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Amid Extreme Drought, Californians Reduce Water Use by 3.6 Percent in March - "Los Angeles Times" 5/5/2015
Antioch Police Rescue Man in Canal - "East County Today " 5/5/2015
Delta Town Grapples With Drought Cutbacks - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/5/2015
Mapping the drought: How much water must your community save? - "San Francisco Chronicle" 5/4/2015
Editorial: Gov. Brown's latest Delta plan just a massive water grab - "Contra Costa Times" 5/4/2015
3.6 Quake in Contra Costa County Shakes Bay Area - "KQED" 5/3/2015
Water district offers rebates for those who replace lawns - "East County Times" 5/2/2015
Tips for Using Less Water at Home and at Work - "KQED" 5/1/2015
Pleasanton reconsiders planning for 1,300 new homes - "Contra Costa Times" 5/1/2015
California farms ordered to stop pumping water from rivers as drought continues - "Contra Costa Times" 5/1/2015
New $17 billion Delta tunnels plan with less environmental restoration unveiled by Brown - "Contra Costa Times" 5/1/2015
BANG wins landmark open records case - "Contra Costa Times" 5/1/2015
Contra Costa County Expresses Concerns Over Governor’s New Delta Tunnel Proposal - "Claycord.com" 5/1/2015
San Jose: Water conservation difficult to measure in multi-family housing with shared meters - "Contra Costa Times" 4/30/2015
California cuts wetland, wildlife restoration in water plan - "Contra Costa Times" 4/30/2015
Drought: California governor seeks fine for water wasters - "Contra Costa Times" 4/29/2015
EBMUD adopts penalty fees for excess users - "Contra Costa Times" 4/29/2015
State Water Board Posts Revised Emergency Regulations to Achieve 25% Urban Water Conservation - "Maven's Notebook" 4/29/2015
OTHER WATER NEWS CLIP SOURCES - Brown and Caldwell Water News - "-" 12/22/2014
OTHER WATER NEWS CLIP SOURCES - AquaFornia (Water Education Foundation) - "-" 12/22/2014
OTHER WATER NEWS CLIP SOURCES - Maven's Notebook - "-" 12/22/2014
Late Catch Takes LV Trout Derby


The Los Vaqueros April Trout Derby ended with some changes at the last minute.

The month-long Derby started off with an 11.01 pound trout caught on the second day.

That fish held as the largest until the 26th and was beat by an 11.08 pound trout. That was looking like the winning fish until early afternoon on the 30th, the last day of the Derby, when Allen Lambert brought in an 11.19 pound fish.

About an hour later there were a few tense moments when a boat came in with a large trout. They brought it up to the Marina and it weighed 13.06 pound and it looked like we had a new leader. Unfortunately the angler was not one of the fortunate ones who had purchased a derby ticket, so Mr. Lambert’s fish won the derby for him. Both the winning fish, and the 13 pounder were caught on Rapalas.

Website Visitation Breaks All Recorcds


Visitation to ccwater.com smashed all records in April.

There were 47,823 visitors to the website, up 37 percent over the previous record set in March and up 75 percent over the previous year.

In April, there were an average of 1,594 visitors per day to the site.

April 16 was also the busiest day in ccwater.com history with 2,448 visitors. Of course, that was the day after the Board voted on its drought plan.

For the first time, the Lawn to Garden page was the most popular page on the website with more than 9,000 visitors. We didn’t have it last year, so there’s no comparison.

The Conservation home page was up 309 percent over last year, and Car Wash Coupons were up 233 percent.

Thrive Across America Program Invitation


Register today - Program Begins Monday, May 11, 2015

The CCWD Wellness Committee is pleased to invite you to participate in Thrive Across America. In this 8-week individual or team exercise program, you choose what activity you’d like to do for 30 minutes a day. Whether you go for a walk around town or head to a park for some vigorous hiking, use equipment at the gym or learn how to rock climb — it’s up to you. Thrive Across America is about getting outside, trying something new, and having fun getting fit.

When you sign-up for Thrive Across America online, consider taking it a step farther — create or join a team! This friendly, inspirational 8-week competition is a great way to stay motivated. Each day that you or you and your team members log at least 30 minutes or more of physical activity online, you earn a Thrive Across America star and can go from Maine to Hawaii, along a virtual route, visiting more than 50 of our country’s most treasured outdoor attractions!

