1. Downsizing the Delta tunnel plan: What it means for water and ecosystems

    Two experts from Stanford’s Water in the West program explain the potential impacts on the future of water in California of the proposed plan to downsize the $17 billion Delta twin tunnels project. Additional Info...
  2. NOAA announces the arrival of El Nino

    Forecasters say there is about a 55-percent chance that El Nino conditions will continue through the spring. Scientists say that some of the above-normal precipitation this winter in parts of the West is related to another climate phenomena... Additional Info...
  3. Newsom signs bill to provide $131.3 million in emergency relief, including safe water

    Gov. Gavin Newsom signed his first bill, which will provide $131.3 million for emergencies such as a lack of clean drinking water, while surrounded by children who must drink from water bottles due to unsafe drinking fountains. Additional Info...
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  1. Forklift Driver
    2019 Employee Safe Practices Handbook
    Check out the 2019 Employee Safe Practices Handbook's simplified reporting procedures, so you can focus on safety instead of paperwork. 

    Let's continue working together to stay safe because... Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.