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Redesign Website To Debut Today


CCWD's redesigned public website -- www.ccwater.com -- will debut this morning around 10 a.m.

Ccwater.com has been flicking on computer screens since 1995, and has gone through three significant redesigns, though the current version has lasted the longest -- most would say too long -- with a start date in 2008. It was designed to look best on a 19-inch screen.

The new website is designed to work and be usable on everything from desktops to all types of pads and smartphones.

The goals of the redesign is that it reflect the values of the Contra Costa Water District and meets customer needs.

CCWD has been working on potential redesigns for years, but started this process nearly a year ago.

There are hundreds of pages and publications on the new site, so let us know if you see anything that isn't right. Call (925) 688-8175 or send an e-mail to Jim Freschi .

A redesigned employee website is in the works, but has been delayed. We're looking for a late August debut.

Cute Coyote Pups Grab Canal Patrol's Attention


Canal Patrol Officer Jill Suitos-Novak has been keeping an eye on these extremely cute coyote pups she spotted at Mallard Reservoir.

These pictures were taken over the last three weeks.

Night Hike Kicks Off Summer/Fall Activities At Los Vaqueros


A nighttime hike on July 24 will kick off the summer/fall activity schedule at Los Vaqueros.

A new brochure outlining 15 activities at the watershed is now being distributed with several new programs.

The first program of the season will be a "Nighttime Discovery Hike on Friday, July 24, and the schedule ends in December with a grueling Valley View Hike on Dec. 5.

New programs are also taking place in the evening, and include a "Moonbeam Hike" on Aug. 28 and a "Just Batty" program at the Interpretive Center.

Meter Reader Leo Mangante Named Employee of Quarter


Meter Reader Leo Mangante, who will be observinghis 15th anniversary with the District on Friday, was named the second Employee of the Quarter for 2015 yesterday at the Town Hall meeting.

General Manager Jerry Brown said Leo is extremely accurate with numbers—which is important in his role, since it is the basis for a big chunk of the District's revenues.

He is a community relations ambassador of the District every day he is on the job. Customers frequently commend his kindness, considerate manners and willingness to retrieve information when he doesn’t have the answer.

He is also the collective memory bank for meter techs, locate crews and other field staff who can’t find a meter, a house, or are just unsure about how to access it, and a gracious trainer, eager to share his knowledge—and patience—with new employees.

Lew was featured in our "My Job" series last year, you can read it here.

Safety Issues Take Priority At Managers' Meeting


The Department Managers spent a lot of time discussing safety issues at their June meeting last week. Below is part of the meeting notes. You can read the complete notes here, along with notes from the previous meetings.

Safety Issues

Jerry Brown began the meeting with questions concerning the near miss incident at the Watershed Office, where a power outage caused a water leak from an ice maker. While an employee was mopping up the water he received a shock when he picked up a piece of duct tape from the ground. The wet duct tape tripped the breaker supplying power to the machine. An electrician found the electrical strip supplying power had been lying on the wet floor and was not properly plugged into a GFCI outlet. Steve Welch thought an incident report might be needed and recommended to add GFCIs at all outlets near any potential water source.

Rachel Murphy discussed the last Safety Committee meeting, explaining that it was a transition period to welcome new members. Steve Bowers, the District’s Safety Consultant, attended the meeting and will return to the Committee with a list of the top five priorities for the coming year and ideas on how to move forward with incentives. The July Safety Committee meeting will focus on creating an action plan with Mr. Bowers’ input.

Rachel also discussed the continued difficulty with safety perception throughout the District. Not all employees feel supported to participate in the Safety Committee. The time away from their “core” duties is not seen as valuable and they are not encouraged to engage. Jerry Brown stressed that attending Safety Meetings is a top priority and Managers need to work harder to get this message out to the entire District. Margaret Ramirez said office staff returning from Safety Meetings feel pressure to maintain deadlines; she recommended that Supervisors work to re-delegate work or adjust deadlines as needed. Brice Bledsoe added that attendance and participation in the Safety Committee should be considered part of everyone’s core duties. Matthew Novak brought up the problem of open communication; if employees are not willing to discuss specific details when incidents of discouragement occur Management is unable to address “where” the problem is stemming from. On that note, Rachel Murphy added that Desiree Castello was known as a supportive supervisor within the Safety Committee; she specifically contacted her department members and offered thanks for their participation. Rachel recommended that more supervisors provide positive outreach. Jerry ended the conversation by reminding the group that Safety is the number one priority and while he sees improvement the District is not where it should be with World Class Safety.