All CCWD employees who receive District paid medical benefits are invited to participate and may also register one eligible dependent* to participate in the program.

For more information and to register, visit ccwd.thriveacrossamerica.com today!

Please contact Donna Cortes at extension 8037 with any questions.

*An eligible dependent is any dependent currently covered on your medical plan.

“Back Care” Wellness Seminar on May 7


The CCWD Wellness Committee is pleased to present “Back Care,” a one-hour workshop presented by Kaiser Permanente. The workshop will help you learn how to protect and strengthen your back, and practice good posture and gentle back exercises.

WHEN: Thursday, May 7, 2015
WHERE: Delta Conference Room
TIME: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

All staff are welcome to attend. Please R.S.V.P. to Michelle Hulsey (x8033) no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 4, 2015.

Lunch will be provided to those who R.S.V.P. by the deadline.

Wellness points value = 5 points

Should you have any questions, please contact Donna Cortes at x8037.

Bike to Work Day Set for Thursday, May 14


Bike to Work Day returns to Contra Costa County and the Bay Area on Thursday, May 14.

Designed to showcase bicycles as a means of commuting to work, Bike to Work Day is always a lot of fun.

There will be 120 "Energizer Stations" throughout the East Bay where you can pick up snacks, nifty bike bags and more.

There is all kinds of information online,. including maps to the Energizer Stations, bike routes and entries for contests.

GM Jerry Brown Emphasizes 'Zero Compromise on Safety' at Dept. Managers' Meeting


Each month, the District's managers meet, and we print part of their meeting notes here. You can see the complete meeting notes here.

Safety Issues

Jerry Brown stressed that while optimizing the talent and skills of our staff and optimizing our infrastructure assets as stated in the second pillar of success, there must be zero compromise to safety.

Dave Huey brought up the recent report on Claycord.com regarding the Impostor CCWD Employee. Desiree Castello provided additional information on the incident and worked with the Public Affairs Department to add the report onto the employee website. Pete Schoemann reminded everyone about the importance of communicating these events to all employees, the O&M department already met with all crew members to review the event.

Staff Recognition

On behalf of the Engineering Department:

• Alan Kalaw thanked the following staff for their assistance on the Amberwood Court Project: Scott Nelson, Stan Martinez, and Matt Kehoe for performing the hot tap, and Ryan Lindsey and Nate Porto for opening and closing the valve for tie-in and flushing after the tie-in.
• James Larot thanked the following staff for their assistance on the District Center Seismic Improvements Project:

Tracie Keith and Ilia (Fil) Filatov for the District Center, Bisso Server Room, and DC Annex support. Curtis Falletti and Ken Swenson for electrical assistance on the project.
Donna Grimes, Chris Dundon, Margaret Ramirez, Doug Anderson, and all the IS team (Stephen Sandberg, Ben Camilon, Ralph Peterson, James Yeom, Scott Uyeno, Mike Nogaliza) for DC Annex move-in and support.
Dominic DeBellis and the IS team (Stephen Sandberg, Ben Camilon, Ralph Peterson, James Yeom, Scott Uyeno, Mike Nogaliza) for the EOC move-in, River Room move-in, and general support.

On behalf of Human Resources & Risk, Margaret Ramirez thanked:
Kris Leffle, Nate Porto, Brian Breklemans, Nick Overstreet, Randy Anduza, Joy Relos, Jamee Longacre, Mike Bartzi, Dan Fitzpatrick, Scott Nelson, Charlie Wise, Steve Arnold, Reggie Harris, Chris Geer, Allyn Moise, and Matt Dunn for their assistance with the Utility worker practical exam and interviews.
Mike Lehman, Steve Arnold, Chris Geer, and Henry Park for their assistance with the Crew Leader – Field (Canal) practical exam.
James Larot, Ilia (Fil) Filatov, and the I.S. Department for their assistance with making the move so smooth to the Annex Building.
On behalf of the Finance Department, Desiree Castello thanked:

Everyone who invested their time and efforts with the Finance/HR move to the DC Annex, especially Peter Stabb, James Larot, Bob Stalf, Tracie Keith, Ilia Filatov, Jose Figueroa, and the whole I.S. Department.
• Margaret Ramirez, Chris Dundon and Doug Anderson
for stepping up and spending their Sunday here to help with the move and to ensure a smooth transition for the rest of us.
Human Resources for assisting with the recruitment to fill temporary drought response staff
Pete Schoemann, Joe Piro, Eli Gallo, and Tracie Keith for their help setting up workspaces for the new positions.
Public Affairs for their updates to the website to communicate recent drought and security-related messages.

