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Take a Look At This LV Largemouth Bass Video


San Jose's Raul Moreno of the Bay Area Fishing Club sent this video he shot with a Go Pro 3+ of his friend Hector landing and releasing an estimated 5 pound largemouth bass. They caught it on a zara spook in mid-October 2014. They caught their limits of striped bass, didn't have any luck with trout and targeted largemouth in a cove. Hector and Raul are both regulars at Los Vaqueros.

As part of the expansion of the reservoir, the District added fish habitat with the hope it would increase the largemouth population at LV. While this catch is far from the reservoir's 12 pound record, it's nice to see this one was released to grow some more.

Free Tickets To This Weekend's Home & Garden Show


We have free tickets to the Concord Home & Garden Show at the Sleep Train Pavilion on Oct. 24, 25 & 26.

CCWD will have a booth, so make sure you stop by and say hello.

These tickets do not include parking.

Just print these tickets, and present them at the gate.

Eighth Tarantula Run Generates Record Entry


A record entry of 543 runners marked the Eighth Annual Los Vaqueros Tarantula Run Saturday.

Clear skies and moderate temperatures greeted the run, which was managed for the first time by Brazen Racing this year.

Several employees competed in the run, with Ratch Reshaw running the longest, the half-marathon where he finished 37th among a field of 149 runners.

In the photos above, from the top down: live tarantulas were brought to the race by Naturalist Michael Marchiano; the start of the "Spider Scramble" 100 yard run for kids; Ratch, Brett Kawakami and Dave Huey sport their medals and shirts; Ken Swenson gives a thumbs up at the finish line, Jamee Longacre, Eli Gallo and Dave before the start of their races.

Legislative Leaders Honor CCWD Director Bette Boatmun

In the photo above, Director Boatmun is in the middle in red. To her immediate left is Pittsburg's Sal Evola and CCWD Director Lisa Borba. In the back are (left to right) Assemblymember Jim Frazier, CCWD Board President Joseph L. Campbell, Concord Mayor Tim Grayson, and CCWD Director John Burgh.


Local legislative leaders honored CCWD Director Bette Boatmun last night at the CCWD Board of Directors meeting.

Director Boatmun has served on the Board since 1974 and is celebrating her 40th year. She is the longest-serving Director in CCWD history.

On Wednesday night, she was honored with a state Resolution signed by Assembly members Susan A. Bonilla, Joan Buchanan and Jim Frazier; and Senators Mark DeSaulnier and Lois Wolk. Frazier represented the legislators in presenting the resolution that honored her years of service.

In addition, Concord Mayor Tim Grayson and Pittsburg Mayor Sal Evola both presented Director Boatmun with proclamations from their city councils.

In July, CCWD Directors renamed the District's Conservation Garden in honor of Director Boatmun.

Strain Injury Resets Both Safety Clocks


An employee suffered from a strain injury on Oct. 7 after repetitively lifting utility box lids. This is both a recordable and a lost time injury, resetting both safety clocks.

The lost time clock had been up to 63 days, and the recordable injury clock was at 27.

It's the ninth injury of the year, though only the sixth lost time injury.

CCWD Customers Can't Stop Saving Water
Saved 24 percent compared to historical average since April

From April through September, CCWD customers have conserved a remarkable 24 percent of their historic water use since the District's drought program began.

This remains well above the 15 percent target the District asked customers to aim for, and is three percent higher than a month ago. Water use is compared to the District's historic average from 2005-2007.

Customers continue to save water, mostly in their yards and also by taking shorter showers and even being selective when they flush their toilets. Somewhat cool weather in September, and even the first rain we've seen in months, helped keep the demand for water low during the month.

Read this months'conservation newsletter, sent to more than 7,800 subscribers this morning.

Health & Wellness Screenings Start Wellness Points Program
You need to schedule your screening


The District's Wellness Points Program, which rewards employees who participate in CCWD Wellness activities, starts anew this month with Health and Wellness Screenings.

There will be two screenings on Wednesday, Oct. 22 in Antioch 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and Wednesday, Oct. 29 from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

You need to schedule your time online at http://www.kp.org/wellnessevent. Enter employer code: ccwd

In order to participate in the Wellness Points Program, you must complete this biometric screen assessment.

Look here for more information..

District Safety Committee Discusses How Near-Miss Reporting Can Save Preventable Injuries


Knowing how an employee narrowly avoided an accident or incurred a minor injury could be the information that saves a fellow employee from preventable harm and lost time.

Near-miss reporting often occurs among workgroups and crews, and should be shared widespread throughout the District. It’s the kind of thing District Safety Committee Co-Chair Rodney Johnson said happens too infrequently.

“If you find a solution to something in the field—awesome—let’s share that with other crews so they don’t run into the same issue,” he said. “A near miss doesn’t only have to be personnel driven; it could be a material deficiency or faulty equipment.”