Staff Recognition

Jim Morton thanked Fil from O&M Facilities for continued assistance with the Bisso Data Center HVAC and securing working doors and locks to the Data Center and work area.

On behalf of Water Resources, Leah Orloff thanked the entire Information Systems Department for their recent work on the modeling cluster.

On behalf of Human Resources & Risk, Margaret Ramirez thanked Spiro Zapantis, Jim Freschi, Jerry Brown, Dino Novero, Cary Richardson, Ron Gardner, Dave Huey, Kevin Vanisko, and Gayle Ross for helping with the new hire orientation tour. Margaret also thanked Doug Anderson for his assistance with insurance compliance matters during the absence of our Risk Officer, and Joe Wright and Scott Uyeno for their assistance with troubleshooting the projector for the retirement workshop. And finally, she thanked James Larot for quickly resolving a ballast problem in one of the Human Resources offices.

On behalf of Planning, Dan Jones thanked East County Maintenance (Tom Branch, Steve Arnold and his crew) for assistance during the recent destruction and replacement of a groundwater compliance monitoring well at the City of Brentwood Water Treatment Plant.

On behalf of Engineering, Emily Sing acknowledged the O&M team (Pete Schoemann, Jan Polewaczyk, Mike Lehman, Matthew Novak, Dave Huey, Jimmie Abbot, Nick Noble, Jeff Chavez, and Shawn Lewis), as well as Spiro Zapantis for their proactive and dedicated service in fixing the Muir Siphon leak. Emily also recognized Daryl Hensler for providing access to the substations on numerous occasions to complete field investigations for the substation rehabilitation project.

Public Affairs would like to thank Ralph Peterson and Linda Anselmo for their assistance in preparing and coordinating the sorting, printing and delivery of more than 60,000 personalized letters to inform our customers of new drought regulations and provide detailed account information.

Matthew Novak thanked Doug Anderson with his help reviewing the vactor excavation proposals. Matthew also thanked Ralph Peterson and Jim Morton with their help granting access to the CBIS meter reads in the field.

On behalf of Conservation, Chris Dundon thanked Mike Lehman and Bruce Owen for cleaning up the landscaping and adding bark mulch at the new DC Annex and Customer Service area. It looks very nice.

CCWD Customers Saved an Amazing 27 Percent in May


CCWD customers are obviously taking the District's Drought Management Plan very seriously, saving 27 percent in May when compared to 2013, it was announced in the District's Water Conservation newsletter today.

That's an amazing result. It shows customers are taking to heart the seriousness of this year's drought and are doing the things they need to do to save water, such as reduce watering outside to only twice a week and being careful with their water use. CCWD is just short of the state's goal for the District of 28 percent savings.

Scary Electrical Incident At LV Is A Reminder To Be Safe


A potentially scary electrical incident at the LV Watershed Office highlights this month's Safety Newsletter.

After a power outage caused all the ice to melt in the office's ice maker, employees were literally shocked to find that the machine wasn't wired correctly. Fortunately, there were no injuries in what could have been a deadly situation.

Redesigned Websites For CCWD About To Debut
Modern navigation, readable on mobile devices, improved customer service


CCWD's redesigned public and employee websites are nearly ready to make their debuts, with ccwater.com to premiere on June 30.

The employee website will follow about two weeks later.

Ccwater.com has been flicking on computer screens since 1995, and has gone through three significant redesigns, though the current version has lasted the longest -- most would say too long -- with a start date in 2003. It was designed to look best on a 19-inch screen and the IPhone was still four years away from being introduced.

Both new websites are designed to work and be usable on everything from desktops to all types of pads and smartphones.

Both websites will also be much easier to edit and manage.

One of the goals of the redesigns is that they reflect the values of the Contra Costa Water District.

The employee site will be far more dynamic than the site it replaces, which was originally started in 2005, and redesigned a year later. It will be password protected, we'll let you know how to sign in before it debuts.

CCWD has been working on potential redesigns for years, but started this process nearly a year ago.

Once the sites are posted, we welcome all comments, suggestions and more.


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