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California's Water Agencies Look To Budget Water - "San Francisco Chronicle" 9/29/2014
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Dan Sadler named Employee of Third Quarter


Congratulations to CCWD Instrument Tech Dan Sadler, who was named CCWD's Employee of the Third Quarter.

Dan always brings a can-do attitude to his work. Throughout his 12 years at the District, he has saved thousands of dollars in initial costs, man-hours and repairs. Dan handles his tasks with confidence and professionalism. Dan’s colleagues were impressed by his ability to find solutions and his professionalism when dealing with others.

In the photo, Jason is to the left with CCWD General Manager Jerry Brown who presented the award Tuesday.

CCWD Starts Canal Cleaning in Antioch
Expect to finish by Friday


CCWD will be cleaning a portion of the Contra Costa Canal this week, starting in Antioch today and ending in Clyde on Friday.

Look here for more information.

September is National Prepardness Month -- Update Your RANS Contact Info


September is National Preparedness Month, and the District has put together a handy reminder about being ready for a big disaster. This is the same flyer that was in your check envelope, but now it's available online.

The month also serves as a good reminder to make sure your RANS (Rapid Alert Notification System) information is correct.

The RANS communication tool was helpful in reaching out quickly and efficiently to staff the day of the Napa earthquake and the following morning. Thank you all who responded.

Please take a minute to refresh yourself with your personal RANS profile and update your contact information to reflect how you want to be contacted, especially when away from work.

By state law, all District employees are declared to be “Disaster Service Workers.”

As a Disaster Service Worker, you will be called upon to support the activities of the District during an emergency situation. Your District identification card, which has Disaster Service Worker information on the back, will ensure authorities grant you access to designated areas that may be off limits to others.

The District has other guides available for employees online.

Get Your Flu Shot on Oct. 8


Kaiser Permanente, our Wellness partner, will be on-site giving free flu shots to CCWD employees.

You do not have to be a Kaiser member to get your flu shot.

Wed. October 8, 2014

Antioch Service Center
7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

Concord Ante Conference Room
2:30 – 4:30 p.m.

More information.

Walktober Starts With the Next Page on Your Calendar


The District's Annual "Walktober" fitness campaign begins on Wednesday, Oct. 1.

NEW THIS YEAR – Get in shape using your Fitbit!! Using the Fitbit is a fun and easy way to track your daily steps in Walktober . Just put it on in the morning, sync it with your home computer or mobile device, and it automatically populates your Walktober account. If you don’t have a Fitbit, they are available to purchase through Health Enhancement Systems at a discounted price. More details are available when signing up for the Walktober program.

As in the past, you can join a team of up to 10 people, or participate as an individual.

In addition to the FitBit, you can use your Smart Phone to keep track of your efforts.

Walktober registration is now underway and will continue until Monday, October 6th.
You can register here.

You can find more information here.

Remote Cameras Find Creatures at LV


The District has been placing remote cameras out at Los Vaqueros to see what wanders by.

Last week, even though it was quite hot, a bobcat, coyote and a badger all tripped the camera's shutter in these photos taken in a dry creek bed near Kellogg Creek.

Managers Thank Employees For Extraordinary Efforts


Below are a portion of the notes taken from Thursday's monthly Department Managers' meeting. See the complete notes, along with notes from past meetings, here.

Safety Issues

Rachel Murphy reported on efforts underway to use a different term for “near miss”. Both Rachel and Pete Schoemann commented on a good article distributed at the last Safety Committee meeting regarding near misses.

Staff Recognition

Mona Rowan thanked Run Chen for his assistance with updating the District Org Chart.

Michele Bautista thanked Nicole Snegosky for covering her desk when she was out. She did a good job.

On behalf of the Watershed and Lands Department, Dino Angelosante thanked Fran Garland for her assistance in obtaining Reclamation approval to make repairs to a storm drain in the City of Pleasant Hill to meet a deadline agreed to by the City and the land owner. In addition, Dino thanked David Cao for his assistance with maps for various Board dockets.

On behalf of the Engineering Department:
• Peter Stabb thanked Roger Nakagawa, Ramon Gasca, Fernando Huelga, and Greg Dixon for removal of chain link fencing at the Port Costa reservoir site to facilitate geotechnical investigations and securing the site at the end of each work day.
• Jonathon Marshall thanked Dino Angelosante and Peter Colby for their support and efforts coordinating land rights with SR4BA for the LVP at Balfour project.
• Fred Simon thanked Steve Arnold, Tom Branch, Cheryl Davis, Cary Richardson, and Fran Garland for preparing for and completing the 2014 annual LV Outlet Channel Clearing. Clearing began on Monday September 15 and is expected to be completed this week.
• Alan Kalaw thanked Scott Nelson’s valve crews (Stan Martinez, Ryan Lindsey, Matt Kehoe, Nate Porto, and Brian Brakelmans) for assisting with the Field Bodhaine and Copperleaf Subdivision developer projects.
• Ryan Freeborn thanked Jimmie Abbot, Dave Huey, Brett Kawakami, Butch Martinez, Scott Nelson, Matthew Novak, Jan Polewaczyk, Nate Porto, Tom Ramirez, Stan Martinez, and Luke Swann for their support for the mixer, injection quill, and operation testing for the Nob Hill Booster Station Project. He also thanked Steve Bow, Ron Gardner, Jerry Novero, John Parsons, Dan Sadler, Larry Spishock for their support throughout construction, including operation testing for the RBWTP Solids Lagoon Project.

