1. The Connection between Groundwater and Surface Water

    When the California Legislature created the “modern” water rights regulatory system more than a century ago, it focused exclusively on surface water, exempting groundwater from the permitting system. Yet surface water and groundwater are closely linked. Additional Info...
  2. In California, Prop. 3 Is a Billion-Dollar Fix for Stubborn Water Woes

    The $8.9 billion bond measure on the November ballot would solve groundwater contamination in disadvantaged communities, restore wetlands, protect the Salton Sea and much more, says the measure’s author, Jerry Meral. Additional Info...
  3. 300th nutria killed in California as officials worry giant swamp rats are spreading into the delta

    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife hit a milestone in its ongoing efforts to control the state's nutria infestation on Friday morning when they successfully trapped Nutria number 300 at a pond in Merced County. Additional Info...
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  1. Forklift Driver
    2018 Employee Safe Practices Handbook
    Check out the 2018 Employee Safe Practices Handbook's simplified reporting procedures, so you can focus on safety instead of paperwork. 

    Let's continue working together to stay safe because... Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.