15% of the water to be delivered to ACWD customers in 2014, and provides a cost-savings for ACWD ratepayers as the District avoids the need to purchase more costly sources of supply.

Read the complete news release.

Public Outreach Tours Coming Up
Tours on Sept. 19 and Oct. 3 offer so much


We still have a few seats available for our fall public outreach tours on Sept. 19 and Oct. 3. These are both Fridays.

These are all day tours, starting at 8 a.m. and usually end around 3 p.m. Lunch is included in these free tours. They start at District Center or Randall-Bold.

If you have adult friends or relatives who live within the District boundaries and are curious about where you work, or where their water comes from, or how we treat water, or why you're paid so much, or work those crazy hours, or ask you about Miwok Native Americans at Los Vaqueros, or really want to go on a boat ride at Los Vaqueros, or want to spend a lot of time on a bus, or want to hold a snake or a tarantula in their hands, or wants to see Jim Freschi holding tightly onto a seat back for dear life while standing and talking about CCWD history as the NASCAR-licensed bus driver steers around corners at white-knuckle speeds, or wants to eat a really good box lunch, or wants to eat sweet snacks, or wants to see the control room at Randall-Bold, or has always wondered about the Old River Pump Station, or really wants to stand on top of Los Vaqueros Dam, or visit the Interpretive Center...this is the tour for them.

If they're interested -- and how could they not be? -- please call or e-mail, Jim Freschi ) at Ext. 8175

First Tarantulas of Season Seen at LV


The first hairy tarantulas or the season have been seen at Los Vaqueros this week.

Outdoor Photographers Jean Douglas and Carol Gonzalez spotted this guy earlier this week, the first we've heard of this year.

Tarantulas spend most of there lives in solitude, living in holes and eating bugs or small lizards that happen by.

But in the fall, the males begin their sometimes fatal quests for mates. It's not unusual for the females to eat their mates.

Jean and Carol saw this guy on Los Vaqueros Road, not too far from the Marina. They got out of their car, took some photos, and made sure he made it safely to the other side.

Male tarantulas can live up to about 10 years, females up to 40 years.

"There will be a talk and hike" on tarantulas at LV on Friday, Sept. 19 at the John Muir Interpretive Center starting at 5 p.m.

Statewide Organization Quickly Mobilizes Water Help For Napa


It was Sunday afternoon, just hours after the 6.1 earthquake hit, when CCWD was asked by a statewide organization to provide help rebuilding Napa's water system.

Senior Engineer Joe Piro said the District is part of a group called "CalWARN" that organizes agencies to help in times of disaster.

CalWARN (California Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network) takes care of all the paperwork, notification procedures and insurance needs of different agencies well in advance. When disaster strikes, they can respond quickly, as they did this week.

In Napa, in addition to CCWD; EBMUD, Alameda County Water District and City of Fairfield are the major water agencies working on repairing leaks and water main breaks. Their crews started working on Monday, just one day after the earthquake hit.

Joe said the organization -- made up of water and waste-water agencies -- was formed after the Loma Prieta Earthquake and later the Oakland Hills fire.

It's believed this is the first time CalWarn has called CCWD for assistance.

Napa Earthquake Response Teaching Lessons for CCWD

Trevor Spady and Kris Leffle, right, of the Contra Costa Water District repair a broken water main on Oak St. in Napa on Monday in this San Jose Mercury News photo. We expect to receive photos from CCWD employees, and will publish them


Employees working on earthquake damaged Napa said they've learned lessons the District can apply when a disaster hits here.

CCWD employees have been working long and hard hours in Napa as part of a region-wide effort among water agencies to restore the city’s earthquake-damaged water mains.

CCWD's crew is expected to stay in Napa until Friday evening.

More than 100 water lines were damaged during Sunday’s 6.1 earthquake, and people in Napa have sporadic service and low water pressure. Residents are still being advised by the city to use bottled water for drinking and cooking.

“It has been a learning process,” said Crew Leader Reggie Harris, He is spending the week in Napa.”We can prepare ourselves a lot better.”

He saw ways the District can organize itself when there is a disaster, and have more equipment available. He talked to other crews from other agencies and saw how their trucks were outfitted with tools, parts and equipment. He would also like to see more active planning for a disaster, with meetings held regularly.

Reggie and his first crew of Utility Worker Trevor Spady and Multi-Skilled Equipment Operators Johnny Esskew and Kris Leffle did everything from repair leaking water mains with clamps to replacing large six- to seven-foot sections of pipe and install blowoffs.

They brought with them a leak repair truck, two pickups, a dump truck, a backhoe tractor and lots of spare parts.

“We did whatever they needed us to do,” said Trevor. “Every job was different.”

Trevor and Johnny returned to CCWD on Wednesday night and were replaced by Robert Wolverton and Randy Anduza Thursday morning.

Sunday morning’s earthquake didn’t turn the mostly older iron pipes in Napa into spaghetti. But in most cases, it caused the kind of damage routinely seen here, though Reggie said there were a lot of sink holes.

The crews from agencies throughout the Bay Area report to the city at 7 a.m. each day and are given their assignments, maps and a safety briefing.

Then they would work until late into the night. Napa city workers would turn off valves, and the crews would get to work making repairs. Napa would send spare parts, even sandwiches, to their work site.

Once the water mains were repaired, the CCWD crew moved onto another leak, and a different crew came in behind them to fill in the hole and replace asphalt, reopen valves and test the water. “A job we normally would do in a day, we did five to six times in a day,” said Reggie.

He said as each day progressed, Napa’s organization of this massive repair effort improved, and gave him ideas on how CCWD can learn from the experience.

Trevor and Reggie both said the people of Napa were very appreciative of their efforts. “They are so thankful for us for doing our jobs,” said Reggie.

The city of Napa sent out a message on Twitter thanking the District: “The City of Napa says thanks to Contra Costa Water District for mutual aid assistance in our time of need.”


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