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CCWD News Clips for July 23 - "CCWD News Services" 7/23/2014
EBMUD to Ban Water Wasting, But Not Fine Violators - "Contra Costa Times" 7/23/2014
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Water Wasters Ratted Out in Concord - "KPIX Channel 5" 7/22/2014
Water Cops Being Hired by Bay Area Agencies To Root Out Water Waste - "Contra Costa Times" 7/22/2014
CCWD News Clips for July 21 - "CCWD News Services" 7/21/2014
Water Conservation Efforts Paying Off in Contra Costa County - "KTVU- Channel 2" 7/21/2014
CCWD News Clips for July 18 - "CCWD News Services" 7/18/2014
July Safety Newsletter Focuses on Slips and Falls


The July Safety Newsletter focuses on slips and falls, and the number of close calls and incidents during the previous month.

There were four incidents in June, ranging from a slip to an employee burn.

Through the end of June in 2014, there have four lost time injuries resulting in 187 lost workdays and two avoidable vehicle accidents. Last year, there were two lost-time injuries with 45 lost workdays and five avoidable vehicle accidents.

We have a complete library of Safety Newsletters dating back to 2005.

District's Top Safety Award Go To Bill Barham, Clayton Funk & Ron Zaragoza


The District's top safety award has been presented to Bill Barham, Clayton Funk and Ron Zaragoza, it was announced today.

The "Star Recognition" was presented to Bill and Clayton for conducting hands-on Wildlands Fire Suppression training to Watershed and Lands employees.

A "Star" also went to Ron for volunteering to investigate safety and security concerns raised by LVRC staff.

Only eight start awards have been presented this year. Read more about the latest honorees here.

What Were You Doing In 1974 When Bette Boatmun Joined the CCWD Board?

What were you doing in 1974 when Director Bette Boatmun joined the CCWD Board?

• “The Sting” won the Oscar, but beat out a field that included “Chinatown” and “the Godfather Part II” Also in the theaters were “Blazing Saddles” and the “Towering Inferno.”

• “Killing Me Softly With His Song” by Roberta Flack won the Grammy for Record and Song of the Year.

• President Richard Nixon resigned on Aug. 8, and Gerald Ford was named President.

• Patty Hearst was kidnapped.

• The Oakland A’s won the World Series over the Dodgers.

• The Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl over Minnesota.

• Johnny Rutherford wins the Indy 500 in a McLaren, the first time the legendary race is held on a Sunday.

• Stephen King releases his first book under his own name: “Carrie”

• “All in the Family” is the top-rated show on television. “Happy Days” debuts.

• The best-selling American car in the U.S. is the Ford Pinto, followed by the Plymouth Valiant.

Director Bette Boatmun Honored For 40 Years of Service on Board
Directors Name Conservation Garden in Her Honor


"This is a very special meeting," said President Joseph L. Campbell after pounding his gavel at the start of the gathering Wednesday night.

The Board honored Director Bette Boatmun, who has served an unprecedented 40 years on the Board, with a resolution in her honor and by naming the Conservation Garden after her.

Director Boatmun was first appointed to the board on July 31, 1974 representing Pittsburg, Antioch and part of Concord, which she still represents.

She served as Board President from 1990-1992, and was also president of the Association of California Water Agencies from 2002-2004. She has won numerous awards and accolades from local and statewide organizations. In March 2001, she was honored as the California State Assembly’s “Woman of the Year.” Last year, she won the Hollingsworth Award of Excellence from the California Special Districts Association.

Director Lisa Borba said Director Boatmun ( the second woman on the Board), "is such a pioneer for women in politics and an inspiration for me."

"I know of no one who has contributed more than Bette," said Director John Burgh.

"It's been a great honor and a pleasure, and I look forward to working with you for many, many years" Director Karl Wandry, speaking to the Board via telephone while recovering from a medical procedure.

President Campbell said when he first met Director Boatmun, "she was putting her hard hat and boots on and wanted to really learn about things."

He said Director Boatmun's curiosity has continued ever since.

He also said that it was Director Boatmun who first proposed to the Board the idea of converting what was a lawn in front of the building into the Conservation Garden in the early 1990s.

Other Board members at the time were not too enthusiastic. "She never quit," he said about her persistence. "Eventually, everyone gave up, and eventually she was right. That garden has paid off."

Director Boatmun said she was surprised by the honor, "It's been an honor and a privlege," she said. "It's been a wonderful experience."

As she closed her remarks, she told General Manager Jerry Brown that the District needs to make the garden bigger, extending it all the way around the building.

Lady Gaga Joins State's Water Saving Campaign


Pop singer Lady Gaga has been lighting up Twitter and other social media sites today by joining in the statewide effort to save water.

The Lady Gaga PSA also marks the launch of a new public awareness campaign from Save Our Water
urging Californians to join the effort to undertake extraordinary conservation efforts. The first creative from
the campaign stresses that ‘Brown is the New Green’ and asks Californians to let their lawn go brown by
cutting back watering to twice a month. Additional campaign materials will be released by Save Our
Water through the end of the month, including digital and social media ads, lawn signs, billboards and
radio ads.

“We’re thrilled Lady Gaga has joined the effort to Save Our Water,” said Mark Cowin, director of the
California Department of Water Resources. “Conservation has always been a Californian value, but in this
drought regular conservation isn’t enough…we have to take extraordinary measures to save water.”

CCWD Launches Comprehensive Lawn to Garden Section on Website


The District launched a new comprehensive Lawn to Garden section of its website this week.

The new section -- authored by the District's Conservation Staff -- is a complete resource for customers looking to turn their water-wasting lawns into beautiful gardens.

CCWD will pay single-family homeowners up to $1,000 to replace their front lawns with gardens.

In addition, the District also launched its new Landscape Design Assistance Program new Landscape Design Assistance Program that will pay homeowners up to $150 for a two-hour consultation with a professional landscape designer.

RSVP for A's Baseball by Aug. 1
Playing the Angels, includes a tailgate BBQ


The District's Annual Family Event returns to O.co Colisieum on Friday, Aug. 22. Employees and their families can watch the Oakland A's play against the Los Angeles Angels.

The game begins at 7 p.m. with a tailgate preceding the game from 5:45 to 7 p.m.

Here's more info.

RSVP by Friday, Aug. 1 by calling Michelle at Ext. 8033.

CCWD Customers Are Watching For Water Wasters


District customers have done a great job saving water, but also making sure that water wasters change their ways.

Since the 15 Percent Voluntary Drought Program Began on April 1, CCWD has received 200 water waste complaints. Most of these involved customers who were watering lawns and yards between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and washing vehicles without a hose shutoff valve.

The District responds to complaints immediately with a door hanger and offering assistance.

In only three cases did CCWD need to follow up with further assistance from Customer Service Representatives.

Registration Open for 16th Annual Golf Classic


It's almost time to hit the links for the 16th annual Golf Classic. This year's event will be held September 14 at Boundary Oak. All are welcome to participate; so grab your spouse, children, parents and friends!

The cost is $70 per person and includes cart, green fee and prizes. Download the registration form for more information.

Questions? Call Dom at 925-813-1048.


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