On behalf of the Planning Department, Jeff Quimby extended his thanks to Cheryl Martinez for her assistance with the recruitment of the Grants Specialist position.

On behalf of Water Resources, Leah Orloff thanked Scott Uyeno for his outstanding job updating the modeling computers.

Brice Bledsoe thanked Steve Welch for his assistance with the HR Manager recruitment.

On behalf of the O&M Department:
• Pete Schoemann thanked Chris Hentz and Paul Lau for their quick response and help in designing and implementing repairs to the Bailey transmission pipeline leak.
• Matthew Novak thanked Peter Stabb for helping with the rooftop and skylight removal at the Bollman Compressor building.

CCWD Customers Saving 21 Percent Since April
Compared to Historic Average


From April through August, CCWD customers have conserved 21 percent of their historic water use since the District's drought program began, it was reported in CCWD's e-mail newsletter today.

This remains well above the 15 percent target the District asked customers to aim for, and is three percent higher than a month ago. Water use is compared to the District's historic average from 2005-2007.

Read the latest edition of the newsletter.

Watch Those Hands, Pal! Says Latest Edition of Safety Newsletter


The September edition of the District's Safety Newsletter focuses on avoiding pinch points and crushing a body part or even all over you.

Here are some tips:
 Conduct a hazard analysis to identify pinch points and pre-plan your
work method for every task;
 Use handles when opening drawers;
 Keep fingers out of "line of fire";
 Verify that guards are in place and used on equipment that requires guarding;
 For some jobs, ensure you're wearing gloves (of the correct type);
 Apply lock-out, tag-out procedure for energy isolation before working on the
internals of any machine; and
 Never remove equipment safety devices

Here's a gem from the newsletter: Did You Know?
Did you know that 14 employees have stepped up and volunteered to be inhouse
safety trainers? Just in the past 12 months, the following have conducted
safety training: Jon Adams, Steve Arnold, Bill Barham, Tracy Chilson, Clayton
Funk, Alfredo Ibarra, Shawn Kelly, Joaquin Leal, Calvin Liu, Sal de la Madrid,
Butch Martinez, John Parsons, Shane Pinto, and Mike Wickham. Please thank
them for their efforts.

Safety Committee Stresses Importance of Peer Recognition


Contra Costa Water District employees regularly put in the extra effort to keep a safe and injury-free workplace. To encourage this behavior, those employees should be recognized by their colleagues.

The District Safety Committee at its recent meeting stressed the importance of peer-recognition in a world-class safety culture. The goal of the Employee Safety Recognition Program, according to Safety Officer Spiro Zapantis, is to motivate employees to take an active role in improving safety for themselves and their co-workers.

There are three levels of recognition at CCWD: PEERS Recognition, which can be submitted by any employee directly to the Public Affairs Department; Spot Recognition, which can be submitted by any employee to the nominated individual’s supervisor, the Safety Officer, District Safety Committee or Site Safety Committee; and Star Recognition, which is awarded by the District Safety Committee to recognize safety actions that go above and beyond.

“Probably the best way to nominate a colleague is to go to their supervisor,” Spiro said. “Employees may see a supervisor as a middleperson, when in fact the supervisor is the best person to talk to.”

There were no Spot or Star recognition nominations presented at the meeting.

Following the recent injury involving a Pack Rat toolbox, the District Safety Committee discussed the drawer and possible modifications to prevent similar injuries in the future.

District Safety Committee member Vic Smith discussed locked-gate policies at remote District facilities. He expressed concern that locking oneself inside an enclosed area could be dangerous in an emergency when minutes count and first responders need to arrive quickly. Committee Co-Chair Rodney Johnson said some gates have signs saying they must be locked at all times while others have signs saying they must be closed at all times. Management Advisor Rachel Murphy said she would look into the issue.

The Committee also reviewed an article about near-miss reporting. Spiro said that in world-class safety culture, there should be about 100 near-miss reports for each actual injury. The Committee discussed obstacles to reporting and is evaluating ways to improve the reporting process. Solutions mentioned included shorter and simpler report forms, highlighting the benefits of near-miss reporting and alleviating concern that reporting would have negative consequences.

Office Rattler Removal Earns Safety Spot


Los Vaqueros' Marc Bautista and Allison Batteate both earned Safety Spots recently for safely removing a rattlesnake from a closet in the Watershed office at Los Vaqueros.

Employees were reminded to keep doors to the office closed after this unusual incident.


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