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FINAL EDITION of CCWD DAILY NEWS CLIPS - "CCWD News Services" 12/19/2014
Drought Recedes A Bit As Another Storm Moves In - "San Francisco Chronicle" 12/19/2014
California Drought: Feds Forecast Good Chance of West Conditions Through Rest of Winter - "Contra Costa Times" 12/19/2014
Oakley Paralegal Appointed To Water Board - "Contra Costa Times" 12/18/2014
CCWD Daily News Clips for Dec. 18 - "CCWD News Services" 12/18/2014
Drinking Water Contaminated in DC - "San Francisco Chronicle" 12/18/2014
Year After W. Va River Spill, Executives Face Charges - "San Francisco Chronicle" 12/18/2014
Valley Water Extends Conservation Targets to June - "Contra Costa Times" 12/18/2014
Fremont: Water District Considering Another Rate Hike - "Contra Costa Times" 12/18/2014
CCWD Daily News Clips for Dec. 16 - "CCWD News Services" 12/17/2014
CCWD Daily News Clips for Dec. 16 - "CCWD News Services" 12/16/2014
Wettest December in Decades For Parts of Bay Area - "Contra Costa Times" 12/16/2014
Shreveport Worker Charged in Water Meter Theft - "San Francisco Chronicle" 12/16/2014
Carmel River Diverted to Demolish San Clement Dam - "San Francisco Chronicle" 12/16/2014
Moving Van
Employees Return To Help At Food Bank


Employees and their families returned to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano last night for the second time this seasaon, packing oranges for local food distributors.

Board Appoints Oakley Woman to Division 5 Seat
"Connstance will uphold the Board’s commitment to represent the needs of our customers and provide high-quality water service''


The Contra Costa Water District Board of Directors unanimously approved Connstance Holdaway last night to fill the Board vacancy left by the passing of Director Karl Wandry.

Ms. Holdaway will participate in her first Board meeting representing Division 5 on Jan. 7. The Division 5 seat will be up for election in November 2016.

Holdaway lives with her family in Oakley and currently works as a paralegal. She will represent residents in Oakley, Brentwood and Antioch.

CCWD received applications from eleven candidates. From those, the Board selected six individuals for interviews conducted at its Dec. 10 meeting. At its Dec. 17 meeting, the Board appointed Holdaway to represent Division 5.

“Board members agreed that Connstance will uphold the Board’s commitment to represent the needs of our customers and provide high-quality water service,” said CCWD Board President, Joseph L. Campbell.

All applications and documents related to the selection process were made available for public review on the website and at the District offices.

Dangers of Office Work Is Focus of December Safety Newsletter


Office workers are not immune from injury, the December Safety Newsletter highlights.

Even though it may seem as though office workers who use computers might have low risk, they can suffer from a whole host of injuries, including to their joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels.

Read all about it, and how to prevent injury, in the December newsletter.

In addition, the new Safety Concerns report for November is now out, detailing the hazards, concerns and lessons learned District-wide.

CCWD Increases Contractor Safety Training


CCWD is now requiring contractors at the superintendent or foreman level to complete a one-hour training section before working on District projects. This is in addition to having read and signed the Contractor's Safe Practices Handbook.

This new training covers a basic overview of the knowledge needed to work safely at the District, and supplements the topics covered in the CCWD Contractor/Consultant Safe Practices Handbook. Contractors will need to complete the computer-based training course at the Occupational Safety Councils of America (OSCA) facility in Martinez.

Contractors will be responsible for the training fee (currently $25/person). The requirement for training has been updated on the next revision to the District front-end contract specifications.

Previously contractors needed to have claimed to have read and signed the handbook and made copies available to all of their employees. They will still need to do that, in addition to the formal training.

District To End Daily News Clips, Other Services Availalbe


Beginning Monday, Dec. 22, CCWD will no longer be collecting and distributing its own set of daily news clips.

Since the District began collecting and distributing the clips many years ago, numerous electronic news services have become available that provide a similar service and even more water-related news stories.

As a continuation of its own efficiency efforts, the District will no longer prepare a separate set of daily clips, but encourages subscribers to sign up for one or more of the following services to continue receiving information on a daily basis.

Brown & Caldwell Water News: http://bcwaternews.com/

Mavens Notebook: http://mavensnotebook.com/

Aquafornia (Water Education Foundation): http://www.watereducation.org/aquafornia

We will continue to monitor local news and will post articles on the employee website.

If you need any assistance signing up, please contact the Public Affairs Department at (925) 688-8109.

The District's Public Affairs department thanks you for your support and many contributions to the CCWD Daily Clips over the years, we always appreciated hearing from our subscribers.

Directors Elect Campbell President, Borba Vice-President


Directors last week re-elected Joseph L. Campbell President of the Board of Directors, and elected Lisa Borba vice-president.

At its meeting Wednesday night, the board is expected to appoint a new Director for the Division 5 seat.

Northern Sierra Precipitation 142% of Average


Precipitation in the Northern Sierra is now at 142 percent of average for this time of year with 19.3 inches recorded.

