1. Newly completed Highway 4/Balfour Road interchange should ease traffic

    The first big physical hurdle was a Contra Costa Water District 90-inch pipeline from Los Vaqueros Reservoir to the Contra Costa Canal that stood in the way. Officials later devised a plan to move the roadway instead, saving $18 million in the process. Additional Info...
  2. Brown's Delta Tunnels now are Newsom's

    Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will inherit what two prior administrations failed to finish: an ambitious, $20 billion plan to bore twin tunnels from the Sacramento River 30 miles south to the massive pumps near Tracy. Additional Info...
  3. Delta tunnels won’t get green light before Gov. Brown leaves office. What will Gavin Newsom do?

    State officials pulled back on their effort Friday to secure a crucial green light for the Delta tunnels project, all but ensuring that the controversial plan to re-engineer the West Coast’s largest estuary will remain in limbo after Gov. Brown leaves... Additional Info...
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  1. Forklift Driver
    2018 Employee Safe Practices Handbook
    Check out the 2018 Employee Safe Practices Handbook's simplified reporting procedures, so you can focus on safety instead of paperwork. 

    Let's continue working together to stay safe because... Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.