Brice Bledsoe acknowledged the efforts of the entire Drought Task Force: Brett Kawakami, Chris Dundon, Desiree Castello, Lucinda Shih, Dominic DeBellis, Jeff Quimby, Jennifer Allen, Oliver Symonds, Ralph Peterson, and Celia Cheung.

Michele Bautista thanked Jamie Elsberry for taking care of things while she was out of the office for a week and a half last month. She did a fantastic job.

Jennifer Allen thanked Desiree Castello, Lizz Cook, Nicole Snegosky, Donna Grimes, Richard Racette, Carrie Shields, and Lolita Barilla for their help in responded to a recent Public Records Act request.

Drought Plan Brings Record Calls From Customers
“Our customers want to know what’s going on, and they want to do the right thing'


Record numbers of customers have been contacting the District through the phone, driving to the office in person, and connecting online to get the latest details about CCWD’s new State Mandated 2015 Drought Emergency Plan.

Yesterday, the District answered a record 424 customer calls, 54 more than the previous record set in 2009.
Letters from General Manager Jerry Brown to customers began to arrive at homes yesterday, prompting calls as customers wanted to know more details.

“It’s testing us, but that’s a good thing,” said Director of Finance Desiree Castello. “Our customers want to know what’s going on, and they want to do the right thing.”

Customer Service Supervisor Dominic DeBellis said customers were stopping by the office in person in record numbers yesterday. "There were way more people than we've seen before," he said. "But we served them all."

Desiree said two extra people had been brought into the Call Center, bringing the staff up to six. In a normal day, the center would handle about 200 calls, she said.

In addition, she said everyone working in the Emergency Operations Center (which has been converted to Customer Service during the rebuilding of District Center) was pitching in to help with the heavy call and visitor volume. "They've been working quite admirably," said Dominic.

Most customers want to know what their water use was in 2013, the new benchmark to determine the amount of water they need to save to reach the new 25 percent goal.

In addition to the Call Center, the Conservation Department received 206 calls yesterday, about five times its normal volume.

Online traffic has been high as well. The Board of Directors made their drought plan decision on Wednesday night, and on Thursday there were a record 2,448 visitors to the site. Yesterday, was the third-highest volume date with 2,291 visitors.

The lines were also full of e-mail questions about the new plan, with 58 e-mails concerning the drought program since Sunday. Normal traffic is about seven to 10 e-mail inquiries per day.

Brian Sweeney & Jason Schneider Earn Safety Stars


The District Safety Committee awarded Star Recognitions to Brian Sweeney and Jason Schneider during its April 9 meeting. A Star Recognition is the District’s highest safety award and is awarded by the Safety Committee to recognize the actions of employees who show a superior commitment to safety through exemplary actions and who put in significant effort beyond their traditional responsibilities.

While working in an area near a contractor who was performing work on private property, Brian Sweeney recognized that this contractor was working in an unsafe excavation and had exposed the soil bearing side of a concrete thrust block associated with the District’s 8-inch fire service line. Brian exhibited exemplary safety leadership and initiative by informing the contractor of the potential danger of the trench collapsing near the exposed thrust block and directing the contractor to exit the trench until the safety issues were corrected.

Jason Schneider was recognized for exemplary safety leadership for the initiative he took after noticing that tall grass was impeding view of traffic while exiting the driveway at Antioch Service Center driveway at Neroly Road. Not only did Jason identify the hazard, but he took the initiative to remove this obstruction and improve safety for his fellow coworkers. This initiative is the type of behavior the Safety Committee seeks to encourage in all employees, not just identifying safety issues for others to correct, but actually being part of the solution.


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