A year ago at this time, there were less than five inches.

But don't start celebrating yet, two years ago at this time, there were nearly 25 inches recorded. But the rain and snow stopped around the first of the year, and it was the second of what would be three drought years in a row.

Though it seemed to rain a lot yesterday, not much was measured on local meters. Mallory Ridge at LV received .17, and the Los Vaqueros meter only registered. .06. In Concord, there was .32 recorded.

Canal Cleaning Underway, 300 Yards of Material Removed In First Week


The annual cleaning of the Contra Costa Canal Loop began this week, and District crews have already removed 300 yards of mud and muck, or 77 dump truck loads.

The loop extends from the Naval Weapons Station near Clyde to Martinez, and is dewatered, repaired and cleaned nearly every year.

The crew started at the Weapons Station, and got to Highway 4 in its first week of work.

They expect to be completed with the task by April 1.

Both Bollman and Brentwood Are Shut Down For Maintenance
Randall-Bold Will Carry The Load Through At Least March


Both the Bollman and Brentwood water treatment plants are shutdown for their annual maintenance, leaving Randall-Bold to meet most of their treated water needs through March.

Bollman will have preventative maintenance and filter valves replaced to increase reliability.

At the Brentwood plant, District crews will be focusing on inspections, training and preventative maintenance. Randall-Bold and the city's wells will provide water needs for the city.

Help Keep Your Co-Workers Safe!
Enter a Slogan in the CCWD Safety Slogan Contest


The District’s Safety Program has made significant improvements over the past five years. Some felt it’s time to take another look at our safety slogans and see if we can’t improve those as well. Enter a memorable safety slogan that will remind everyone to be safe on the job, and you could be a winner!

Judges hope to choose at least four winning slogans. The slogans will be used in the future to promote safety awareness among employees.

There is no limit to the number of slogan ideas you can enter!

There are 4 ways to enter:
1. Deposit your entry in the specially marked box in your lunchroom.
2. E-mail your entry to osymonds@ccwater.com
3. Send your entry through CCWD mail to Slogan Contest, DC1
4. Call-in your entry to extension 8010

Submit your entry no later than 5 p.m. Wednesday, December 31.

Entry forms will also be distributed to all employees through the CCWD Office Mail.

Chris Dundon Earns State Conservation Award


CCWD Water Conservation Supervisor Chris Dundon earned the 2014 Llana Sherman Excellence Award from the California Urban Water Conservation Council, it was announced on Wednesday.

The statewide award was presented at the council's Plenary meeting in Irvine for Chris' "excellent local and community innovations in water conservation...Chris' leadership has been invaluable in advancing water conservation in California."

The council cited Chris' local and regional leadership in conservation policy, and best practices. "His leadership made CCWD one of the first water utilities to use aerial imagery, climate data, and customized reports to deliver personalized landscape water budgets for his customers."

The council also cited videos that demonstrate how he converted the lawn at his home into a garden, and developed numerous conservation programs for the District.

David Cao Bags Employee of the Year Award, RB Employees Named Outstanding Team

In the top photo, David Cao (right) accepts the Employee of the Year award from GM Jerry Brown; Steve Bow and Dan Sadler accept the Outstanding Team Award; in the middle to the left, Ray Cardwell is presented with a retirement award; Jamie Elsberry, Sharon McNulty. Michelle Hulsey and Donella Smigiel-Amdahl elegantly and stylishly model the custom recycled CCWD bags presented to every employee at the luncheon; on the very bottom, Chris Faletti, Ken Swenson, Hank Scheer, Colton Rogers and Ronnie McCoy are looking good in orange.


GIS Analyst David Cao was named the Employee of the Year at the CCWD Holiday Luncheon today.

Cao, who earned the first quarter award, was nominated for the year-end honor for his skill in keeping the GIS, USA Locate and other mapping systems up to date. He also generously fills last-minute requests, producing presentations and exhibits and technical expertise.

Prior to Cao's announcement, Senior Water Rescources Specialist Lucinda Shih was named the Employee of the Fourth Quarter. She has played a major role in building relationships with other water agencies, and pilot projects she has worked on have brought in close to $1 million in revenues. Unfortunately, she was out sick and unable to attend the luncheon.

New this year was the Outstanding Team Award, which went to Randall Bold employees who coordinated the winter shutdown of the plant. John Parsons, Daryl Hensler, Dan Sadler, Steve Bow, Jerry Novero, Juaquin Leal, Ron Gardner, Galen Wade, Tony Lindberg, Jesse Thoreson, Joe Pinkerton, Ken Dooley, Dave Stover, Bill Cambra, Chris Anderson and Vince Billingham all shared the award for effectively executing all of the planned maintenance during the shutdown.

End of the Year Retirees Mona Rowan (who was unable to attend the luncheon) and Ray Cardwell were also honored. Mona has been the assistant to three general managers in her 27 years of service. Ray Cardwell has been at the District for 20 years serving as a Water Conservation Specialist.

General Jerry Brown said the District issued 27 Safety Recognition Awards in 2015, and enjoyed a 149-day span of no lost-time injures.


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