An employee recently tweaked their back and took ibuprofen to manage the pain. That may be the end of it for most employees, but it is just the thing that should be reported as a near-miss according to Safety Officer Spiro Zapantis.

“We need to know this sort of thing is happening or we can’t do anything to prevent it,” he said. “We can learn from the small stuff, too.”

District Safety Committee members last week discussed concerns employees have about near-miss reporting and considered options to overcome those obstacles. Employees currently are able to submit near-misses through the employee website and safety suggestion boxes, but those options are rarely used. Reports can also be submitted through an employee’s supervisor or the Safety Officer. Committee members suggested focusing on the event, rather than the employees involved.

While providing mutual aid in Napa, a few crew workers had an opportunity to test personal protective equipment they say could benefit employees at the District. Matt Kehoe presented new style of earplugs and safety shirts. Instead of the current foam plugs used by the District, the proposed plugs shaped like earbuds and eliminate the need to roll them with soiled fingers for a proper fit.

Matt also presented jersey-style polyester shirts that come with reflective tape. This shirt would replace the need to wear a cotton shirt and vest, which can get hot, while working near traffic.

The Committee received an update about Pack Rat Tool Box safety from member Vic Smith. A prototype was shared with the East County Group and could soon be available to employees who feel vulnerable using the box in factory form. Vic said the best option may be to provide proper training for using the box.

The District Safety Committee awarded a Star Award to Scott Nelson for developing and leading safety training to more completely address stray electric shock hazards related to handling metallic service lines in older neighborhoods as well as a transmission main in the Pleasant Hill area.

New Safe Practices Handbook Now Online


The 2014-14 Safe Practices Handbook is now available for employees online.

The handbook is intended to foster a safe and healthy work environment, but is also a great resource.

Did you know:

The handbook includes (pages 49 and 50) stretching exercises for legs and hips, to relax your back. calves and achilles tendons?

You cannot drive or operate a forklift unless you have been certified within the last three years?(page 45)

A "thumbs up" is a signal to a crane operator to raise the boom? (page 26)

If you have an electric space heater, it must have a device that shuts it off if it's tipped over of overheats? (page 11)

When using an extension ladder, that the ladder must extend at least three feet above the elevated surface you are trying to reach? (page 14)

All this, and so much more, are included in the new handbook.

CCWD Boats & Van Head Off To Auction


The District will be auctioning boats and a van on Saturday, Oct. 25 at First Capitol Auction, 50 Solano Ave., Vallejo CA 94590. The equipment includes:

#991 2008 Ford E-350 Van High Mileage (180,000 miles)
#890 2001 Valco Bayrunner Baja Boat (22 foot)
#887 2001 Carnai 22 foot trailer
#5 2001 Duroboat Aluminum Fishing Boat (No trailer)
#12 2001 Duroboat Aluminum Fishing Boat (No trailer)
#13 2001 Duroboat Aluminum Fishing Boat (No trailer)
#14 2001 Duroboat Aluminum Fishing Boat (No trailer)
#16 2001 Duroboat Aluminum Fishing Boat (No trailer)

The auction begins at 9 a.m. and you should plan on arriving early to register. If you identify yourself as a CCWD employee, you can use a personal check for purchases. If not, cash or cashier’s checks are required. All vehicles/equipment must be picked up no later than Monday, Oct. 27.

Delta DeAnza Trail Now Complete from Oakley to Concord


The Delta De Anza Trail, which runs along the Contra Costa Canal in East County, is now complete along its 20-mile run from Oakley to Concord.

The bike and hiking trail had been missing a link near the Antioch Service Center, but that final -- and very hilly -- portion has now been opened to the public.

The District, East Bay Regional Park District, the City of Antioch and KB Homes have all partnered in getting this final link complete. The District contributed $40,000 to the effort.

CCWD Coat Drive Begins


The cold winter season is fast approaching. Let's make it a warm season for those less fortunate by supporting the One Warm Coat organization.

Give the gift of warmth to someone in need. Coats should be clean and gently used.

We are looking for men's, women's and children's coats of all sizes. STAND! For Families Free of Violence in Concord will be recipient of our coats. Bins will be provided.

All donations due by Friday, Nov. 7.

Walktober Fitness Campaign Begins


The District's Annual "Walktober" fitness campaign begins on Wednesday, Oct. 1.

NEW THIS YEAR – Get in shape using your Fitbit!! Using the Fitbit is a fun and easy way to track your daily steps in Walktober . Just put it on in the morning, sync it with your home computer or mobile device, and it automatically populates your Walktober account. If you don’t have a Fitbit, they are available to purchase through Health Enhancement Systems at a discounted price. More details are available when signing up for the Walktober program.

As in the past, you can join a team of up to 10 people, or participate as an individual.

In addition to the FitBit, you can use your Smart Phone to keep track of your efforts.

Walktober registration is now underway and will continue until Monday, October 6th.
You can register here.

You can find more information here.


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